Handicrafts (Addon)

This complement adds new decorative blocks to make better creasiones more beautiful all the blocks have their own crafters so all the blocks of this complement can be taken out in survival legally even though this complement is under test since there are still several functions to add even more decorative blocks


YouTube: @CommandCraft90

Team Cubitos MC


Here are some images of the recipes for the elaboration of the blocks and added items that are very easy to elaborate.

Blocks added:

-cobblestone braid

-cobblestone circus

-cobblestone dent

-cobblestone mac

-cobblestone mosaic

-cobblestone ornate

-cobblestone prism

-cobblestone road

-cobblestone tiles medium

-cobblestone tiles small

-lantern blue

-lantern green

-lantern red


-glowstone dust blue

-glowstone dust green

-glowstone dust red



How to install the plugin in our worlds?

• Download and install McAddon

• Activate the behavior and resource package that you installed, in your worldwide configuration and you're done.

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Supported Minecraft versions


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5 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Great addon. Dj says:

    add more blocks related to iron,gold,diamond, maybe steel.

  2. Lili5510 says:

    That’s abusing the system. Not cool and very repulsive behavior.

  3. Thing 9000986654334445677 says:

    Nice mod but what the heck is a creasion?

  4. ThisJobYT says:

    I swear.. If this Addon requires scripts to run as well.. I will report y’all.

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