Herobrine and Steve Add-on [1.15+]

Have you been aching for a new Sword and Block? Or a nea Herobrine add-on? Or maybe an add-on that includes an Ally? Perhaps a new challenge? Well this is the add-on for you! Herobrine and Steve includes 2 mobs and 2 new items to the game! With these coming updates to Minecraft, you can bet that this add-on is equipped with custom entities and materials, rather than the old replacement add-ons (You know.. the ones where the add-on replaces entities with new ones)

This add-on features a short but simple amount of additions to the game. 2 new (or old) mobs and 2 new items to further improve your world!

Compressed Metal Block

I have added a new block named “Compressed Metal Block” it is very expensive, using 4 Diamond Blocks, 4 Gold Blocks and 1 Redstone Block. Not expensive enough? Well you’re going to need 3 of these to craft the next Weapon. Careful now! When broken, you cannot get the block back!!

Herobrine’s Sword

Herobrine’s sword. This sword is quite expensive, 3 Compressed Blocks, 2 Gold Blocks, 1 Blaze Rod and 1 Diamond Sword. You MUST use the crafting recipes shown above or these will not work. The following is a list that the user should take note of when using this Sword:

1. Durability – Herobrine’s Sword does have a durability. However I will not say how high or low the durability is because I generally cannot tell as this is a custom weapon. We can assume it’s as high as Diamond!

2. Damage – Herobrine’s Sword does 15 damage 

3. Powers? – At the moment, this sword only has a Strength Effect. It is almost infinite. It refreshes Everytime the Player switches from Sword to another object.


Steve can be spawned in with a custom Spawn Egg. You can find it in the Creative menu. He has a couple of interesting behaviors. You’ll find that he is wielding a Gold Sword and roams around freely. You can feed him Cooked Beef, and only Cooked Beef. When killed… He drops Iron. He is friendly to passive mobs such as Villagers, Animals and Players, but attacks most monsters. He will run away from Creepers and other mobs. Side note: You can sometimes find a baby version of him too!


Herobrine’ can also be spawned in with an Egg. As far as behaviors go, he is the complete opposite of Steve. He will kill the Player and other passive mobs too. He also has a couple of abilities, such as Teleportation, Flight and Speed. He is not an easy Boss but he is probably a lot easier than the Ender Dragon and The Wither, since he has simple movement. However this may change in future updates. When killed, he drops 8 Diamonds.

You can use /function to quickly grab the new Block and Sword

The Spawn Eggs are in the Creative Menu

This is my first Add-On, if you liked it let me know! If you find something interesting, feedback or you just plainly don’t like it then let me know as well! I will also consider other features, so if you have ideas for this add-on or another add-on please do let me know!


How to Install

  1. Follow the Link
  2. Click Download
  3. Open 7Zipper to Automatically Import
  4. Turn on Experimental Gameplay
  5. Play Add-On!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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14 Responses

4.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. minecraftbedrockeditionwindows10 says:

    i love it but could you make herobrine and steve have the player idle? thanks!

  2. Awesome addon, this is probably the most tame Herobrine addon to date, but atleast make him a bit more wild because I want Herobrine to be the final boss of my series.

    Give Herobrine a bit more speed, the ability to fire evoker jaws, poison arrows, and give him 600 health.

  3. Guest-1648485275 says:

    Can Herobrine and steve randomly spawn

  4. Guest-5049632124 says:

    I mean Creative

  5. Guest-1226930544 says:

    hey um can herobrine attack u in creatie I don’t think so right

  6. Guest-3843125772 says:

    Sorry, but for some reason, the crafting would not work, and the weapons and mobs did not show up in creative. I played on windows 10 and maybe that’s the problem?

  7. Inazuma says:

    I am a addon maker but, i love it

  8. Guest-3661059222 says:

    Hi :3 Nice Addon

    can you make a addon of herobrine but like the original Creppypasta
    who stalks The player in at a certain distance and disappears

    like the original version

    I always think how it would feel if it were real But Nice Addon :3

  9. Guest-5391208122 says:

    Works great, good addon!

  10. This looks nice! Looks like I’m not the only one posting a Herobrine Add-on today. I might try this one out later

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