Happy Villagers Addon

Are you dreaming the villagers comes alive in minecraft?

Are you bored hearing sound “hmmmm”, “hmmmmmmm” and “hhhhhmmmmmm”??

Introduce you “Happy Villagers addon”. This addon aims to make the vilaggers seem more like a real player.

Video Preview

The villagers in this addon really become a whole lot more interesting. Because the villagers seem more like a real player.

Villager Model & Skins

  • The model of the villagers has changed into like player model.

  • The texture of the villagers has changed with various skin that following their profession.

Additional Villagers

This addon will not interesting if theres no more Variant for villagers.

  • Female Villagers

Yes.. a female villagers. They are just like normal villagers with ability for farming, fishing, etc.

Heatlh ammount of female villager more less than the normal villagers.

  • Guard villager

The Villagers must be need a guard to protect their house and their life from the dangerous thing.

  • Priest villager

Priest is different with Cleric. This villager added for future update.


  • Manual Breed

Usually, the Villagers will falling in love each other automatically. In this addon you will able to breed the villagers manually by using “Diamond”/”Emerald”.

Q: But how?

A: Manual breed only for : 1 Male Villager (Except Guard) + 1 Female Villager = Then Random Gender Villager will be born.

  • Village Fast Growing

To make the Village looks realistic. Each Villagers can spawn another villager as their home mate.

Everytime the villagers spawned / everytime the villagers change their profession, another villagers with different profession / variant will spawned.

This make population in a village will increasing more fast than normal.

  • Chat bubbles

If you tired hearing the villagers ambiance sound said “hmmmm” and “hmmmmmm”. In this addon the villagers will spawn chat bubbles above their head.

  • Improvement Walk Path

In this addon, the villagers allowed to walk on various blocks like Stairs block, etc.


  1. Experimental Gameplay Enabled
  2. Mob Griefing (for farmer)



  1. Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  2. Install them by click/tap them
  3. Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed

Win 10

  1. Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  2. Install them by using right click and choose "open"
  3. Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed


Supported Minecraft versions


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56 Responses

4 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. adoxgirl says:

    Strengthen zombie villagers

  2. Guest-3407309718 says:

    I keep getting animation error messages. I really like this addon, it’s one of my favorites, but after only a little while of playing I get tired of it because of the error messages popping up on the top of my screen.

  3. Guest-2205896048 says:

    There should be a way to make Villager into Guards,
    I’d prefer them over Iron golems,

  4. Guest-6431801331 says:

    Almost all of the villagers are invisible. I can see some Male villagers but no female villagers. I put on experimental gameplay and both resource and behavior packs. Did i miss something? Can someone help?!

  5. Guest-8918676265 says:

    I’m sorry but it wont let me download as it just pops up with a pop up saying i need to install something else, I don’t trust things like that for a few obvious reasons. So it wont let me install either of the packs.

  6. Guest-2686683070 says:

    Why all the females just gotta be overused skins with dresses and skirts except the Fisher.

    • Guest-4920898727 says:

      Es bueno me encanto pero me gustaria que se pudiera domar a los guardias para que te acompañe y tambien que pueda reproducirse con el personaje como comes live pero es muy bueno lo recomiendo

  7. Guest-6913732872 says:

    you can have children with the villagers or be able to marry them

  8. Guest-6134526406 says:

    I can’t find and spawn female,and some villagers are Invisible.

  9. Guest-9852928863 says:

    It’s great and the best villager revamp addon on bedrock edition so far but it would definitely be better if the the guards are able to ride horses and has various weapons like axe and have ranged weapons too like bows and crossbows

  10. Guest-1145781182 says:

    screw this addon

  11. Guest-9322800335 says:

    can you at least respond plz

  12. Guest-1536012569 says:


  13. Guest-5115673956 says:

    make a mcaddon instead of mcpacks FML!!

  14. Guest-5930271718 says:

    make a mcaddon instead of mcpacks FML

  15. Guest-7098796552 says:


    Please add animations like plowing fields and shearing sheeps, drawing maps and add lumberjack please please 😂🤗

    5 star work!

  16. Guest-2697760367 says:

    I wish the update doesn’t take long….

  17. Guest-4980447803 says:

    I can’t spawn female

  18. Guest-1198371857 says:

    Update to 1.15 please

  19. Guest-6574376619 says:

    if you have kids with villagers could they do stuff like build and mine could they make kids with other villagers.I

  20. Guest-5988715971 says:

    It you have kids with villagers they could do player stuff like build and mine they could make family s with other villagers

  21. Guest-3318147454 says:

    You have to turn external game modes on

  22. BoxCatMC says:

    For some reason I still hear villager noises, And I have both behavior and resource packs on?

  23. Guest-4209457441 says:

    could you make villagers and player breeding

  24. Guest-5917013835 says:

    You should add the capability to raise a family with the villagers to make it more like minecraft comes alive. you should also add a gui to the side of the normal one with interactions like minecraft comes alive.

  25. Guest-7924267017 says:

    How about you if you give daimond the male villager they will becom your soldier and they will follow you and attack any hostile mob and you can give them armor and sword but there first sword is stone sword and they don’t have any armor and there health is 50 and attack is 50

    • Guest-7333097790 says:

      That is a neat concept. However, if their Attack is 50, then they’d be able to 1 shot any vanilla Mob. (Except Iron Golems, Bosses, and the Ravager) if they did the same damage as their gear, and either get more health, or the armor works for their resistance that would be fine enough.

  26. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    And new illagers 🙂

  27. Guest-7274964354 says:

    Great addon but can you please make a female variant of the guard and make them have levels like make them wear different armor Everytime they level up and please make custom structures that spawn in villages.I will REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU ADD IT.

  28. Guest-1559325383 says:

    It is great but if i spawn a villager it spawn two and if you replace a male villager job a female will spawn

  29. Guest-2778222744 says:

    can you add the hello animation feature when the villager sees the player?

  30. Guest-1553306477 says:

    I can’t download the resources because of adf.ly!

  31. Guest-2143756570 says:

    Plz fix ur Addon because it will crash minutes later and they still speak hmmmmm and HMMMMMMMM!

  32. Guest-6106648297 says:

    Can you update the village guard because they not attacking hostile mobs when they attack they will only attack

  33. Guest-4287363191 says:

    When I try and press allow its not clickable and I can’t download it ☹️

  34. Guest-7863684477 says:

    Do the village guards spawn naturally? Or are there certain requirements for it to spawn?

  35. ihategravel says:

    I think this might be a bug, I spawned like 100 hundred villagers and none of them were farmers. I was going to make a cool village!

  36. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    Nice, glad to see a updated humanoid villager addon.

  37. Guest-9760024892 says:

    My account won’t show up… Anyways this addon looks awesome but I can’t have it ;-; my Minecraft won’t st me

  38. Guest-7602428313 says:

    work on realms?

  39. BoxCatMC says:

    Honestly the best addon for minecraft bedrock. The amount of work you put into this is insane, and the animations are great! 5 Stars

  40. 😜BenJamin9794 says:

    But does this support the beta?

  41. 😜BenJamin9794 says:

    I can tell why this has 5 stars! BEST ADDON EVER!

  42. Guest-5249961261 says:

    Can i use this addon on a map / server im working? I Will add you in the credits

  43. Guest-6346321173 says:

    Amazing add On aslo here some ideas for next update (add animations for villagers when they farm) add zombie villager and female

  44. Guest-6917835688 says:


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