Unofficial Hard-Mode Patch v1.0 By NightwalkerLots

This is not recommended for casual gameplay. This addon is designed to make you struggle through every second of combat and adventure. Ever had Minecraft feel too easy and wanted a REAL challenge. This addon will far surpass that desire of yours and make you even rethink it at times. I present to you, a difficulty beyond what you’re vocabulary calls, “Hard”.

raftAddon Founder: Nightwalkerlots

Twitter- @Lastofthesorrow

Insta- nightwalker_lots

The addon is now open source! View Github and compile your own .mcaddon file before official updates role out. (May experience unpolished features)

 Join Unity’s discord server  (fastest way to contact us)

It is recommended this add-on be a stand-alone and to use it in a fresh world. Some things may not work as intended if you apply this to an already existing world, or if you use it with other add-ons that make changes to vanilla mobs.

This add-on contains so many features it’s hard to fit them all on this page!-Stronger Enemies

-Food is so much more valuable

-The tech-tree is so much harder to progress past stone age

-Overhauls to crafting recipes and loot

Here’s a sneak peak!

You can see all the new crafting recipes and features in the change log by clicking HERE

This add-on, as well as others we have made, can be found on our website!

Changelog View more


-Fixed manifest

-Tridents now smelt down into prismarine_crystals when using a blast_furnace

-Zombie chasing speed is a bit faster

-raised the health and chase speed for zombies and Creepers

-Increased chances and amount of endermite that spawn from a ender pearl

-Saddles now have a crafting recipe

-crossbows now have a crafting recipe

-Blazes reworked to fix crashes

(Blaze health raised to 65, higher attack range, and shoot 8 fireballs instead of 3 at higher frequency)

-All diamond tools now need a blaze rode instead of a stick to craft

-Removed option to craft flesh into leather

-All iron tools now need iron Blocks

-Made a crafting recipe for enchanted_golden_apple

-Gave more uses and effects to honey foods. Honey bottles now remove slowness as well as grant regeneration but give weakness

-Buffed vindicators

-Golden Carrots now give regeneration you but cause weakness

-polarbears and pigs are now hostile

-Pigs have a chance to drop Carrots and gold_nuggets

-Mobs will now drop their heads. Surrounding a mob head with gold will give you a enchanted apple

-added recipe for blaze rod

-Iron Golems are now hostile to the player

-Buffed loot in end cities, pyramids, and mineshafts.


-Removed Jerky

-Removed placeholder files

-Removed NetherSword ghost files

-Putting Rotten Flesh into a smoker will make raw beef

-UUID Changed

-Added addon to GitHub

-Made addon open-source (Hand picked contributors, join the discord for more info)


-Fixed the speed on a few entities

-zombies have a chance to drop an iron sword with random enchant/durability (chances increase with looting)

-Filling Crafting Table with rotten flesh will make leather

-Fixed CookedMutton components to fit the rest of the cooked food effects

-cooking Rotten Flesh in a smoker will make Jerky (Same benefits as cooked beef)

-Removed the Nether Sword

-Updated unity website domain

-Updated addon to 1.14

~deleted resource dependancy

~No animation, texture, sound when eating jerky

-Adjusted to work better on update 1.13 beta

-Updated discord link for this page

-Fixed movement speed on some mobs

-Changed crafing recipes to the stone,iron, and diamond sword

  •  Stone Sword: 64 cobble + Stick
  •  Iron Sword: 4 Iron Blocks + Stick
  •  diamond Sword: 8 Diamonds + Blaze Rod

-Added a new Nether Sword ( 64 Blaze Rod + 2 Nether Star )

-Made tamed wolfs almost invincable

-enchanted apples and regular ones take slightly longer to eat and also apply slowness

-Most foods have been nerfed, and eating anything raw will give you hunger and slowness

-cooked foods take slightly longer to eat

-cookies give you speed

- max stack size to any cooked food to 8

- max stack size to any raw food is 16

-eating cooked meats will grant breif regeneration

-enchant gold apples max stack is 3

-golden apples max stack 8

-Golden Carrots are now a super food

-Made the totem craftable ( Emerald Block Surrounded by Enchanted Apples)

