hiaa: Big Survival Island

The spawn is on a large island out in the ocean with no mainland to be seen anywhere close. Around the main island are a couple of smaller islands, mostly sand covered islands.

On the big island there is only one tree. So if you intend to use this seed for survival gameplay make sure not to cut it down too quickly. Instead harvest the leaves for saplings so you can grow more trees on the island.

bigisland1 bigisland2

Seed: hiaa

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5 Responses

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  1. Mrcreeper0804 says:

    I’ve used the seed before to make a city but on how far I’ve gotten to make the city is 3 skyscrapers,a mansion and roads

  2. PlasmaticSoup says:

    FALSE ADVERTISING, there is mainland within viewing distance of spawn (to be fair I’m in 1.8.0 so yeah) great seed non the less

  3. Daniel says:

    Very cool seed

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