HIDWOODS is an addon that completely turns the Overworld in Minecraft into a whole new dimension, including custom biomes, mobs, blocks, items, and other features.

This addon is made by tomaxed44.

Hidwoods is an addon for Minecraft bedrock made by tomaxed44. This addon completely turns the overworld into a whole new dimension, including custom biomes, mobs, blocks, items, and other features.
In this new environment mostly made of dark green and purple colors, you will spawn near a landing pod and will find various different hostile and peaceful creatures. The world is made of two major biomes who are the plains and the forest. Small lakes are very common but are careful! they are full of aquatic creatures! 
Please note that this project was started as a test addon where I learned how to make entities behaviors, models, animations, etc, this means some of the features don’t have a real utility.


  • A completely new overworld
  • A custom generation
  • Different earth creatures and aquatic creatures
  • New blocks
  • New items

Custom Generation

the world generation is composed of 3 new biomes, The Hidwoods forest, the Hidwoods plains, and the Hidwoods hills. You will spawn 90% of the time in one of those.
-The Hidwoods forest is composed of normal and giant taiga trees, small jungle trees, rocks and sometimes bamboo. The ground is made of Hidgrass, Dead hidgrass and hidwoods dirt.
-The hidwoods plains have a lighter biome color than the forest. The ground is very similar to the forest: Hidgrass, Dead hidgrass and hidwoods dirt. Rocks are very common
-The lakes are usually small and always have a hidwoods biome attached to them. The lakes are very common and not deep, you will find corals and mud at the bottom, and lilypads at the surface
-Swamp trees and occasionally giant mushrooms can be found on the edges of the lakes
-The hidwoods hills are the same as the vanilla Minecraft hills however, big trees can be found on them
-Warm and cold vanilla biomes are still available but don’t have anything special.


The majority of the entities are earth creatures that can be found on the surface at day or night. 
Vanilla entities such as zombies, cows, etc.. only spawn on desert and savannas biomes, although they can be found on villages or mob spawners.


Phy, Also called Phy the bot or Phybot is a small flying robot that can be tamed by the player using Iron ingots. When tamed, this small robot follows and help the player in combats.


This entity is found everywhere on the surface, be careful!
  • Is hostile
  • Gives you 2 sec of poison when attacking
  • Attack range pretty short
  • Have 16 Health (8 hearts)
  • Drop Raw acrilon and Acrilon legs at death

Carnivorous plant

*illusion 100 meme* 
  • Is hostile
  • Have 20 Health (10 hearts)
  • Hides hitself on the ground if you are too close, only revealing it’s red flower as a lure


This mob seems aggressive but somehow he’s friendly
  • Is Peaceful
  • Drop Raw kobu at death
  • Can be bread with seeds, or any hidwoods meat
  • Have 10 Health (5 hearts)
  • Attack Rackodos


  • Is Neutral
  • Become hostile if you hit them
  • Have 15 Health
  • Is super slow
  • Sometimes spawns with a baby nearby
  • Drop Lica fragment at death and when using clamps


They are living souls trapped on stone.
  • Are Hostile
  • Have 20 Health
  • Commonly found underground
  • At death, the souls fly away and the stones fall on the ground. Drops nothing


  • Is peaceful
  • Is toxic, Try to not eat them
  • Have 10 Health
  • Is a very solo mob doing his life.


  • Are found nearby Plocytre hives
  • Will hunt you in groups if you are close to them or the hive
  • Are ugly, have an ugly name :c
  • Drops nothing on death, however, the hive drops Cylo when using clamps or by destroying it

Snails (normal and poisonous)

Normal snail

the very first entity I made when the custom entities were added!
  • Are peaceful
  • Drop shell at death (useless item)
  • Some of them glow in the dark

Poisonous snail

  • Is hostile
  • Commonly found underground
  • Drop shell at death (useless item)
  • Glows in the dark


  • Is hostile to many entities including you
  • Leap at its target
  • Gives slowness when attacking
  • Drop leather and bones


  • Basically it’s just a cow
  • Drop raw Taurec at death


It’s an ambient mob with unique sounds
  • Is peaceful
  • Fly around in the sky
  • Drop nothing

Aquatic entities:


  • Those 3 aquatic entities are peaceful and drop fish when killed


  • Is Hostile
  • If you wear a full set of iron armor, they will become peaceful
  • Drop fish

Neutral entity:

Landing Pod

  • Spawn once at your location when you first join the world
  • You can seat inside the landing pod
  • Have a chest storage (crouch + interact)