V0.8.12 Bugs

-The Nether Sword does like no damage, will fix soon or remove

-The speed of some mobs may be bugged

-This is an alpha WIP so there will be some problems that will be fixed. Do report them on twitter @UECMT


-Blaze and Wither skeletons have been buffed and now have a chance to drop diamonds (if you have looting)

-Phantoms have a rare chance of dropping a elytra

-Shulkers have a chance to drop enderpearls

-creepers drop 4x the amount of gun powder

-creepers have a chance to drop tnt

-spiders have a chance to drop fermented spider eye with looting

-witches now drop potions of regeneration, speed, or weakness along with a book of a random enchantment

-zombies have a chance to drop a potion of strength, along with gold ingot and bread

-witches have a rare chance to drop a totem if you have looting

-witches now do a jumping melee attack if you're close enough

-increased the damage of zombies, husks, spiders, and witch to 7

-Fixed an issue that caused random crashes

  • Nerfed health of all mobs from 60 to 40
  • Nerfed the distance of which mobs will attack you from 65 to 45
  • Added a new dev on this project to help double check code for intensive characteristics that could affect how smoothly the addon runs on a console
  • add a "suggestions" chat in our discord for addon users to get faster responses from the devs, as well as the ability to communicate ideas to your liking.
  • Added on-hit potion effects to a few hostile mobs
  • Completely reconstructed some .json files that were suspected to cause crashes
  • Removed a lot of features that seemed insignificant in an attempt to lower the stress that the addon causes
  • Completely removed the "loot tables" file temporarily until those assets are analyzed to prevent crashes (in-game bosses and a few other hard-coded mobs)
  •  Made it so the creeper can no longer see through walls
  • Gave the wolf companion a huge buff
  • Started a resource pack (not released yet) to make some of the livestock to look more threatening. 
  • Ran the "Cow.json" file through an online compiler to make sure changes to the mob would not cause crashes
  • Changed UUID to make updating on the Xbox less buggy

-Fixed bug that crashed world immediately

-Changed image used for thumbnail


Xbox support has been discontinued due to Microsoft recently patching the method for porting add-ons/textures to the platform.


Supported Minecraft versions


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59 Responses

3.48 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Guest-5391356499 says:

    What do you mean they patched addon porting to xbox? I can still do it

  2. Guest-1080397610 says:

    Still crashing when attacking blaze,the hell ? (3⭐⭐⭐)

  3. This is so awesome. Played around with it for a little bit, and I’ve decided I’m not going back to the old version. This is very fun, and with shaders combined with the parallax sound pack, minecraft becomes a much darker, more gritty game, and I love it.

  4. Guest-7222602978 says:

    Are you able to play this on survival and earn achievements?

  5. Guest-7908454292 says:

    Ok,jujur nih ya,mod standalone ini bagus cuman blazenya itu yg bikin game selalu ngecrash,soalnya setiap lo tembak game bakal ngecrash.gmn gw mo ke The End kalo blazenya kyk gitu,jd tolong si NightWalkerLots buat fix ini mod,setelah kejadian itu,gw gamau pake dulu mod standalonenya

  6. Guest-6192456534 says:

    Hope zombie villagers have different weapons according to their occupation

  7. WhiteTesla says:

    And now how do I make my dogs sit?

  8. Anonymous says:

    No me funciona el enlacé

  9. Anonymous says:

    Download link is down =(

  10. U.N.Derfell says:

    Its kinda more like masochist mode than hard mode if you ask me… I mean, the enemies get more buffed than everything does and it is not quite balanced to be a “hard mode”

  11. loku says:

    link works great! a lot better than

  12. Anonymous says:

    download is seems broken. I have tried on 3 dif browsers

  13. Quckeddd says:

    I love the thought of this mod alot and I think yours is really good but don’t you think 4 blocks of iron is a bit much? I mean jeez that’s 36 iron just for a sword, a full set of armor is only 24, Just my thoughts but still a great mod!

