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Published on March 14, 2015 (Updated on March 14, 2015)

Halo 4 Mod

Just a suggestion :), you should mod plasma grenades to be sticky and put the halo hud for when you have the helmet on. Maybe be able to "dye" the armor as well.
Whoever the editor for this mod is, could you please make a download link to MediaFire? Dropbox does not work for me
How you even download mods on xbox
It's really tedious, but it's on YouTube explaining how to get mods on Xbox.
how do you get this on the 3ds
Hello! I would like to know (I'm doing this on Mac), where do we put the files? Textures or behaviors or both?
And this is why I wish you didn't have to have jailbreak,computer,and/or no vanilla to get mods on iOS!i am a HUGE fan of hale and this is just.......yeah idk but it doesn't feel good!WHY DO YOU DO THIS MOJANG!!!!!!!
Hale is supposed to be halo ?
How do you get the mod
I think the halo mod is an awesome mod it.s like the real game but in a block way
I really want a mod for my minecraft pe 0.14.0 version the new one just for one of my worlds
It won't let play it on minecraft!Help me!!!!!
It's an old mod and maybe not updated.
Could you create a download link for this mod on MediaFire? Thanks
Take it easy! :D Here's a guide:
Is herobrine real
Can you make a link to MediaFire? Dropbox doesn't work for me :(
Herobrine isn't real.
Poor editor, answering to pointless comments