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Published on September 02, 2014 (Updated on September 02, 2014)


The mod adds a new kind of animal to Minecraft - hamsters. It's a little cute, fluffy creature. At the moment there are eight different colors, as seen on the first image below.

Use hamster seeds (food) to feed them with if you want tot tame one. For some odd reason too, the mod also allow you to have them placed on your head. Not sure how helpful it is to wear a hamster as a hat but it's a fun thing about the mod we should let be known.

Creator: ElSirKael created it for MCPE. P-there-is, Modochu and RazzleberryFox created the original mod for PC.

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Bruh, adfly is showing me this weird stuff i mean, i can't download it but i found a video with the download link
Its adfly you have to wait some seconds click skip add the wait some more seconds and it should take you to download thing
Ugh!!! this tried to put a virus on my computer!!!! 1 star! >:c
Why is it always taken to a error link? Is it just for android? If so, please make it for iPad, please, I hope you can.
Same I can’t download it I am on iPad btw what is your Minecraft user
How do you add download these mine just can up with a bunch of letters and words not a download button
Someone should remake this into an addon, seeing as custom mobs are possible. The hamsters could probably still ride on your head, seeing as backpacks and cape addons were created.
Can you make them drop hamster meat?
Anoyyed when people don’t know how lucky they are ? September 22, 2019 at 3:48 am
OMG!!!! You want to kill the hamster, what did they ever do to you!!!! How could you!!!! ?
It’s in minecraft, but you are like this because you are a stupid 5 year old and don’t know much, if you don’t get what I’m saying I’m just gonna say, IT’S A MINECRAFT HAMSTER leave him alone.
oh so if i killed your minecraft dog that would be fine? ITS A HAMSTER IT DIDNT DO ANYTHING >:(
I’m new so how do you do it on pocket edition?
Oye puedes hacer un complemento a partir de este mod por favor
This is really good
It sucks I can't download it in Android I cannot find es explorer
Gak pernah ada update nyaaa
It’s stupid it brings me to a page with tons of letters on it
I don t understand how it should work can someone help me please
It’s a js file ;-; plz make it a mcaddon file.