Hardcore Squid Mode Addon

This addon gives you similar abilities to a squid. You will be able to breathe underwater but as soon you get on land you’ll slowly start “drowning”. This creates a really unique survival challenge as it lets you experience Minecraft as an entire new species!

Creator: WoodenViking

How does it work?

This mod lets you live the life of a squid. You will only be able to be on land for somewhere around 25 seconds before you start grasping for breathe.


The only place you can breathe forever (or until you die) is underwater. As you can see, there are no breathing bubbles above the hunger bar anymore.


It’s actually more easy to survive underwater as most hostile mobs are bad swimmers. This causes them to always stay close to the water surface.


This addon provides a great survival challenge. If you want to give it a go then make sure to download A Squid’s World further down on this page. It’s a great survival map as it includes a house which have been specifically designed for squids in Minecraft.


All Features

  • Breathe underwater
  • Starvation rate is decreased
  • Water breathing potion acts as an air breathing potion

Don’t forget to download a squid skin!


iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other?
Download Option 1: Click to download behavior .mcpack (only behavior pack)
Download Option 2: Click to download “A Squid’s World” .mcworld (map + behavior pack included)

Do you want the .ZIP file? Click here.

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28 Responses

3.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Fix it PLZ says:

    I got the Addon, but the bubbles aren’t working properly. I go on land: no bubbles. I go in water: bubbles. AAAAARGH!!!!!

  2. anormaldinosaur says:

    the map is not working

  3. xander wenck says:

    it doesn’t work but this one dose WaterBreathing Addon(3 star for map it is nice)

  4. Ethan says:

    Doesn’t work in the latest version 🙁
    Please update

  5. Redstoneboy1009 says:

    Was it uptated? Does no work on mcpe 1.11

  6. A squid person says:

    I love squid

  7. Dude says:

    Thanks for the map but theres one or two bugs the bubbles aren’t on the map and when you die from air you spawn where the house was

  8. superspider3500 says:

    When I’ve wanted a hardcore world to make and play, I always used this, because it’s a difficult and fun challenge at the same time. I also called the zombies, skeletons and spiders surface dwellers. And you make homes and things like that slower because you sometimes need more resources.

  9. The red dragon says:

    Can somebody make a dolphin addon?It will go well with this and the sharks addon.

  10. TheLegend27 says:

    “Water breathing potion acts as a air breathing potion” did you mean “an air”

  11. JERRATER says:

    Amazing I’m gonna use it for my gamin channel

  12. MinecraftPro747 says:

    Hi, I am in love with squids for some reason and I instantly installed this addon!

  13. IOS says:


  14. LammyYammy says:

    Cool Addon

  15. ImakerB says:

    For Creator or Editor If you can, please make Zombie Pigman Mode Addon.Which make player imune fire and lava, Zombie Pigman become Passive not neutral, other monster will turn neutral not hostitle.if player attacked by other mob, zombie pigman will help player to attack that mob.iron golem and snow golem will hostitle to player also player will hurt from healing effect and healed by harming, poison will turn to regeneration, weakness become strenght.Its will be awesome addons if uploaded but i’m not sure this will be uploaded,just that thanks.

  16. ImakerB says:

    Cool addons but now i need wearing enchanted helmet of aqua afinity to break block underwater faster, also with respiration III enchantment to get far vision distance when in water.because deep in underwater is dark enought, making night vision really usefull for diving underwater, and also boots with depth strider III are needed to swiw faster now.

  17. DeathCop4000 says:

    Now I finally understand that we shold stop killing squids jut for their ink , they live a hard life , they don’t get to live the ‘the only limit is your imagination’ fantasy . They live a terrible life , we humans are the cruel and sneaky ones , not them. #SaveTheSquids #LetTheSquids Live (yes , this is a joke , if you didn’t know it, welcome to the Internet) #KillTheSquidsBecauseTheSuck

  18. FIRE_LORD_1 says:

    best idea ever i love playing with it so funny addon

  19. Annon says:

    Pls add nightvision. and 2x speed in water or 3x i dunno and much more its awesome ^^

  20. Lolable says:

    Can you make player swim faster

  21. Minekid212 says:

    Probably great add-on but probably won’t download in-less you make it so you move fast under water as if you were flying and on land as if you were on water.

  22. No one says:

    Very fun

  23. Ramon Joma says:


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