Heisei King Ghidorah in MCPE! (Add-on)

Have you ever wanted to see King Ghidorah in Minecraft? The astro monster coming to destroy all it’s enemies? Well if so, this add-on is for you. It adds a powerful enemy that will probably kill you.

This add-on adds king Ghidorah in Minecraft. Also, before I say anything else, this add-on’s model is made by me, no one else. (PEOPLE IN THE COMMENT SECTION STOP SAYING I DIDN’T MAKE THE MODEL)

King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah is a genetically engineered monster combine from dorats. In my add-on, King Ghidorah has 600 health and deals 10 attack damage when he is using melee. King Ghidorah switches attacks, melee and ranged. His ranged attack is, he shoots lightning… At your face!!! Tell me in the comments section if you defeated him in survival without dying.

Health: 600

Melee attack: 10

Ranged: shoots lightning

Attacks: Player, Iron Golems


Enable Experimental Gameplay


Supported Minecraft versions


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81 Responses

4.03 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Hứa Ngọc Thạch says:

    tôi cần nhà phát triển sửa lỗi king ghidora

  2. Modded Survival Lover says:

    Hey legit I was wondering if you could teach me how to code because I’m getting an android next year and I really want to make an Animals addon.

  3. William Afton says:

    Plz make King Kong there’s already a 2014 godzilla but no kong plz make kong then make godzilla 2019

  4. Trager1314 says:


  5. Goji 1883 says:

    This addon kinda feels unfinished are ya gonna update this? If you update this then
    Plz add Godzilla

  6. deeznuts says:

    how do i spawn him in to my survival world without using creative?

  7. Crafter says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! can you add Heisei godzilla soon though? And maybe legendary? Cause those are my other favourites.

  8. Godzillakid360 says:


  9. ociN says:

    Idk why people think it’s copied, do any of you even remember the Godzilla mod? It was one of my favorite mods and I have very fond memories of it, nice to have a similar experience in addons, the creator did a good job

  10. ToastTDB says:

    Can you please make Godzilla,Mothra and Rodan so it will be awsome

  11. Cipherzilla says:

    I love this mod! It would be amazing if you made more Godzilla monsters like Destroyah, Rodan, Mechagodzilla and Biollante. Things that could be improved in this mod is that Ghidorah often sets himself on fire, so maybe make him fire resistant? Also there’s a thin rectangle line surrounding him from the wings that if you could get rid of would make it perfect.

  12. Yaeesh2005 says:

    Maybe you can make it attack all mobs? Since it destroys anything in it’s path, just like Godzilla.
    Tbh, it’s because I actually wanted to try this addon against a different addon but with Godzilla xD. Pls do if you can 🙂 also as a Godzilla and Minecraft fan, I really like this addon :3

  13. Why is everyone saying that the model was copied? It doesn’t look copied to me.

  14. Encie says:

    It is not stolen, if you compare the King Ghidorah of Godzilla mod and you will see that they are different, this one has darker colors and has a closed mouth, in addition to having the smallest wings

  15. Sse says:

    Make two versions of this Addon,this version and another verssion that makes king Ghidorah stronger and have more health so we could pit him against other Addon creatures.Just a tought.

  16. Skeleton vanguard says:

    Can you please make it updated to the beta.

  17. Art says:

    Villagers: am I a joke to you?

  18. Trager1314 says:

    And you stole it from the java edition of this mod.
    and so please add godzilla,mothra,rodan,king kong, and mechagodzilla into the game and add sounds. Update this to support the version 1.2 into 1.3 beta version.

  19. Trager1314 says:

    And i see your king ghidorah add-on files i check there’s a file png of godzilla,mothra, and rodan. so you stole it in the mod titled godzilla mod with other several monsters.

  20. Trager1314 says:

    Can you update this into 1.3 beta because the entity was invinsible when it supports 1.2 beta. it should be update and add godzilla,mothra,rodan,king kong,mechagodzilla as kiryu,anguirus,kumonga,baragon, and orga. and add animations and sounds.

  21. Nie says:

    Can you give him fire protection because his lightings are burn him

  22. Durex says:

    Makes a titanus ghidorah and godzilla

  23. FreegoTM says:

    He actually created King Ghidorahs model by himself. There may be just a slight similarity between the model from an MCPC mod “Godzilla Mod.” Try to look it up.