Mud blocks and compacted mud blocks

  • Mud blocks can be found at the bottom of lakes
  • Compacted mud is crafted with 4 mud block
  • Compacted mud can be crafted into smooth or carved compacted mud blocks
  • Compacted mud can be found very commonly underground

Lica block

  • Crafted with 4 lica fragments found on Licamas
  • This block is great for big distances, the more distance you walk on this block, the faster you’ll travel
  • If you only craft a few blocks you won’t notice any speed boost, so you need a lot of them
  • Can be turned into Ehanced lica block (see below)

Ehanced Lica block

  • Crafted with a Lica block and 4 cylo (found on plocytre’s hives)
  • Have a better speed acceleration than the default block

Aephyr ore

this block is supposed to be a new fuel source and replace the coal, however, it’s a bit complicated so it just drops coal
  • Glow in the dark
  • drop coal
  • Can be found underground everywhere

Saltpeter ore

This block exists because creepers don’t spawn, so you can’t have gunpowder
  • Drop saltpeter dust
  • Can be crafted into gunpowder (1 saltpeter + 1 coal)
  • Can be found underground everywhere

Diamond shard ore

  • Drop multiple diamond shards
  • Diamond shards can be combined to craft a single diamond (9 diamond shard = 1 diamond)


Hidgrass, Dead Hidgrass, and Hidwoods dirt are simply grass, coarse dirt, and dirt with a custom name.
However, the blocks do exist in the game but are not used because bedrock blocks feature are not fully complete yet


Update: this screenshot is outdated, more items have been added
Almost all the raw foods have a chance of giving you poison or hunger for a few secs

Custom Trees (creative only)

The addon adds a bunch of custom trees that do not naturally spawn (sadly) but are available via spawn eggs
  • Place a tree spawn egg on the ground to create a custom tree
  • Be careful, most of them are huge
  • the spawned tree does not keep the previous blocks so be careful of where you place them!


The addon has 3 functions used to test the content
/function god
gives you infinite regeneration and saturation
/function saturation
gives you infinite saturation
/function spreadplayers
execute the spreadplayers command, spread everyone in a range of 10000 blocks
/function test
says test in the actionbar!

Tools used, credit:

  • I used Blockbench (by JannisX11) for the models
  • I made the textures with Gimp 2
  • The whole behavior and resource pack has been made by myself

Changelog View more

Hidwoods v1.1.2

-Added a new entity: Phy! It's a small bot that follows you and helps you in combats.

This entity can be found broken in the wilds, you need to repair it with a crafting station

-New feature: The crafting station. It's a crafting table used to "craft" items related to Phy the bot

Added a in-game guide (using the how to play menu)

Phy's skin box is also a thing, allowing you to customize the bot with 4 skins (more to come!)

-New entity: The Crisha, it's a kind of worm who drops feathers over time

-New item: the clamps, used instead of shears

-New ore: the Sapphire! Can be found at the bedrock level

-New items: Sapphire fragment, Sapphire, Sapphire block and Sapphire sword

The sapphire sword will be used for the upcoming boss

New Aephyr (block + item) are added, however they don't drop in survival yet

-Spawn rules completely rewritten

-Vanilla mobs spawns only in savana biomes

-Vanilla hostile entities spawns on deserts and savanna biomes


-Big skeletons spawns at the surface

-Cobwebs can sometimes be found underground

-Leaves spawns on caverns

-Stalagmites can sometimes be found on caves

-The jungle biome and the birch forest biome have a new generation

-The swamp biome also got a few modifications

-the clay is more common

New textures:

-Crafting table


-Jungle leaves

-cocoa beans

-Title screen

-Bamboo (renamed blueboo)

Other Fixes and features:

-The mobs now drop xp

-The saltpeter, diamond shard, and midolin were missing their text names

-The shell can be crafted into bonemeal

-The carnivorous plant drops a poppy at death

-The voliray won't stuck themselves that much (this entity isn't fully finished)

-Some loot chests will have sapphire inside them

-The midolin and snail won't spawn on the nether anymore

-Dirt generation fix

-Compacted mud generation fix

-A boss behavior prototype is available via /summon boss (he is still very basic)

-The bozord egg is deleted, this entity have a broken behavior and no models/textures

-New unfinished entity: the Doko, it's a tameable entity. The model and texture aren't finished yet.


This addon is made for 1.14. 

Use Experimental gameplay ON


Supported Minecraft versions


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196 Responses

4.73 / 5 (123 votes)
  1. Guest-8933396174 says:

    This mod looks amazing! But it’s not compatible with 1.16, if you are still working on the addon please update it for 1.16!

