Helpful Blocks (1.16)

Industrially speaking, Minecraft is set in a time where technology clearly isn’t around. This add-on provides you with 12 new blocks which allows you to burn, carry, and filter. The blocks have their own unique abilities however these blocks are supposed to be activated with redstone but that feature isn’t possible yet!


Burner block

  • Any entity on top of this block will burn.

Compact block

  • Like obsidian and bedrock, it takes time to break its explosion resistance is high.

Conveyor belt blocks

Displayer block

  • Any entity on top of this block will stay put and will not be affected by knockback.

Elevator block

  • Any entity beside this block will be moved upwards.

Entity filter block

  • Self-explanatory, any entity on top of this block (except items) will pass through.

Item filter block

  • Self-explanatory, any item on top of this block will pass through.

Grinder block

  • Any entity on top of this block (except items) will receive damage.

Shredder block

  • Any item on top of this block will be deleted.


All the blocks have been converted to the 1.16 format.


As of this moment in 1.16, custom blocks do NOT appear in the inventory. You can use the /function command to find all of the blocks which are segregated.

You can use the following functions:

  • helpful_blocks
  • helpful_blocks_64

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All the blocks have been converted to the 1.16 format.


  • helpful_blocks
  • helpful_blocks_64


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
  • If you wish to use this for your content, at least credit me.
  • You may copy/paste this for your content as well if you wish


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59 Responses

3.38 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. CreeperX201 says:

    Even though this mod looks great, I just can’t get the new blocks. I used the given commands, I used the /give command, nothing worked! Please fix this, I’ve always wanted a conveyor block addon. I will really appreciate it if you fix this in the next update. Thanks, great addon all-in-all.

  2. minecraft is my Iife says:

    pls tell me how to use it

  3. siyomono0 says:

    really nice addon, I like it. I created a map for me and my friend using this.

    there is one problem though, when you use the conveyor going up you cant make it go straight again it just stops. However I fixed this problem by using water and gates. the water flows the item out of the stuck position. you can use the gates to stop the water overflowing as the gates don’t stop the item in the conveyor.

  4. Enderscript studios says:

    Can I use this in my modpack?
    also, great addon!

  5. Guest-9014561399 says:

    I wish you could craft these in survival mode. Other than that, great add-on!

  6. Guest-7464034467 says:

    Can I use this in my modpack? Also, can I use your helpful blocks addon and domestic mobs? I will Credit you in the description.

  7. Guest-7493536679 says:

    I’m getting an invalid zip archive. Can u provide the resource and behavior files cause that will make the addon work, thanks

  8. TheEmeraldSloth says:

    Can you add a block that breaks blocks? Thanks!

  9. Guest-9168044075 says:

    It doesn’t work in 1.16 pls update it

  10. Guest-7764919682 says:

    Pls update it to 1.16

  11. Guest-1243583219 says:

    Funciona y correctamente en la 1.14.60 pero el bloque de elevador únicamente funciona en un mismo bloque es decir no sube a través de los otros se quedará en un mismo bloque te lleva al tope del bloque y ahí te quedas arreglalo

  12. Guest-3253998218 says:


  13. TGLucky says:

    The block are not working!!!

  14. TheGreatSauce1234 says:

    the direct link is //

  15. 8TITTUS10 says:

    Which Version Is It I Free All Versions And I Never Hurt Mobs Grind mobs And Alos Burn And Stuff Please What Version Is It?

  16. Guest-5949782165 says:

    could you make teleporting blocks.

  17. Guest-3562596897 says:


  18. A Minecrafter says:

    The addon is working for me and its great but i am facing difficulty in understanding that filter blocks and I wanna tell that elevator block is not taking me up as it should so i request to the creator to please repair it and i have read the comments of other people that the addon is not working for them so i wanna help you that how its working for me
    My Minecraft version is and please check that you have placed the Behavior or data pack and Resource pack at right place after extracting it and kept the experimental gameplay function on. Thanks

  19. domanar zodalo says:

    All,the blocks are not functioning.fix it.

  20. Ondra says:

    Are you working on a 1.14 ??

  21. warkinggalaxy37 says:

    cant see the blocks,why

  22. Mimo says:

    Como los demas tengo el problema no se si eres el mismo creador de las espadas elementales no soy mucho addons perdona 🙁 sera possible que funcione igual aveses falla las espadas en android solo reinicias el minecraft a cada momento para que funcione sera que tendra el mismo error lo comprobare en este instante pero si es asi pondre las estrellas a 4 por que solo funciona si lo reinicias a cada momento tienes que actualizar ambos complementos pero en otros dispositvos vi que funciona muy bien es muy envantador y hermoso las funciones sin nada de lag

  23. Douglas says:

    So am I really the online whos experienced entity lag and interaction lag when using this mod? like I’d hit a mob and it’d fly back slowly like its in the matrix. Same thing happens when I open chests, eat food, or even go underwater. I was able to stay under water for 10 mins without any type of water breathing equipment. I even tried it in another world that had other addon installed as well but loaded it at the very top to see if it would change anything but the latency was still there. I gotta say though, I didn’t know it was possible for an addon to mess up the entire tick system. It’s kind of impressive if you think about it

  24. Numbers5990 says:

    Is it possible to the make the compact block transparent like glass so it’s like a stronger version of glass?

  25. Полезные блоки (1.13+) says:

    Не функционирует блоки

  26. Megalodon says:

    What version???

  27. The Creeper9780 says:

    When you use two Displayer Blocks, the mobs migrate toward one of them.

  28. Gripss says:

    Absolute crap. Completely destroyed my world by changing all block textures. Cant even find the blocks themselves. Dont waste memory space with this pile of glitched junk.

  29. Megalodon says:

    Why its unknown pack
    Version: 0.0.0

    Please fix!!!

  30. Megalodon says:

    Why its unknown addon???

    Version: 0.0.0
    File name: not found

    Why??? please fix

  31. Nik says:

    Why Doesn’t It Work For Me Fix It!!!!!! 😡. The Only Block That Works Is The Compact Block!

  32. Nicho says:

    Why Don’t All The Blocks Work?
    Can You Fix It Please?

  33. Anonymous says:

    This Is a Great Addon! I doubted it at first but it actually works! Just remember to set your world on the experimental gameplay mode.

  34. ThisJobYT says:

    One problem with the conveyor blocks, though, is the fact that when players stood on a row of conveyor blocks, it would glitch the player side to side. Fix this, please. By the way, please add the three blocks from my opinion: Rotator Block (Rotates blocks placed next to it when stood on. Keep in mind that the block only rotates once every 4 tick delay.), Freezer Block (Any entity, except players and items that stands on this block will temporarily freeze to death.) and lastly the Laser Block (When players, except mobs, stands beside the block, will make the block shoot flame particles wherever the block is facing, the laser shot from the block can damage all entities, including items in the way of the laser.). Please, take my idea for it!!!

  35. Aardwoof says:

    Do they have recipes? If not, can you make some?

  36. Megalodon says:

    Fix the addon!!!

  37. a says:

    c]an you make these blocks craftable?

  38. Android says:

    All blocks do not work please in the fix

  39. PiffleKnob says:

    Amazing! Can’t wait to dig in and really play around with these. Keep it up!

    • arlink says:

      Could this addon work well in your mc?It seems that any item or block don’t work in any addon in my mc 1.13-14.Does all the beta version can’t work with items and blocks?

  40. MuBud says:

    Why doesn’t it work ?

  41. JefferyPLaYzMC says:

    I gont anwo why dont work dont workl mdo dno worllk

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