Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode has been added ever since Java edition 1.0.0. In hardcore mode, players can no longer respawn upon death, and the difficulty is locked to hard. This mode is very popular in the Java edition.

However, this feature never came to Bedrock. Not a problem! This add-on gives you the ability to play hardcode mode in Bedrock Edition.

The difficulty is locked to hard, and your game mode is locked to survival. You will not be able to move once you die and respawn.

Setting up

First, download the add-on and import it to the game. You should see two packs being imported.


Make sure to turn on cheats. Then, go to the Behaviour Packs tab and the Resource Packs tab and apply both the resource pack and the behaviour pack. It will not work if the behaviour pack is not imported.


Go to the realm settings. Make sure to turn on cheats. Then, go to the Behaviour Packs tab and the Resource Packs tab and apply both the resource pack and the behaviour pack. It will not work if the behaviour pack is not imported.

In-game screenshot

Reviving a player

Players marked as “dead” are trapped in the sky infinitely. If the game did an oopsie, or you wish to revive a player, type the following command:

scoreboard players set @target deathCount 0
tag @target remove dead
@target = the target player name(without the @)

After typing all the commands above, the player should be no longer trapped. Then, teleport him to the ground before he dies again,

Adfly not working

If the download does not load for some reason, you can join the discord server to get the download link without adfly.


This add-on is multiplayer compatible. If any player gets marked “dead”, revive them with the method given in the post.

Your game mode will be locked to survival.

Your difficulty will be locked to hard.

Changelog View more

added some notices so players wont have to comment to ask stuff

Discord downloads might not work sometimes. Added an alternative download link.


Supported Minecraft versions


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22 Responses

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  1. Guest-8415613560 says:

    Please fix the glitch where you can set a respawn point in a bed or anchor. Because when you do you respawn there like normal.

  2. Guest-4123721175 says:

    I revive a dead player yet when they die they don’t get sent back to the sky. Is there anyway to fix that?

  3. Guest-4009913085 says:

    It keeps saying your game mode has been updated to survival in the chat and its really annoying, any way to fix that?

  4. Guest-4034411305 says:

    the adfly link has a windows security tollfree popup

  5. Guest-2424436760 says:


  6. Guest-7983540747 says:

    The reviving command doesn’t work

  7. User-2709013964 says:

    The revive command doesn’t work fix?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great addon,it working fine

  9. Ráynbòw says:

    For some reason when I go to the file (iOS 13.3.1) I tap the file, and it redirects me to Minecraft, and then it’ll say “Importing” but when it gets done it says “import not supported. Incorrect zip archive” anyway to fix that?

  10. ThisJobYT says:

    This Addon looks cool and all, but when I turn to Creative mode and switch back to Survival mode, it doesn’t work every time I get killed..

  11. Vladimir Escobar says:

    No me funciona, vuelvo a reaparecer y puedo borrar las cosas, no sirve de nada, yo ansioso lo esperaba y no me funciona, tengo juego experimental, tengo tanto recursos como comportamientos y no me funciona:(

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