Herobrine’s Mansion [Creation]

Herobrine’s Mansion is a ported map from PC which was originally made by the famous Hypixel. The YouTube video of this map got more than 2 million views and that should tell you something of the popularity surrounding this map. Though, the version for MCPE doesn’t offer the same type of adventures as for PC, it’s still a nice map and definitely worth checking out.

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15 Responses

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  1. Mcpe gamer says:

    Do Herobrine live here
    If yes
    Will i find herobrine in this mansion
    If herobrine is in the mansion somewhere only then i will download the map
    Editor of the map or anyone who played the map please reply that do you see herobrine in the mansion

  2. Emerio says:

    It’s a good opportunity for a haunted house map for Halloween I will customize it to be a scary mansion filled with monsters

  3. Validity says:

    I know this map was top quality at the time but it could have used a better pallets and more depth. Not saying the original maker had no talent or made any effort, but it could have been better just saying.

  4. Butt cakes says:

    Yeah I’m pretty sure those two comments are the same person

  5. joey_cabato says:

    Wait mistaken you were the one who said it ;-;

  6. Anonymous says:

    Herobrine is no real you silly goose

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can You make like The Real one? With fights and loots? It would be awesome

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