Haptic Shaders (Nether Update!)

Created in Mobile for Mobile. Haptic Shaders aims to improve the lightings of your world with true vibrant colours, waving plants, water, beautiful skies, moon and sun. It’s made for you, made for Low-end devices with a minimal to lag-free experience!

More stunning shots from the latest RX450 update!

Nether Update


✓ Plant and Leaves Animation

✓ Water Animation (New)

✓ Beautiful Skies, Moon & Sun (Lag-free)

✓ HD Font and Rain (New)

✓ Vibrant Lightings

✓ Classic and Haptic+ textures (New)

✓ 4K Moon

Recommended Brightness: 50%

For improved results and lighting purity, set your brightness to 0.


✓ Android — works on most of your mobile devices

✓ iOS

Tested on Galaxy J7 Pro, Honor 9 Lite, Honor 8X, Huawei Nova 3i, Galaxy S8+, Vivo Y9, and iPhone 5s

Help and Support

If you find any bugs, errors or if you experience any lag issues, report it immediately at our Discord Server.

Click here

Join the Beta Program

Try out new features before they’re officially released and give your feedback to the developer.

Click here to join the Beta


You are allowed to modify this shader in your personal use.

You are prohibited to distribute it with or without any modification.

See LICENSE.txt for more.

Haptic Shaders

—Bring the Fun!—

Changelog View more

Update: RX460 — Bring the Fun !!

✓ Bug fixes

✓ This update should fix the waving of objects bug

✓ Improved waving animations for plants

✓ Improved graphics

Update: RX450

✓ This update should fix a very known bug which is the waving of objects: doors, trapdoors, and more.

✓ Improved waving animations for plants

✓ Improved Graphics

✓ Few bug fixes

Update: RX180

✓ Introducing 4K Moon — players can now switch from a normal 480p to 4120p Moon

✓ Licenses updated

Update: RX170

✓ Haptic can now be used alongside CLSP (Colored Lights Shaders)

✓ New Subpacks!

✓ Classic Textures — old Minecraft texture from before the Village and Pillage update

✓ Haptic Plus — new and enhanced texture features including HD Rain and Font!

✓ Bug and precision fixes

Note: We've update the link error in version 1.0.3

Update: RX170

✓ Haptic can now be used alongside CLSP (Colored Lights Shaders)

✓ New Subpacks!

✓ Classic Textures — old Minecraft texture from before the Village and Pillage update

✓ Haptic Plus — new and enhanced texture features including HD Rain and Font!

✓ Bug and precision fixes

✓ Added support for iOS

✓ Added water animation

✓ Fixed a bug for plant animation

✓ Fixed lighting colors and brightness

✓ Added MSAA (Multisample Anti-aliasing) — this one is Disabled by default.

1. I have updated the description, so if you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions, let me know on my Discord Server.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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114 Responses

4.07 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. Guest-1708187845 says:

    please make the water clear

  2. bowtie_tm says:

    I wish there was a way to disable the HD font.

  3. Guest-8332529081 says:

    Thanks for fixing the water and plants/leaves animation bug! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. Guest-3776859607 says:

    Wait fr? Can you tell me which ones are compatible?

  5. Guest-8620757983 says:

    add shadows on the side of blocks

  6. Guest-6471322335 says:

    You’ve probably heard this a million times but I’m getting kind of desperate, will this be supported to work on the Xbox?

  7. AZ12YT says:

    Make it the download mediafire for direct download sir

  8. Guest-5713599064 says:

    does it have clean water or water waves? please be clean water, since it isn’t laggier and looks nicer to me

  9. Guest-3552872996 says:

    Please make seperate downloads with and without the texture pack please

  10. Guest-3552872996 says:

    Please make seperate downloads with and without the texture pack

  11. Guest-5334050626 says:

    🙂Love the texture pack, absolutely beautiful. I could marvel at this for generations to come.

  12. Guest-9510239907 says:

    I downloaded this on my IPhone 6s. I loaded my world and everything is invisible; the whole world is invisible. I restarted my Minecraft as well, nothing happened.

  13. Guest-3538606029 says: it on windows and theres BARELY any shaders for windows. plz

  14. Guest-8064286952 says:

    does it work on windows?

  15. Guest-8033628511 says:

    June 20, 2020 Update Feedback.

    The shader is still great, however, the bugs with regards to the waving animation somehow got worse.

    The waving animation for the leaves is choppy. If you inspect it close, you ca see that it waves, then somehow, jumps back to another frame which is not coherent to it. Thus, resulting in a weird and glitched animation.