  2. Guest-5408132979 says:

    sorry to bother you (if you’re still on mcpedl, that is.) i feel this mod could have some new features. a new evil mob, a flying bug enemy. i also feel the need for bosses. the midol, a boss version of midolins, he is 2 players tall and has 5 heads. he’s a miniboss. the next boss is a real boss around 350 health. he’s a giant ugly cyclops with a crown. he can throw boulders, summon rackodos, and knock you into the sky. i feel new weapon would also be cool. upon killing the cyclops, you would get cyclops teeth. you could make a cyclops sword. 9 damage, maybe?

  3. Guest-5867187448 says:

    Please update is addon i really love it

  4. Guest-2682010389 says:

    when i active the resource pack it crashes fix this

  5. Guest-7923990875 says:

    I would love an add-on only with your fish and snails

  6. You sure this is alpha? Hasn’t been updated in ages. I NEED A MESSAGE OF HOPE! This addon is amazing!

  7. LolkoPlays says:

    So add-on/mod looks amazing! But there are some problems so let’s get started

    When you craft Crafting station and place it ,it gives 2 of placable ones

    There should be some bosses and more items

    I like the mount ,sorry but it’s just amazing can’t wait for the texture of it

    • LolkoPlays says:

      And also make an normal Minecraft item obtainable cause bed is now uncraftable , not sure if you can find village

  8. Guest-2320630246 says:

    How do I get a bed in this mod?

  9. Guest-2300684183 says:

    Can you make the custom trees spawn naturally in a new biome?

  10. Guest-1329508861 says:

    If its possible, could you add an egg that contains some flying creature for example a dragon, that you find after killing the boss? You could then hatch the egg, tame the creature, and when its old enough have it as a pet that you can mount to fly on.

  11. Guest-7444813790 says:

    if you type /summon hidwoods:phy it will spawn an unbroken phy that you can tame

  12. Guest-3211453689 says:

    i would also like a phy. This is really cool btw 🙂

  13. Guest-5757337285 says:

    1, BIG BOY PROMBLEM, Crafting station don’t work, it says trade and the the trades don’t show up, I wanna make phy :(. I’m playing on the 1.14 edition and I’m on iOS
    2. I wanna breed da animals,
    3, add wool drop
    4, I want to use clamps in a dispenser like shears in a dispenser.

  14. Guest-5757337285 says:

    1, BIG BOY PROMBLEM, Crafting station dont work, it says trade and the the trades don’t show up, I wanna make phy :(. I’m playing on the 1.14 edition and I’m on iOS
    2. I wanna breed da animals,
    3, add wool drop
    4, I want to use clamps in a dispenser like shears in a dispenser

  15. Guest-7922131974 says:

    Hello great addon, but i really want to ask something, i was searching in the commands /give and i saw a doko saddle in the lost of items so i tried to find the doko spawn egg and there was nothing so i tried the /summon command then i saw the doko and aswell the bozord, are the doko and bozord mobs work and progress? Because if they are then i cant wait for u to release the update with the doko and the bozord because i realy want to ride the doko

    (Sorry if i have bad english)

  16. Guest-5484061597 says:

    This looks amazing, but for some reason I can’t extract the resource pack. Does anyone know why or have a fix for this

  17. Guest-2107331161 says:

    This looks amazing, but for some reason I can’t extract the resource pack. Does anyone know why or have a fix for this

  18. Guest-8666232004 says:

    this is a great addon. can’t wait to see more updates. also it would be vary cool if you made a story line.

  19. Atticus_Arctic says:

    This addon overall is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Some bugs that I’ve found have been when you create the sapphire sword it drops crafting stations continually. And another has been that if you what’s so ever find a desert your phy bot gets damaged when spawned next to cactus. Other than these bugs that’s all I’ve been able to find. (Couldn’t login time mcpedl, this a is repost)

  20. Guest-5086125702 says:

    Hey man, this addon is fantastic by the way it looks in the screenshots…but when i downloaded and i imported the files it only loads the texrures…no mobs, new items and other stuff that are in the addon doesn’t show up in the game. I turned on experimental mode before playing but nothing happened. Only textures are loaded in the world…please reply and help me, as i want to play it so badly this fantastic addon. Thanks.

  21. Guest-3230883372 says:

    This addon overall is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Some bugs that I’ve found have been when you create the sapphire sword it drops crafting stations continually. And another has been that if you what’s so ever find a desert your phy bot gets damaged when spawned next to cactus. Other than these bugs that’s all I’ve been able to find.

  22. Guest-6710158438 says:

    How do you tame the Phy?

