-Hardcore Battle-

-Hardcore Battle-

This map is the same as the -Dungeon battle- but with much more difficulty and more dangerous mobs, only you will be able to beat everyone or also with 6 allies on your way, have fun on this map of Dungeon

[This game has a limit of 6 players]

                   Forest Dungeon                      Casttle Dungeon                         Ice Dungeon

                    Desert Dungeon             Redstone Mine Dungeon             Creeper Camp Dungeon              Mega Minecraft Casttle

            New Dungeon Pass Room


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1 Download the mcworld or zip file
2 open the file
3 Enjoy the map


Supported Minecraft versions


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3 Responses

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  1. GoodDude 123 says:

    This map is so unbalanced and broken. Why is there like a hundred Addons on it? It lags my game. And the commands don’t work most of the time and sometimes in the last part I get blinded for no reason. Had to go into creative to get past the last part. What a disappointment.

  2. AleGamer930i1 says:

    Este mapa es horrible, esta lleno de addons, la mayoria de comandos no funciona, los cofres ni se abren para agarrar cosas, no hay nivel de dificultad, en cuanto salgas al primer nivel moriras, da muchismo lag y no se que mas tendra por que es injugable, le doy 1 estrella por que no le puedo dar -10 estrellas

  3. AleGamer930i1 says:

    Tienes permiso para los addons que usas?

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