Halloween Mod

The Halloween Mod adds several new items and blocks somehow relating to Halloween. Decorate your house with candles, candy bowls and getting yourself a pumpkin pet are some of the things you can do. It’s a quite small mod but it definitely adds on a more spooky feeling to Minecraft.

Future updates will include customes, trick-or-treaters and more decorations!

Creator: elbunnies, Twitter Account

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Luminous Candle (211) – 1 string + 1 torch + wax
  • Candy Bowl (190) – block appears when killing a spooky pumpkin
  • Ominous Candle (212) – 1 string + 1 torch + 1 spooky wax
  • Spooky Wax (701) – dropped by spooky pumpkins
  • Wax (702) – put spooky wax in a furnace to get
  • Pumpkin Pet Egg (703) – 1 luminous candle + 1 pumpkin
  • Spooky Pumpkin Egg (704) – 1 torch + 1 pumpkin + 2 rotten flesh


To get a pumpkin pet you need one luminous candle and a pumpkin to craft the spawn egg. The pet can be given a name and it can also be commanded to follow you by giving it pumpkin pies. It’s a great little companion if you find yourself lonely in the world of Minecraft sometimes.

Type /hname <name> and then tap on the pet to give it a name. Feed the pet with pumpkin pie (recipe: 1 sugar + 1 egg + 1 pumpkin) to make it follow you.


The spooky pumpkin looks similar to the pumpkin pet besides its evil-looking eyes. If you’ve turned the difficulty to hard it will attack you. It usually spawns where zombies spawn. You can also craft a spawn egg to spawn the little monster yourself (see crafting recipe further up). Sometimes they spawn with candy bowls.


There are also two new types of cancles which you can use to decorate your house.


Tap on a candy bowl to get some random items. Usually you will get some type of meat. If a pumpkin pet is following you and you reach into a bowl of candy you will get bonus loot.



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8 Responses

  1. jameshulk4 says:

    1. MAKE FOR WIN 10

  2. Atten007 says:

    PLZ, PLZ make this for iOS!!!!!

  3. Kat says:

    Can you please make this for IOS!?! I really want to download it!!

  4. Kaila McEwan says:

    I’m very confused on how to install it can someone help me and is it supported on IPads?

  5. egglayingbunnies (elbunnies) says:

    Thanks so much for uploading my Mod! This post compels me to get v2 out fast! Also, Spooky Pumpkins spawn naturally. You can also craft their egg, but they spawn near zombies. They also spawn with candy bowls!

    Secondly, if you give a pumpkin pet pumpkin pies, it will follow you. If you have a pumpkin following you, you will get bonus loot from candy bowls!

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