Hand Held Torches Addon

Dynamic Hand Held Torches Lights addon 1.11/1.12 adds a few brilliant touches with Minecraft’s lighting system. Exploring caves has never been easier thanks to the Hand Held Torches. When holding a torch. it will light up the surrounding area. Similarly, if you throw the lit item it will still light up the area. But be aware of how many you have every 30 seconds a torch in your hand will die out and you will use them all up.

Video to explain how this works

This mod makes Hand Held Torches light sources in Minecraft actually make sense. Holding a torch should give off a light source in your hand now it can with this addon this will make all torches emits light and does not need to be placed down to light up an area. also you can drink the night vision potions or any other light will stay the same only the torch will be altered.

will be adding Glowstone, Glowdust, Lit Pumpkin, Redstone, Lava Bucket, powered Minecart) illuminate everything around them in a later update.

what works now is the Torch

The player must have them equipped (in hand)


this version adds a small dim light when you hold the torch making it seam real and not as over powered as the night vision this is for realistic gameplay and overall much better than placing them down.


the player will get night vision effect when holding the item works great in caves and just to have as a fun feature to the game.

enjoy lol.

Changelog View more

added a new version to this addon the real torch now has a dim light that is not to over powered and is much better than night vision torch



Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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77 Responses

3.36 / 5 (44 votes)
  1. Dylan ThePro849 says:

    Would be better if u could hold it in ur off hand

  2. MorbidNoob says:

    I made a version that fixed the bugs(don’t hate on dakon):
    d r i v e . g o o g l e . c o m / f i l e / d / 1 l K U o K n L _ 2 k – S j N b x T K M o W n C 6 M 3 e Y m y o Z / v i e w all you need to do is remove the spaces

  3. Guest-7103393900 says:

    The light stays and I can’t remove it. Fix this please.

  4. Guest-9655056932 says:

    Too much advertisement. adfly opens 2 or 3 times and FORCES me to click allow or it won’t start the download… And I am not doing that

  5. Guest-7322989265 says:

    The Soviet Union wishes its scientist to fix the machinery to stop its members from burning, or be sent to the gulag.

    • Guest-1914646882 says:

      Scorched Earth policy must be implied to prevent the germans from using viable structures from the motherland

  6. Voidsshadow says:

    It works decently. Whenever the internal server is overwhelmed, the light source sometimes stays and doesn’t go away. Supposedly, torches are supposed to burn out, but they don’t for me (MCBE

    …why do mobs spontaneously combust when I’m holding a stick?

  7. ThunderyCargo59 says:

    does it work for 1.14+?

  8. Bacon Hair Agent says:

    Nice, but the light stays. I mean if i would not hold a torch the light would stay

  9. Green_Boltz says:

    its nice its good

  10. Anonymous says:

    it’s the beta

  11. ☢TOXICITY☢ says:

    Make golden helmets work like miner helmets please, and good addon bro 😁😇

  12. GameTekWizard says:

    Awesome Mod but i can’t get the link because of spam adds and i highly recommend it if your new but if your someone who been with Minecraft since the beginning it’s useless but if your New i highly recommend it

  13. BROTATOCHIP9000 says:

    EZ FIX FOR MOD: go into the feather.mcfunction file and replace the line that says:
    setblock ~ ~4 ~ end_rod 6
    With this:
    fill ~ ~1 ~ ~ ~1 ~ end_rod 6 replace air 0
    Bam no destroyed blocks and it works in 2 block spaces

  14. Astra says:

    The real torch version doesn’t really do anything – I can barely notice its effect and I’m not interested in what is basically just nightvision. Plus, it sounds like from other users that this has unintended gameplay effects.

  15. GPP says:

    Everything is burning around a torch, still if it is in the inventory. The fire still burns underwater

  16. Anonymous says:

    The ad.fly link won’t redirect me (I’m using Microsoft Edge for the Xbox one s)

    • piratedom says:

      I did have the same problem until i used my phone to click the link and get redirected to the download page than type the URL into microsoft edge (Xbox)

  17. Freeplay says:

    It works, but the light seems to flicker alot.

  18. vxazure says:

    It doesn’t work, every time I click the links it redirects me on random sites, can someone tell me the media fire link or help in any way?

  19. Glocc5000 says:

    Links Broken Dakonblackrose, can u please fix it.

  20. #NathGamer210 says:


  21. Shadow says:

    IT WORKS THE REALISTIC TORCH WORKS!! Please fix that it get rids of blocks above you. its quite strange

  22. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work on Windows 10 1.14 (yet)

  23. Mhacker says:

    How this thing work the hand held

  24. Anonymous says:

    How the realistic hand held torch even work?

