Helpful Function – Admin Commands

Helpful Functions Is…

  1. A Function pack
  2. Helps you when controlling any event happening in server or realms
  3. Helps map making
  4. Advanced Command to help you further

And Exactly how does this help you?

It can help you because it has commands of many types, like draining lava or water in a matter of seconds, Healing you and other players, or heal them and also replenish their health. not only that it can help you build much more easily here are the example commands.

Note: Do “/Function” before any commands like this /function drain or /function cow10

Here are the examples

/function up10

– Go 10 blocks up and place a glass block underneath you

/function drain

– drains nearby lava or water

/function cow10

– summon 10 cows at which you are facing at

/function tru

– go through a wall your againts with.

There are more commands than this but to get the full list just type /function help, in-game to get list of Commands and Description of what they do.

As you have seen on the brief introduction, this addon or to say, Function pack can help you in many ways

Ofcourse this isn’t for survival mode, but for people building, hosting games, map making, or control players (Dont abuse it plz)

Here I will show you some more commands but with pics.

Here is /function cow10

Type in this command and what will happen is this ↓

It will summon exactly 10 cows infront of you.

Here is /function up10 – Go up 10 blocks and place a block beneath you. This works for up20, up30, up40, etc…

Here are some more pictures of the commands, and I hope you understand what happens when running it.


Type This Command:



Type This Command:

I couldn’t get the screenshot but type “/function heal_s”

_s means @s and, its simply changes @ into _


I actually had 2 versions of this and ill be posting the latest version because it has way more bug fixes and more commands.



  • Download File
  • Install File To MCPE

Mediafire Way

  • Press Link and Press "Helpful Functions (V1.1).mcpack"
  • Download File
  • Go To Files (Recommended: ES file explorer)
  • Press File
  • It will Either Install to Minecraft or You will have to press Minecraft Manually


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-4313360661 says:

    Wow great now i cn prank my friend lol

  2. Guest-1910126664 says:

    Is there anyway to drain more then it does already

  3. Minecraft456497 says:

    Yes this is sooo good it works pls trust

  4. Guest-5564820035 says:

    is a command where i can summon a tamed cat and the type?

  5. Guest-5352156295 says:

    the best one of the lot

  6. Guest-8474541726 says:

    Where will i out this in the files? The resource pack or behavior?

  7. Guest-9343429259 says:

    This is cool, this is like for worldedit or somethin’

  8. Guest-4908961710 says:

    wow. these things definitely can’t just be done with a basic knowledge of commands. good job!

  9. Guest-6089331503 says:

    nshsbwisbsjbd hwjdbejabai I use command and big virus jaheuqbsuqjq qibsjwbwkwns stop buLLY KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!S wkanaknq

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    Very helpful

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