Hello Neighbor Addon

Hello Neighbor is an indie horror game where you are a young boy who sneaks to your new weird neighbor’s house to try to get into his basement. You step foot on his property and he chases you off his yard. You have to be very quiet and sneak in the house into his basement to discover the creepy secrets inside the weird old neighbor’s house.

This add-on is based on that game and takes some of the characters from there and brings them alive in Minecraft through an add-on.

When you spawn him, he will roam around the world as any other mob, but in survival. If you approach him, he will chase you very fast. In gamemode c, he will mind his own buisness and wonder around the world, he also does not like villagers or any monsters. Also Dr. Eggman will haunt you.


download the mcpack and Claxton individually and then after it finishes downloading, click the file and import it to mcpe


Supported Minecraft versions


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30 Responses

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  1. Guest-1798766496 says:


  2. Guest-8675163274 says:

    why is not working and this is broken

  3. Guest-5470482013 says:

    Why did you put Robotnik?
    He isn’t part of Hello Neighbor, Robotnik is part from Sonic The Hedgehog.

  4. Guest-6167627271 says:

    It wont let me download it again

  5. Guest-8058132171 says:

    Why are Adam Taylor鈥檚 addons non downloadable for me?

  6. User-9881225041 says:

    Mack baldis basics plz

  7. Franco says:

    Amazing model and mod,but what’s up with that Dr.eggman?He isn’t part of Hello Neighbourg!!!

  8. Abdul Raafi' says:

    Ur addons make the stones glitch

  9. 系l系匣系头席伪l 檄洗j峥杛伪 says:

    Dr.Eggman isn鈥檛 even part of hello neighbor. Fake hello neighbor fan.

  10. Cyber ph says:

    Can you make a granny and grandpa

  11. JavaIsTheBest says:

    What an amazing model.

  12. Jahnred tilin says:

    Oops :hi bye

  13. Jahnred tilin says:

    Hi BYD

  14. Extra帽贸 says:


  15. FoxyFox says:


  16. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:


  17. Wow! Nice add-on! Now someone made a hello neighbor in minecraft! 馃榾

  18. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Ummm… I don鈥檛 think Dr. Eggman is from Hello Neighbor.

  19. Anthony Ordaz says:

    Why did u put eggman?

  20. Bibulus24 says:

    Wow que buenos dise帽os 馃憤馃憦馃憦馃憦

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