  25. ZombieExtermina says:

    This addon could do with massive improvements. The “No NV” version just placed an End Rod with a data value set that makes it invisible, which just so happens to break blocks and not replace them. If you could find another way that DOESN’T just place End Rods, it’d make this a lot better.

  26. You should fix the bug where if you fly up to a block, the block breaks.

  27. C.Latte says:

    Another pack which the torch isn’t used up after 30 sec? or a function command to set the custom time?
    If there is, it will work great on horror maps (5-10 sec light/torch) and survival (999999 sec light /torch).

    If you can make the offhand works, then lantern may work perfect with the 30 sec thing, when it reaches 10 sec the light gets dimmer. When it is used up it automatically consumes charcoal/coal that is in the player’s inventory/hotbar to recharge itself. Or just breaks into 9 pieces of iron nugget.

    The Dynamic_light-golden-helmet thing can also be used with the 30 sec rule. Maybe 1 durability per 30 sec? and additionally as an enchantment for all helmet? or just another new craftable&wearable item with constantly decreasing durability when used as a helmet. { Miner helm: torch + string (maybe?) }

    I couldn’t be any happier if any of my suggestion make it into the add-on.

  28. Unknownunknowingly says:

    Can’t we just have the torch function as a shield item and have it give off light?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Can you also make another file where the torch don’t break every 30 sec. It’s very annoying…… 😡😡😡

  30. DemonicGamer145 says:

    This is a re-review, the new realistic light torch is a very good addon but unfortunately one downside to it is that it removes blocks above you and I feel like it should be on the torch and not above your head removing blocks if there is anyway. You can change. This it would be appreciated

  31. Unknown says:

    I don’t want the torch removing every 30s. Please make another without it. But it’s great still

  32. Unknown says:

    I don’t want the torch removing every 30s

  33. PseJanz says:

    Great as always

  34. SCrafter87 says:

    Hello,i download your addon and its very nice.But,did your addon have bug? Because in my world,every night all animal die cause fire.that happens to me and my friend when we play multiplayer.I dont know where fire from.Please answer it,thanks

  35. Oats says:

    it doesn’t even work but good idea though

  36. oats says:

    yeah this won’t work the download is broken

  37. You talked in your video about how it was ‘realistic’ to have the torches deplete every 30 seconds. If you’re aiming to be realistic, I would switch this to dynamic lighting instead of a night vision effect. That would seem more professional to me. Also, why is there a 6 MB resource pack when they’re not really required for anything?

    Other than those this is great. It works as described.

  38. ArtronGamer says:

    They can make the torch be placed on the second hand

  39. undercoverweeb says:

    Hey Dakon! Love that your posting your mods here now! -CorneredCubeGamingYT

  40. Obsolete says:

    What’s the shader used?

  41. 1. The pictures are clickbait 2. Already an addon that functions just like this

    • LoAlCo says:

      The other one made it where when you held a torch, you would get night vision. One of the versions does that but the other one is similar to this https://mcpedl.com/dynamic-lights-pack/. But now it works on Xbox and Windows 10.

      Also, how are the pictures clickbait? If it didn’t work for you make sure you made a experimental world and enabled the resource pack and behavior pack. After I made a experimental world it worked.

  42. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    Bruh, every 30 seconds you will die out? Man I don’t like this.

  43. StrangeDude says:

    meh. i was hoping for something more in line with this:


  44. dude says:

    it dosnt work for download

  45. Aircoolbro21 says:

    Can we get one without torch burning out?

  46. A Human says:

    It says import started when I open the file but it never actually gets imported

  47. David says:

    Pretty useful

  48. FancyApples says:

    I feel like it would be annoying to have torches in your hand to place them later on and have them burn up during the process, so what I recommend you to do is to only let the torch glow in your offhand.

  49. SurvivalMike says:

    Does it work for Windows10 edition too ?

  50. Vaniush says:

    Update: Just downloaded, it doesn’t work. An error says “Missing dependency with ID” on the behavior pack file 🙁

  51. Chief says:

    Why are the pictures from java edition?

  52. Me says:

    Omg I have been wanting this

  53. Vaniush says:

    I think it’s a lot better without the night vision effect. If you hold the torch and it ligths just an area, it seems a lot more realistic and the thing when it turns off after 30sec is pretty cool but maybe 60sec may be better.. awesome add-on, love the concept! ;))

  54. Bob Ross says:

    Download link sends me to a GOT online game.. Please fix

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