Herobrine’s Dimension

Herobrine is said to be Notch’s brother, son and lots of other things. All of which are none probably true but it’s still a fun mysterious character which people claim they have seen in-game. Herobrine’s Dimension lets gives you the possibility to craft a portal door which you can enter to reach Herobrine’s dimension. Here you can meet Herobrine. Supposedly he has stolen things from you which you can steal back if you fight him.

How to spawn Herobrine?

Craft a wooden door (6 wooden planks in a crafting table). Place the door somewhere and place some surrounding netherrack around it and then enter the door to enter the dimension which Herobrine is in.


You can also use the Too Many Items mod to spawn a Herobrine spawner egg which is ID 383.



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17 Responses

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  1. JoBroSmall says:

    omg i don’t know how to download it?!?!?!?!

  2. SkuutchkFanreal says:


  3. Eee says:

    It does’not Work at all So itS FaK

  4. This girl is awsome says:

    Does it work when in creative

  5. Awesomekiller says:

    It won’t work. Why?

  6. abdullah says:

    How can we run this file plz tell me!

  7. MinecraftPC Player665 says:


  8. MinecraftPC Player665 says:

    How to make the portal???plzz show me d tutorial

    • Editor says:

      The portal is actually a door. Craft the portal with 6 wooden planks and then place some netherrack blocks around the door and enter it.

      You can also spawn Herobrine with an egg. Use Too Many Items if you want and spawn item id 383.

  9. ben says:

    How do you make the door

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