Hardmode Add-on

This is an add-on which aims to make the survival world in Minecraft much more difficult than what it currently is like. For example, as a player you will be an easier pray for predators such as creepers as they have the ability to see farther away (among with a set of other new features). Currently there is just a handful of changes to the game but hopefully this add-on will grow into something more complex soon!

Creator: AnnyskeOO7, Twitter Account
Updated: 30 October, 2016


Blazes have almost 10 times more health than before and their attack damage is doubled. It shoots larger fireballs and its speed is slightly faster when attacking. Water is no longer an issue for them as it doesn’t hurt them anymore.

It does have one weakness and that is snowballs. If they get hit by one they will instantly drop dead. Also, every time you throw a snowball there is a chance a snow golem might spawn and help defeat the blazes.


The creeper causes an explosion about three times larger than before. It has slightly more health and has the ability to spot a player from almost twice as far away.


The TNT has a much longer fuse. After it has been ignited it takes one minute before it explodes. The explosion is much greater and it will also cause lots of fire.


Every time you throw a snowball there’s a slight chance that a snow golem will spawn.


Other Features:

  • Zombies are fast
  • Skeletons have machine guns
  • Ghasts and stronger
  • Zombie pigmen are stronger and more dangerous
  • Passive mobs teleport in order to make it more difficult to find food
  • Some chests which spawn naturally in the world have their loot doubled (not all chests yet, work in progress)

Next Update

There are more things which are being worked on to increase the difficulty in-game. Here are some other things which you can expect in a later update:

  • Changes to more mobs
  • Endermen will teleport faster and more often

Demo Video


iOS / Windows 10 / Android / Other?

  1. Click here to download .mcpack behavior pack (or click here to download a survival world with the addon applied .mcworld).
  2. Don’t forget to apply it for a world in-game!

Do you want the zip file instead? Click here to download the .ZIP file.

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21 Responses

4.66 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Man of war says:

    Bm warstuff and this Addon make survival impossible because skeltons are a machine ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 with bullet that explode and can one shot anything if got hitted so basicallly first night is very hard without diamond armor and even if you have diamond armor u basically die in a second becuse diamond armor has 80% reduction of all damge so 240% percent reduction wich means that diamond sword can do half a heart and the one shoot deals 1 heart so yea best bet to win make all armor projectile protection iv

  2. Tevin Cheng says:

    Are the cows supposed to teleport? And can I make a YouTube video about this? Because I only have 3 subscribers.

  3. TeamBeanGamers says:

    How to use this mod most efficiently: Set up a blaze grinder, but instead of using redstone/players to kill the blazes, spawn a snow golem nearby. Put a hopper underneath the block the blazes are being killed on, you will have more enchanted books than you will know what to do with soon enough 😉

  4. Elite Dude_Yt says:

    Wow it’s helpful that a snowball can spawn snow golems in this add on. This is defenitly not for the unskilled players, A.K.A “noobs.” But offers more loot to it to, now that’s cool! Great for ppl who want a challenge.

  5. DaroDaKng says:

    The description said the skeletons have machine guns, but they just have normal bow:(

  6. CreepDoesStuffs says:

    Could you fix he skeletons every time hey attack they crash my game

  7. Gavin says:

    Can you make ghast have 200 Heath and turn it into the enderdragon

    • Ethan says:

      That seems like an awesome idea! ? The ender Dragons dragon breath could be retextured splash potions of harming, and the ender charges could be ghast charges! Also, the behavior for the ghast charge should be changed so a splash potions of harming spawns when the ghast charge explodes.

  8. Ethan says:

    I hope that you make witches help other hostile mobs by giving them status effects an healing.

  9. PS_plays Minecraft says:

    I need to do a lets play on this!

  10. Zkguzma1 says:

    Annyske007 is awesome

  11. Alan says:

    Plz Change the download link to something else? Not dropbox

  12. Kebrilla says:

    Yo man is it cool if I do a youtube video about this?

  13. TheGrassySceptile says:

    Meh sounds boring 😐 I’ll probably download it when more updates but yeah

    And don’t be triggered because “my opinion is wrong”

  14. Lilgator Man says:

    Can you weaken the ghast by removing the explosion but double its damage. They seem to spawn every 5 seconds now in the nether.

  15. 1987cows says:

    Cool, i cant wait too see this thing in its final state

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