Hell Difficulty Addon

Want to make Minecraft survival more challenging? Try this add-on! Mobs have double health damage and they don’t have any weaknesses!

Note on the first night on Minecraft while using this add-on you might want to sleep as soon as possible because its impossible to survive the first night.

1. Undead (zombie, skeleton, husk, stray, drowned, etc)

The undead now have 40 health and 6 damage. undead now will not burn in the day. the wolf now will not attack skeleton and skeleton will not run from wolf. skeleton and stray now shoot faster.


2. Creeper

Creeper now have 40 health and have alot bigger explosions now. creeper also dont run and scared of cat anymore (same like phantom).

3. Enderman

Enderman now have 60 health and 14 damage. he will also doesn’t take damage from water and rain.

4. Magma cube

Large magma cube now have 32 health and 12 damage. medium magma cube now have 8 health and 8 damage. and the small magma cube now have 2 health and 4 damage.

5. Evocation illager

evocation illager now have 30 health and now summon entity faster

6. Iron golem

Iron golem now have 300 health and have a max damage of 42. he also move little bit faster

7. Wither

Wither now have 1000 health. he doesn’t have damage increase but his projectile now cause fire, thinking to battle him at cave/nether without fire resistance potion is a bad choice

8. Ender dragon

Ender dragon now have 400 health and little bit damage increase. she flies little bit faster now

Changelog View more

1. added installation description (just follow the instructions)

2. fixed the download link

1. change and fix the download link

2. add more detail in the description


1. click the link

2. press allow on the notification

3. wait for few second and click continue

4. wait for few second again and click download

5. wait the file to download

6. when downloaded just double click the file


Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

4.17 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Guest-2110860240 says:

    the link does not work 🙁

  2. Alvaro says:

    the new enemies that use crossbow do not attack

  3. JAG57 says:

    I love this thanks so much

  4. Cipheroid says:

    It’s weak compared to Veteran Supreme. More health and high damage does not make it harder. It only makes it more annoying to play.

  5. FBI Swat says:

    Apa Bedanya

  6. Anonymous says:

    Download this addon to instantly DIE

  7. Nobody says:

    (I stole this im not this funny) CHECK OUT OUR NEW not roblox MINECRAFT GAME! RAGE QUIT SIMULATOR! 😀

  8. Anonymous says:

    Rage quit simulator

  9. AquaticJacob says:

    Can you make other mobs deadly💀 too

  10. lananovakk says:

    Looks good, but, sadly, my version of mc is so I’m not sure if the add-on works D:

  11. Cheater Waifu Caretaker says:

    Thanks, Its time to Burn my Phone again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Its ok

  13. Anonymous says:


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