Haunted Mansion [Creation]

If you decide to play this map it will probably be the first (and last) time which you stepped inside a haunted mansion willingly. It has been ported from the PC version of Minecraft to Pocket Edition and the map features a large mansion which is decorated with pumpkins, glowstones, torches and everything one would imagine which makes it look very spooky. There’s even a little graveyard in front of the house. So it’s not exactly a place which any sane person would visit willingly, but despite it’s haunting and spooky look it’s by no doubt a really incredible creation.

Ported by: Ailtongn

hauntedmansion1 hauntedmansion2 hauntedmansion3download

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9 Responses

3.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. helloneighbormcpe says:

    may i please use this for a hello neighbor type map?

  2. Anonymus says:

    Very late reply, I tried it too and it said the same thing. I guess life sucks that way. Just know your not the only one suffering ;-;

  3. TheEnderMaster4 says:

    Whenever I try to download it by going to Mediafire, it says it violates Google’s terms and services. I don’t understand how this map is violating Google’s terms and services.

    Rating: Looks cool but can’t download.

  4. Twistamoneus says:

    Looks awesome but I have iOS can you please do mc.world it’s easy just have another download but rather than having .zip put .mcworld

  5. Dinocaity says:

    Can I use this for a horror map? I’ll make sure to give you credit! 🙂

  6. kudly says:

    Make a .mcworld version plz

  7. Sophie says:

    DROP BOX IS STUPID!!!! I have an iOS device, dropbox is not working I saved it now what

  8. Layla C says:

    Ummm. One question. How do you download!?! It just comes up with the adfly thing where you wait and then click.

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