    I siggest that you just remove the waving animation altogether as majority, based on comments, do not like how it works. Or atleast have an option to disable it.

    Also, would it be possible to tone down the broghtness a bit. More specifically the bloom effect.

    Would be nice to hear from you. Thanks.

  16. Guest-1349184348 says:

    Please fix the transparent blocks. LITERALLY EVERY TRANSPARENT BLOCK WAVES! These are great and pretty lagless shader, otherwise, but it is annoying how things like torches, anvils, iron gates, doors, and all of those type of blocks wave like leaves. :/

    • We apologize for the inconvenience this problem has caused. Please be ensured that we are doing everything possible to resolve this issue and soon as possible!

      • Guest-8365158015 says:

        They are very great shaders and run very well on my device but it is weird that the transparent blocks wave. I’ve never coded shaders before and it must be really difficult so I understand

  17. Guest-5693934750 says:

    Note: Ads
    My browser didn’t access to open an app. I can’t download this because of many ads.

  18. Guest-3751253764 says:

    Can you please fix the slabs.

  19. Guest-4483971044 says:

    Buenisima guei

  20. Guest-7534579015 says:

    It works on Windows 10

  21. Guest-5665595037 says:


  22. Guest-7225136551 says:

    Can you make it so that the slabs dont mess up its an amazing shader but the slabs are broken pls fix it 🙁 olso pls dont reduce the brighness i like it when its bright pls respond

  23. Guest-9693742298 says:

    These are the best shaders! I’ll never need to download more shaders! Also if you’re having problems downloading it on ios, when you get the option to subscribe to continue, tap continue but then tap cancel after the next pop up comes up. About the vpn site close it, its a tracking site ofc.

  24. Guest-7975428792 says:

    It seems weird that ladders, doors, and any fencing of some sort waves like The leaves and water. To me that just seems unrealistic

  25. Guest-5294724936 says:

    Hey uhh i think the link is broken… Pls fix

  26. Guest-5506670113 says:

    I can’t even download the freaking mod without getting loaded with adds…

  27. Guest-7132879558 says:

    The images look great but will it ever receive a compatibility update for bedrock on pc?

  28. Guest-4564448362 says:

    I really liked the shaders but can somebody tell me a way to disable the leaves and water animations? It kinda makes me dizzy LOL. Everything else is just perfect. I’m on Minecraft for Android V 1.14.60

    • Guest-8451576820 says:

      Yes you can do that using QuickEdit an app in play store
      To disable go to the pack then shaders then find the preset h file the open it after open find #define PLANT_WAVES then turn that into a comment like this // #define PLANT_WAVES

      Thats how to disable it XD

  29. Guest-5446539052 says:

    Fix the doors please!!!!

  30. Guest-8966157312 says:

    Fix the doors please

  31. Guest-7177771967 says:

    The shader looks really nice from the pictures, but whenever i try to use it in game the world is invisible. I would appreciate it if someone could help. I have tried altering my video setting in game but that didn’t help

    • Hi. I hope you had a good weekend!

      I am writing to you with regards concerning Haptic Shaders.

      I was wondering if you would be able to contact us at Help and Support (link above), this way we can help you properly with the issues that you’re currently facing right now.

      Or you can also contact us via email at,
      [email protected]

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  32. Guest-7592467544 says:

    Question does this work with the beta on bedrock edition

  33. Guest-3601106050 says:


  34. Guest-2861638405 says:

    I love this shaders,but the shadow is quite blue and the slab will be shaded during daytime…… that is wired,hope you fix it as fast as possible.

  35. Guest-4769499607 says:

    Es posible ponerlo en minecraft de xbox, o solo funciona para celulares??

  36. Guest-7689659626 says:

    I like the shaders a lot but theres one thing that i dont like about. And thats the sand and the wheat crops, why the hell it does emit light i could use those two as a light source!! Or maybe its just too bright.

  37. Guest-4170681538 says:

    Is it possible to disable water waves?
    I’ll appreciate answers

    Btw the shaders looks good

  38. Guest-1520664458 says:

    Why is the shadow blue?

  39. Guest-5633638126 says:

    Lovely shaders

  40. Guest-2182251688 says:

    what is this shaderʼs resolution?

  41. Guest-4003289873 says:

    Where are the subpacks?