    • Seytwo says:

      My thoughts exactly tbh, I’m tempted to get this mod but this is kinda holding me back bc it’s a tad bit much, even if it’s for the hardcore-ness lmao

    • I understand the frustration, but this was intentional. Basically not only are the mobs harder but you are also now lucky if you are able to afford anything higher than a stone sword. But for balance i did not touch armor recipes. I’ve also intentionally made it where you need to visit the nether before creating a diamond sword. And in the future update, a lot of diamond tools will be replaced with blaze rod handles. The goal is to also make it hard for the player to progress higher in the technology tree which adds much more difficulty and value for all the things the player obtains during the play-through.

  14. Artur says:

    Adiciona cabeças cabeças Mobs


  15. fourgalaxy says:

    doe ex need to be on for windows 10?

  16. Shmityboi says:

    Hey how do you spawn the wither boss I feel like I’ve tried almost every combination but can’t seem to figure it out. Is it even possible yet?

  17. YourBoi says:

    Could u make this for PC?

  18. Y2G says:

    The download leads to a required Pro subscription for MediaFire. This means the pack technically requires payment to get a hold of. Which is not allowed under Mojang’s terms. I am reporting this add-on and encouraging others to do so as well.

  19. thanks says:

    description says you’re, it needs to be your

  20. Great addon says:

    What is the shader in the thumbnail please

  21. FathurNetwork says:

    Downloadnya sulit, dan sering error. Kalau dibagikan dengan link mediafire langsung, nanti video YouTube kena take down. Jadi harus apa? Kasih link yang work donk!

  22. kdodjfk says:

    Did you add the loot tables already or not yet ?
    Just asking

  23. Jeremy says:

    (Xbox one) I have installed and reinstalled it twice and tryed making a new world both times and it seems to crash every time. I’m really happy that y’all are trying to make this, I’ve allways wanted a ultra hard mode. Best of Luck

  24. Lucky Gaming says:

    Subcribe channel saya lucky_gaming

  25. MAKE THIS FOR 1.10!1!1!1,!,!1!!

  26. DemonicGamer145 says:

    It still crashes my Minecraft (Console edition)(BedrockEdition) in the 0.4 update

  27. SADSTEVE says:

    Can you have it support 1.9?

  28. CoolDudSoldier says:

    Fix it please.. It downloads and imports but when I start a new world.. it just crashes on my mobile and pc.

  29. Minecraftian14 says:

    Its a bit too hard; can you add a slider in settings menu to adjust the difficulty?

    • NightwalkerLots says:

      This would be possible if scripts worked on Xbox One, but they don’t. And we don’t want different platforms having different feature that I’d have to keep up with.

  30. Read! says:

    How to download:

    1.Click/press Unity Entertainment, it does take a while to load it all but have patience

    2.Click/press the download button for the mod, for now its the very last one

    3.It will take you to a choice of which device you are using, click/press on the folder of your device

    4.Then simply click/press on that zip file

    5.It willl take you to the mediafire zip file for this mod. Download it/copy the link

  31. Ooof says:

    “Fixed bug that crashed world immediately.” WOW THATS GREAT! *Opens up brand new world with addon, crashes immidietly*
    I have downloaded the recent version. I am on iOS, so I also downloaded the one that said “Mobile.” The addon does seem great, but I can’t experience it. I won’t give a rating just because I can’t download it, but would appreciate it if the bug gets fixed again.

  32. FoxExtreme says:

    This is like insane mode instead of “hard”

  33. Cipheroid says:

    Looks like there is another someone making hardcore survival addons.
    Time for another update to Veteran Supreme. A large one maybe…

  34. StrangeDude says:

    I would tune some things here and there for personal use but otherwise seems fairly balanced

  35. OfficialTT5 says:

    So this has no support for minecraft windows 10 edition?

  36. CatKid says:

    Will it work for 1.9?

    (Looks awesome so 5 stars)

  37. Anonymous says:

    There’s missing .mcaddon file in download folder. Please fix it.

  38. Skita_Ritter says:

    Cant download. fix pls

  39. gameriam100 says:

    the download link doesnt work and i realy wana use this addon it sounds awesome

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