Hello, Neighbor! 2004

This is my version of the awesome game Hello, Neighbor! It’s heavily based on Alpha 1, Alpha 2 and Act 3 of the game. It has some functionality and somewhat of a story, but the main focus of this map is the Neighbor’s tremendous house and it includes a full basement. Enjoy it!


Here there are some images of the map:


Just open the archive, if it does not open copy it to the Pictures folder and open it there. Minecraft will open and import the world.


Supported Minecraft versions


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19 Responses

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  1. Guest-9118280833 says:

    Is there a neighbor just want to know before I download

  2. OnTheReal Gaming says:

    thank so you much for making this so easy to download!!!! <3

  3. ArsonPea says:

    Hey, can you make a map only based on Act 3, because thats the only Hello Neighbor map that I still don’t have.

  4. JustApearson says:

    Dude this is the best Hello neighbor map ever,i saw that you do all floor of the house

  5. Jazlynn says:

    It’s saying there’s a new version of this map when I click the map on Minecraft

  6. Kimberly Hayes says:

    How Do You Get To Alpha 2 Or Act 1 or Act 3

  7. Ninja of MCPE says:

    ur awesome and ur map is too!

  8. Celldweller says:

    What does it mean 2004?

  9. Steve says:

    It doesn’t work for 1.11.1

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