  42. Guest-5171808421 says:

    Somebody now how to code a shader we can team up I know a little bit

  43. Guest-5628666517 says:

    I Love The Shader But The Slabs Are Like.. You Know. And The Torches The Doors etc. are like Wavy Can You Fix That. But The Other Stuff Are Fine Very Good Shader Just Please fix the slabs and stuff

  44. Guest-6470730975 says:

    Should i download both of those links?

  45. Guest-6431227489 says:

    Ttes bon shaders fonctionne très bien même yrop bien sur les appareils bad gamme juste un petit problème avec les portes et les trap et lanterne il sont bugger et bouge eux aussi

  46. Guest-9225871169 says:

    Hi! I would like to know how to disable plants waves. I don’t really like them but any answer would be very appreciated. Btw, the shader pretty good. Thanks!

    • Hi. You can do that by navigating to the shader folder, then glsl and assets.

      Find the file named “s_assets.h” and edit it using a text editor. Instructions on how to disable a certain function is in the file itself.

      If you need further assistance, just contact us at Help & Support.

      Have a good day!

  47. Attention: There was an error in the first download link, so we highly suggest you use the link with MediaFire. A fix will be coming! Thank you.
    (This only applies to version 1.0.3)

  48. Guest-7278575479 says:

    How can I download it ??

  49. Guest-7192175551 says:

    I wonder what map did he use in the screenshots.

  50. Guest-8906271057 says:

    adfly sending me to the wrong link T-T

  51. Guest-7515000277 says:

    Brilliant shader! My only problems are with the water not always rendering correctly and the sand being too bright. Great work though!

  52. Guest-5319732717 says:

    Do you put #define next to the piece of code and delete the two slashes to enable?

  53. Guest-8988494292 says:

    some guy gave me a mcpack file one so i downloaded that one. and the shader was very very good. the water is more bright and i like that. maybe make the water wave but keep the default texture in next update. (version 1.2?)

  54. Guest-7243255481 says:

    Not bad.

  55. Guest-5778608229 says:

    Um…. What happened to doors? They wave like leaves. Can please fix it as soon as possible. But is is a great shader

  56. Guest-5302872821 says:

    really? a zip file? make an mcpack one!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  57. alieoftruth says:

    Some may disagree, but I highly dislike how it uses the textures from before village and pillage. If you don’t wanna fix that, then could you make a separate download link where there isn’t the old textures

  58. Guest-8257268819 says:

    Can I use it to take a photo to use for a YouTube Logo?

  59. Guest-8257256003 says:

    Works perfectly fine.

  60. Guest-5877655645 says:

    I, love it!! Has the old totem texture! Love, love it! Download it I recommend it!

  61. Guest-3151076707 says:

    But not works on windows 10 🙁

  62. Guest-9185550275 says:

    Loved this shader! Perfect for my Device

  63. Guest-5565175369 says:

    The sand is way to bright, its blinding mt eyes

  64. Guest-1491828570 says:

    is the reflection in the water on the 2nd picture clickbait or does it actually have reflection?

  65. Guest-9079528734 says:


  66. Guest-6159234693 says:

    can you please make it for win10

  67. MrNear says:

    this shader can’t even look like the rtx

  68. Guest-1613841788 says:

    bruh it uses the same sky and lighting techniques as chocapic shaders and the jspe one :/

  69. Guest-9372085846 says:

    Can you make this shader support windows 10 edition?

  70. BlackPistolG says:

    By the time Render Dragon is introduced to mobile and console devices, make this Shader have all the features exactly like RTX Beta. 😘😘

    • Guest-7896537443 says:

      Ummm, RTX will not come to mobile. There is no way a mobile device is capable of utilising ray tracing cores nor can it supply enough power. RTX graphics are currently only capable on compatible PC graphics cards. The technology will not come to mobile. However, next gen consoles may be able to utilise ray tracing.

      • Guest-6156862979 says:

        Lol imagine in the future phones actually have pc cards but their called umm graphics card for phones lmao and they can support RTX that would be insane XD

  71. Guest-2553767853 says:

    This really isn’t my place, but I think you should also have a second to go through ads. That way they can choose to give you money through the ads or not. Beautiful shader and you should make some cash off of this.

  72. Guest-7445172129 says:

    5 star

  73. Guest-1003691670 says:

    dose not work on win 10 but it looks good and is good on phones or mobile devises

  74. Guest-4091777788 says:

    let me guess,this shader doesn’t work for windows 10 right?

  75. Guest-5152810581 says:

    Also can you make wawy water for next update?

  76. Guest-2469257960 says:

    Wow this looks like rtx

  77. RafatAR32_ says:

    Beautiful shader but the lighting so bright! 0_0

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