Published on February 11, 2017 (Updated on February 11, 2017)

Hardcore Lucky Block Addon

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What A Good Addon! Good Job Dude! Im Not In Bedrock Edition, Im In Education Edition
The blocks turn back into pigs and the ender dragon is glitchy like when you kill it it wouldn't implode
Doesn’t work, and yes, I had both textures and behaviours on
Turn on Experimental Game play
It works! Thanks! But a lot of blocks are empty but it's fine! It's so cool! You should download it!
this doesnt work. when i 'break' the 'lucky block' i end up killing a normal pig and getting raw porkchop.
Did you see the behavior pack?
all iam getting is pig meat nothing else AND I HAVE BROKEN 10 lucky blocks
Well, make sure you have the behavior pack on.
How do i put the behaviour on its not there
New update coming in christmas
Some one make a Donald trump addon plz
Love it it works
bad addon it only drop porkchop whats the problem?!
You got the texture pack not behavior
Please make this replace the shulker or the cow, because I want to use this Addon along with the normal lucky block addon! If you make it replace shulkers, you could make it so you have to dye it pink in order to turn it into a hardcore lucky block.