  23. Guest-5332489521 says:

    Could you please update this addon? You can now generate custom built structures using structure blocks. You could use this to make crashed spaceships or ancient buildings.

  24. Guest-1598094200 says:

    Bonjour, après avoir mis cette addon sur mon serveur le ressource pack m’indique un problème au niveau du fichier how_to_play_screen.json et m’affiche plein de cote d’erreurs sur mon écran. Pouvez-vous m’aider pour ce fâcheux problème ?

  25. GameVVizard says:

    Gorgeously made addon! In my opinion, it’s the best one out there, and may as well be considered a mod. I do have some suggestions. (The people under me have given tons of great ideas already.) I think Phy is one of the top features of this addon. I think he deserves some more focus.
    1. He should have voice lines, maybe that sound kind of like Simon the Chipmunk, but robotic. He should maybe threaten the player if they attack him, say “Hello” and introduce himself when the player tames him, and start making error sounds when he has taken too much damage. If you could make it so that if you repair him with an iron ingot, it would spawn a different entity that looks and acts EXACTLY like Phy, but when you tame this one, he says something like, “Wait, I remember you…” it would be so cute and emotional. Maybe you could craft different voice boxes at the crafting station for him, or maybe you could add a system similar to the skin system for voices. Maybe a deep robot voice, female voices, one that makes him sound like Iron Man, etc.
    2. More skins! Phy should have plenty of awesome skins, ranging from basic colors to different print like the current purple and camo skins, and ones that change his model, like the hat and vines skins. It would be cool if by paying different resources, you could get loot boxes with higher chances of getting higher tier skins. It would be like a fully-fledged loot box system.
    3. He should have “augmentations.” You could buy blueprints for augmentations from a new kind of humanoid bug creature that wanders through the Hidwoods. By going to the crafting station and combining the blueprints with different resources/parts, you can create the augmentations for Phy. By interacting with Phy with the objects, he would get the modification. Possible mods could be a machine gun, bubble shield, antenna that makes him start beeping when hostile mobs are near, and increases his detection radius, extra physical armor, a self-healing device, a device that heals you, an auto-mining device that collects ores for you, a storage container, an underwater device, etc. There is a limit of two mods at once, and when you use an augmentation on Phy, you receive a “remove _____ augment” item that lets you remove an augment from Phy, so you can mix & match.
    4. Maybe he could interact with other Phys? Maybe specific voice lines? Idk if that’s possible, but maybe it is.
    5. Phy’s laser should actually be a ranged weapon, one that shoots with large gaps in between shots, and does decent damage.
    That’s all I could think of for now. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything else.

  26. Pacboy2013 says:

    You Should Remove All The Vanilla Mobs, And Add Some More Weapons

  27. Levibk9 says:

    It’s super cool, but it would be more cool if you added in more advance tech, like a mech or a spaceship

  28. ImKrazy says:

    Im unable to extract the resource pack on xbox but i can extract the behavior pack easily.

  29. ID says:

    I like how it looks and sounds but sadly I can’t play it because for some reason I can’t extract the rp. The bp extracts nicely and easily but the rp just doesn’t. Maybe its a problem on my end or so but yeah.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The addon sounds and looks amazing. I hope you continue with updates and maybe even get some help with it. Truly amazing.

  31. Creed12 says:

    I like this addon! I cant wait for new update

  32. Creepakilla24O1 says:

    Great Addon! I haven’t tried the new update yet, but what it was before was excellent and this update looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it, keep doing such a great job and thanks for doing this for all of us!

  33. Minecraft_hi-ya says:

    This addon is truly one of the best addons of the year! I can’t wait to see how it looks when it leaves Alpha and goes to Beta!

  34. Charlieh Venom says:

    Hello sorry but can you add more difficult mobs? Dragons or xenomorphic creatures like that

  35. ZZWILLIAMXX says:

    Very good, but Phy seems to always break every 2 secs without hitting anything.

  36. Anonymous says:

    how Do I use the crafting station because it’s confusing me?

  37. Alvaro says:

    Alguien ne dise como encontrar el robot phy

  38. ScreamingEarBear says:

    hello again i was wondering when i spawned in survival it randomly spawns mobs near you and attack you every time so i was wondering if you can fix it?

  39. Idk what to name this comment says:

    Can you nerf the spider because it does way too much damage and it has a really long reach. I got killed 5 times because of them.
    Can you maybe make it do less damage because of it’s reach or remove the poison effect?

