Halo Hud Texture Pack

This is an experimental texture pack which adds an overlay to the graphical user interface. The design is inspired by the Halo games and intends to represent the visor head-up display of Master Chief’s helmet. The reason why I say it’s experimental is because there seems to be some bugs for some devices. I tested it on an iPad 4 mini and the interface didn’t fit the screen. Perhaps that something which will be fixed in a later update.

Creator: Zebo1 (original PC mod)
Ported by: Wartave, Twitter Account

What is changed?

The main difference which you will notice is the colored overlay. Right now there are four different colors you can choose between. The intention of the blue overlay is simply to give the impression as if you are wearing some kind of helmet with a visor HUD.

Also the health and bubbles/breathing bars have been replaced with new ones. You will also be able to see a small avatar of your player in the top left corner.


This texture pack will only work for iOS and Android devices. It will not work as good for Windows 10. There are also some bugs which might cause the pack to not fit on certain screen sizes.

  1. Download one of the following resource packs:
    1. Blue .McPack
    2. Green .McPack
    3. Yellow .McPack
    4. Red .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global resources > Activate the resource pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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68 Responses

4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. DarthGamer3012 says:

    I can’t download it because of the ads, can you send another link like mediafire

  2. Odst says:

    Can you make a halo gun addon because i need it for a rp btw great pack
    Already tho

  3. Anonymous says:

    It works on iPhone 😀!!!!!!

  4. Lol says:

    So cool and yes it does work for ios i see some people arguing about that but it works for ios because it worked for me and i have an ipad

  5. MrPstlr says:

    It doesnt work in ios you jerk!

  6. Hey!Over here! says:

    Could you move the health bar to the top and turn the hunger bar orangey?

  7. Boi says:

    Could you make it so that the helmet HUD itself has the health, hunger, armor, and underwater bars as well as the hotbar? And could you make it ao that on most devices (I say most because I read the description talking about the bug of it not covering the screen) the HUD actually covers the whole screen?

  8. Benediktas says:

    Update the resource pack a new Minecraft version came out and it doesn’t work!!!
    Please fix it!!!!!!

  9. Eli says:

    It works perfectly on the Pocket Edition for me, but the color screen doesn’t show for me on the Windows 10 Edition. Can you please fix it for Windows 10?

  10. Ck says:

    But why is there no health in my mine craft when I download it there was no health I was playing and I was in survival why?

  11. Emberidentity says:

    The most recent update has fixed the already installed bug on my device but I have an issue with the red version sometimes the right side of the screen has a small glitch like a door or diamond armour texture it changes due to what you are holding.

  12. Therix says:

    It doesn’t work! I try importing it but it says that it already exists!

  13. Commenter 2.0 (Editor) says:

    Yo Editor, the textures aren’t going through! Port them again, DIFFERENTLY THIS TIME IT AINT WORKIN

  14. kolton says:

    can u make it more compatable for windows plzzz

  15. oma3327 says:

    A picture is stuck and changed, and can I present to a friend?

  16. CommanderMario5 says:

    Plz make a cool techy painting texture like iron mans computer thx ☺️

  17. ProHaloGamer says:

    Hey Editor, you can’t click on it, I tried and it said duplicate pack, but even when I tried to click on the notification thingy it didn’t open, I even searched Halo HUD minecraft pe too but all of them said duplicate pack, I know you didn’t make this, but- Just think, Editor, complain to the original maker of this Texture Pack HUD

  18. Anonymous says:

    When I downloaded it said duplicate pack,how do you download it properly then?

  19. Aaron says:

    I love this world because it looks great .
    And it looks like five nights at Freddys

  20. Aaron says:

    the place looks cool

  21. Noob1919282837373646557291910 says:

    Editor on my iPad 2 air it wont work it says failed to import “Halo Blur” Duplicate pack.. I have never downloaded this addon please tell me what is going on??

  22. Yato says:

    Plzzzz add hero armor addon plzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!????????

  23. Anonymous says:

    Zebo can you also make a hud texture that looks like your holding a flashlight

  24. Spam says:

    Editor/mcpedl, the texture pack doesn’t work, it says duplicate pack but I didn’t download it on yet, I CHECK3D!

  25. SuperDredlord says:

    Why I can’t download it?!
    Plz don’t use it doesn’t work for me….
    Plz use media fire

  26. Wolfninja says:

    Can you pls help me everytime I Dowload it it keep saying duplicate and it got deleted I DIDN EVEN DOWLOAD IT YET I search through the pack but there non pls help it on iPad 3

  27. ecoop-FX says:

    What skin r u using?

  28. ThatGuyKieran says:

    This is epic!!!! Do you know the tv show called Doctor Who? If so then could you possibly make a dalek hud texture pack? If you dont then search ‘Dalek view’ on google images. Thanks this texture pack is awesome!!

  29. Horror Mania says:

    Can you make a Halo mod?

  30. EmojiMaster says:

    umm mcpedl, why doesn’t the texture pack work? It says faild to import and duplicate pack deleted.. Can you please fix it?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Put the coordinates on the top left corner please or anywhere but not in the middle

  32. Aceofspades says:

    The Blue reasorce pack says it’s a duplicate when I try to download it

  33. Ultrasansgaming says:

    First one

  34. Potatoe says:

    Really good your work is very very good

  35. Read says:

    Make a halo add on!

  36. Master_Waskerz says:

    When I try to download it says failed to import duplicate pack detected. But I don’t have this pack.

  37. blacksheep says:

    It’s a bit undersized on the iPad Pro, but otherwise it looks really cool!

  38. Ryan says:

    What is the map you use?

  39. Commandcrafter says:

    I tried to do this on my iPad after updating mcpe and this did not work plz tell me why. It keeps saying duplicate pack

  40. Anonymous says:

    My head shakes in game when I use it any fixes for it I tried turning off my other textures and still didn’t work.

  41. Minecraft says:

    It says duplicated pack detect can u help me pls

  42. Son Goku says:

    So coolllll 😎😎😎

  43. Gig1597 says:

    Can you make Jarvis HUD?

  44. Voicemail says:

    Editor the file for tho blue halo resource pack is halo blur ont blue

  45. OPOLO says:

    Hmmm it’s different

  46. Drefy says:

    Days this is is sick this helps me for PvP and soldier 76 skin

  47. Fawkes87 says:

    What is the map used

  48. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Awesome! But can you make a Halo addon to go with it?

  49. Enderman PE Official says:

    Nice but will the hunger will be change into orange bar or something?

  50. HazeContraption says:

    Ooooo nice!!!

  51. Ender_Boy33 says:

    Well now you have to make a Halo Addon…with the guns,aliens and all that stuff….AND I AM FIRST

  52. Maker of the realistic bows addon. says:


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