Heart Containers

Too little Health? Not with Heart Containers! Get Different Levels of Heart Containers to Increase your Health more and more! Gain up to 30 Hearts by killing the Wither and getting the Heart Container X.

By Killing Animals and Mobs, you get so called “Heart Fragments”. You can either Consume these to get Regeneration 1 for 1 Second or Craft Heart Containers With them. 

There currently are 7 New Items:

  • Heart Fragment | Dropped by killing Various Mobs, consume to gain Regeneration 1 for 1 Seconds.

  • Heart Container 1 | Gains you 2 Extra Hearts. Surround a Golden Apple with 8 Heart Fragments to get a Heart Container 1. Put 4 in a Crafting Table to get a Heart Container 2.

  • Heart Container 2 | Gains you 4 Extra Hearts. Put 4 in a Crafting Table to get a Heart Container 3.

  • Heart Container 3 | Gains you 6 Extra Hearts. Put 4 in a Crafting Table to get a Heart Container 4.

  • Heart Container 4 | Gains you 8 Extra Hearts. Put 4 in a Crafting Table to get a Heart Container 5.

  • Heart Container 5 | Gains you 10 Extra Hearts. Maximal Level you can get by Crafting

  • Heart Container X | Gains you 20 Extra Hearts. Can only be Obtained by killing the Wither.

Warning! When you Die, you will Lose all Extra Hearts!

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Made by d6b & Panedwards.

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 RTX Beta

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  1. Mario Craft says:

    this is stolen!

  2. Guest-2924826731 says:

    This idea is stolen

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  4. Guest-1241686352 says:

    you can be a little clearer with the crafting I don’t understand
    PD: lo hice con el traductor por qué no se inglés :³

  5. Guest-2942878325 says:

    can you add a direct link to mediafire?

  6. Guest-9002500984 says:

    Is this an Undertale Refrenc?

  7. Guest-2546253104 says:

    Are they permenant until you die

  8. Guest-4748130465 says:

    How do I create heart container 2 and onwards???

  9. Panedwards says:

    the link seems to be fine for me but ill take a look

  10. Guest-7432324822 says:

    amazing zelda vibes all the way

  11. Guest-6615210863 says:

    Do the hearts stay if you die?

  12. Guest-9562204065 says:

    Does this work on realms?

  13. Guest-8296953090 says:

    How i can make the container? Idk if it’s my fault but doesn’t work, I’m playing on beta 1.16

  14. Guest-9784954860 says:

    Can you change the link and make it media fire and not adfly since adfly doesn’t work

  15. Panedwards says:

    Yes, Heart Containers do stack up :).

  16. Guest-5774528841 says:

    Do the heart containers stack? (Like, is you use a 1 and 2, will you get 6 hearts (2 + 4))?

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