Halloween Town [Creation]

Halloween Town is a really cool and spooky town which you must explore some time during Halloween. Here you will find many cool structures but also really scary creatures which will most likely make you not want to stay there for too long. A texture pack is included in the map and this will make most textures in the map look entirely different compared to without.

Creator: ilikecutepeople (original PC map)
Ported by: Spider_Mau744

If it’s not night when you spawn in the town then type the following text command (make sure cheats is turned on for the world by editing it): /time set 14000

halloween-town-4 halloween-town-2 halloween-town-3 halloween-town-1

Download (.McWorld)
Download (.ZIP)

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41 Responses

4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. kitty cat says:

    The Mcworld won’t work please fix!!!!!

  2. Jordan says:

    Are there ores to be found in this map? I only really play survival and I was wondering if I can get away with not farming iron and stuff

  3. Nonyabuisness says:

    Please update

  4. Kitty cat says:

    It said it was claimed by google and i can’t download it can you please tell me how to download it?

  5. Sophie says:

    How do I download the Halloween town world?

  6. G-Chan says:

    i can’t dl the McWold 🙁

  7. Dvan says:

    Thank u for making this map. I loved it.

  8. Keeley says:

    There is no map and what half the stuff looks like in your inventory looks normal in the world also the other way around please fix

  9. Cool kid says:

    Your a liar all the world is is just a normal world

  10. Alfie's channel says:

    Just saying the texture pack comes with the map

  11. Ldshadowlady says:

    It does not go to a site it goes blank with no info! Help plez >*~*>

  12. Swallow says:

    Can someone please make a lumpy space map that you can teleport through so I can make a map in it with the adventure time tree house and ice kingdom and all of the other place including the nether palace from marceleens dad. I can make texture pack so becuase I have an iOS. PLEAAAASE!!!

  13. Mr.Awesome says:

    Yeah, oh and if you want more scare put in the command /weather thunder. I’ve done it and it was awesome,but some trees were on fire,oh and dig straight down from your spawn and you’ll find a Christmas area(all is true).

  14. James says:

    Umm when i download it keeps stopping!

  15. Zero_h says:

    Wow! Perfect for nuke testing!

  16. EpicNekoKitten says:

    Highly recommend for anyone at Halloween time, or just if they like the movie The night before Christmas. If you have not seen it, it is mostly about Halloween. The texture pack is based off that movie. It even has the little ghost dog and that tall, scary dude that is the main character! (I forgot his name!) 😉

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. AnAsianGuyMC says:

    I love this map!

  19. 1User1 says:

    Good map 🙂

  20. Paul Rogers says:

    Can you upload a .mcpack with the texture pack? If not, can you tell me how to get the texture pack on another world?

  21. Person says:

    When I click the link to download it brings me to a site that doesn’t show the .mc pack plz try fixing the link i would really aprecieate that

  22. Person says:

    When I click the link to download it brings me to a site that doesn’t show the .mc pack plz try fixing the link

  23. Gojira69 says:

    texture pack link pls (mcpack)?
    i want to add it to other worlds
    it wont let me put on other worlds

  24. BurstClyde says:

    How do i download the texture pack

  25. Joshtrollol says:

    Is not working?

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