HelpfulFunctions Function Pack

This function pack has a great variety of different new function commands added to your Minecraft game. There are functions that are helpful with problems, so if you accidentally mess up a command or place way too many blocks by accident or something, some of these can help you. There are also troll ones, where you can mess with your friends.

Here is a list of all the functions that are added, and what they do.

/function smite: summons lightning on all players that are in survival mode

/function heal: fills your health and hunger all the way up

/function drain: gets rid of all nearby water or lava

/function day: sets the time to day

/function clearchat: clears the chat

/function launch: launches the nearest player 1000 blocks in the air

/function tpall: teleports all players to you

/function tpr: teleports you to a random player

/function arrow: shoots an arrow directly from the sky on the nearest player in survival mode

/function tnt: tnt falls from the sky and lands on the nearest player in survival mode

/function burn: puts 1 block of lava near you for 2 seconds, then goes away

/function trashinventory: gives all players except you 10,000 seaweed

/function flatterainmaker: creates a flat area of grass

/function flatterrainremover: removes a flat area of any block

/function anvil: anvil falls from the sky onto the nearest player in survival mode

/function fly: makes it so you can fly in survival mode (education edition needs to be on)

/function unfly: makes it so you can’t fly anymore

/function desert: makes a desert terrain with cacti and dead bushes

/function godmode: gives you strength, speed, fire resistance,and  jump boost

/function disablegod: removes those effects

/function pvparena: creates a pvp arena

/function mutechat: no one can speak in chat

/function unmutechat: people can now speak in chat again

/function gma: sets you to adventure mode

/function gms: sets you to survival mode

/function gmc: sets you to creative mode

/function vanish: turns you invisible

/function unvanish: makes you visible again

/function removegrass: removes all tallgrass near you

/function freezeall: freezes all players except you

Those are all the functions!!

Changelog View more

I added a better download tutorial so people know more what to do when downloading.

I just changed the download link to a different place.

I've updated the download guide, because the text I had earlier was wrong.


How to download:

WINDOWS 10/MAC: you will be taken to a website, just click the link you see in black text and underlined under the overview, then press the green download button. Double click the file you see was just downloaded in the corner of your screen.

MOBILE: You’ll be taken to a website, there will be underlined black text under the overview, then click the green download button, then you should see a “download” pop up on bottom of screen. Finally, when it’s done downloading, click “open in” then “copy to Minecraft”.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. fbicat says:

    please fix the download, i followed your steps, however on the website the link sends you back to here.The other links work (Send to mediafire), however this one doesn’t – Please please please tell us the proper link!

  2. SaVenus says:

    where is the download i followed the instruction i went to the page i click the link in black text and it just opens this page again?

  3. SaVenus says:

    the link just goes back to this page

  4. itssveltergamin says:

    Worst if u want to play in survival with achievements u can’t cuz the pack needs education edition setting on which is a cheats I highly do not reccomond it

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