  24. haziq.mohd.izuddid says:

    But make heisei Godzilla

  25. jesus says:


  26. bob says:

    you DID NOT MAKE model

    BIG noob. BIG copying BIG no download

  27. LambDPro says:

    2 Questions. 1. Does is spawn naturally, if so where? 2. If you do manage to kill it, what does it drop?

    Sounds awesome, willing to try if this gets updated!

  28. Skeleton vanguard says:

    Yes you should add more animation to it like when it attacks and stuff like the heads moving around

  29. frost redstone vn says:

    Make A Godzilla

  30. OGBupreme says:

    Sorry, I mean it would happen to you if you based it off something. Like Godzilla. Godzilla Addons are already made. If you made one people will say, “You stole it!” Pay the man some respect for putting more effort into the add on that you didn’t make.

  31. OGBupreme says:

    @Rockeous why don’t you stop, huh? If you made an add on and people said you stole it would you like it? P.S YOU AREN’T AN ADMINISTRATOR SO YOU CAN’T GIVE WARNINGS. Now be RESPECTFUL because it would happen to YOU if you made an add on.

  32. ryandub8 says:

    I survived

  33. SteveMaple228 says:


  34. mcpe anthony says:

    Godzilla next my dude make legendary Godzilla and all the moster in King of monsters pls

  35. Harrythemagician13 says:

    When i Spawn King Ghidorah in my world Its Invisible

  36. John Jacob Tolentino says:

    Man this is so epic. My Name is John Jacob Tolentino. I like all your other Addons. Can you upload Showa and Monsterverse King Ghidorah Addon, Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra And Kong (Showa, Heisei And Monsterverse) Addon And Prehistoric Life Life Add On please?

  37. Trager1314 says:

    If You Are Not Making Other Monsters Maybe You Can Make Godzilla.

  38. Trager1314 says:

    Can You Please Add The King Of The Monsters
    (Godzilla) And The Other Monsters Like Rodan,Kiryu,Mothra,King Kong,Battra,Anguirus,Kumonga And Baragon

  39. Monkee1963 says:

    He is invisible. Pls fix this

  40. Blockfiend says:

    THANK YOU! It’s about time MCPE gets some decent giant mob mods like Java does, maybe add more Godzilla mobs? Or a kraken?

  41. Zack Taylor says:

    bro this is so awsome now pls make the king from orespawn

  42. L says:

    Very nice add-on. Runs smoothly.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Can u make godzilla

  44. Anonymous says:

    Don’t bully the dude and stop hollering in the comments rockeous that mean and rude get some help

  45. Илья Федукин says:

    Дорогой разработчик. Я убил твоего Гидору на выживании без смертей, но с аламазным сетом. Вобщем прошу сделай большой аддон под названием “вселенная годзиллы” со всеми монстрами из последнего фильма. Примечания к твоему Гидоре:
    1. Сделай получше анимацию ходьбы
    2. Сделай так чтобы он снимал 30 сердец а то если с алмазной бронькой то он вообще по одному сердечку за удар снимает
    3. Сделай агр на игрока за 100 блоков а то он атакует только если подойти чуть ли не в плотную.
    4. Исправь удар молнией – он им вообще не пользуется
    5. Добавь функцию полёта
    6. Увеличь скорость передвижения
    7. Убери вспомогательные контуры вокруг крыльев(они у тебя после создания модельки остались)
    А в остальном аддон супер

  46. Rockeous says:

    Wait, apologies my friend. I didn’t realize you made 2 decent addons by yourself (Ocean ++ and Mountain ++). I may consider your ‘i didn’t steal the model’ thing but if I see an add-on from before this was made with this model.. tsk tsk

    • Diana says:

      Make another models if your can, your think is very easy to make models with detail, your just can use this addon and comment with whatever words your want write on this comment, so thinking before your talking

  47. Rockeous says:

    Hey, you shot yourself in the foot by saying BEFORE ANYBODY COMMENTED “stop saying I stole the model”. Now we know you stole the model. Give credit to the maker or this add-on could get deleted FOREVER. This is your warning.

  48. hoppingduck says:

    Does it spawn naturally or do i need to go in creative and get the egg?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Can you please add like animation that will make it more fun but I like it

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