  40. Some dude says:

    The addon is great, I got it since the scenes were absolutely amazing and you didn’t lie, the world generation was perfect but I couldn’t really play it anymore after dying the 18th time in a row . The game would be great if you lowered the spawn rate of the mobs instead of having to die every 4 seconds.

  41. Marlon8612 says:

    Me gusta mucho a mi no me produce errores espero que sigan actualizando este magnífico addon los apoyo

  42. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a separate zip file download for bp and rp cuz on xbox i cant get the addon cuz the zip file doesnt bring u straight to the content (sorry its kinda hard to explain)

  43. ScreamingEarBear says:

    Also Other eggs ARE not in the thingy only in summon command Please Fix it

  44. ScreamingEarBear says:

    ehh not being rude tho But Bugs: Does not show items only spawn eggs and stuff but the tools tho it wont show up (Very Nice thing) And Please Make A Map of this (Kinda werid thing) Btw How do we spawn the Plocytre Hive?

  45. Jaytuga887 says:

    -These are some bugs-
    -Recipe for crafting station doesnt work
    -When game loads a bunch of errors pop up at top of screen for example it always say stuff like error:aquatic_fish etc.

  46. Oliver says:

    the addon is excellent, but there is an error with the sapphire sword and it is that it threw infinite worktable and is annoying.

    And also the voliari are a bit annoying they should create a mob that allows them to keep them away.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Awesome mod

  48. KingShark says:

    Best add-on ever, please and mobs more, i so excited

  49. Unknown says:

    The sapphire sword keeps dropping infinite crafting stations can you please fix it

  50. Calum says:

    Hey guys when I pet phy he not moving which is wired you should update phy about the moving pls

  51. Sa1672ndo says:

    I love this addon but some times minecraft crash 🙁 . I wait for full version of addon 🙂

  52. Mr. Man guy says:

    This mod is truly amazing! I’ve been playing for a couple hours and barely found any bugs. The custom resource pack is really unique, and the new mobs add a new layer of difficulty. Hopefully the next update you can work on the textures and new mobs

    I only came across a few bugs. One of them being that the sapphire sword dropping tons of crafting stations when I hold it.
    Another bug was that when phy is not in standby mode, it still doesn’t move.

    But all in all, this is an awesome add-on and I definitely suggest you work on this more.

    • Zachay4 says:

      Amazing! I really love this add-on! I am very interested in add-ons that focus on the world and adding more original creatures that are not fantasy! I do have some suggestions:
      – Lower spawnrate of the seurod and rackodo
      – Fix some spelling errors
      – Making the creatures that breed randomly go into love more so that you can farm them and they won’t be destroyed by predators

      Other than some bugs that people has addressed I say this is a top tier addon

  53. Lukas Araujo says:

    More updates pls, this addon is very good and have an up potencialy. Sorry my english.

  54. Reviex says:

    How do I get the updated version it says it’s the same as the version 1?

  55. Mr piston says:

    My phy doesn’t move but the rest is great

  56. Drakethedefying says:

    Love this most advanced addon so far and i hope that you add more technological or magic either way please add more fun mechanics and maybe armor for those very difficult mobs?? “Good job and keep up the good work”

  57. NuccyB says:

    First thing first
    Please fix the the acrilons they appear in packs and also the attack range they got is really not what you’ve said can you maybe lower the range a little bit?
    Also one thing about the crafting stations you’ve made some inconvenience to it when it comes to crafting
    Whenever i craft one it doesn’t drop automatically it should give you the real thing rather giving us the the implacable crafting station
    Also the Seurods are annoying to be honest they also spawn as 4 or 3 just make them spawn 1
    But thats all anyways
    I just really want these changes to happen
    I’ll 4/5 stars for now

    • tomaxed44 says:

      Hey, for the crafting stations I used this system because it’s impossible with the current Minecraft bedrock version to use recipes for placeable entities. I’ll remove the placeholder item from the addon when we’ll be able to craft the real item

  58. Unknow says:

    There mobs didn’t drop exp, can you add that feature. And i hope you will add more cool mobs like this. Sorry my english very bad :v

  59. D1no says:

    Can You plzz make it for 1.13.3

  60. Zalebitz says:

    Love the originality and the gamplay changes from this add-on probably the best and most ambitious one i’ve ever had seen. But there is one problem i did noticed is that Phy the little droid keeps dying out of thin air foe some reason and i do hope you fix it in the future as the add-on is still a work in progress. I wish you the best luck!

  61. CloudWolf says:

    Where is the new updated download link cause that’s the same one for the original or am I missing something?

  62. OwenMcCraft says:

    I normally don’t post comments on addons, but this is truly amazing! I enjoy this addon so much! The new mobs are great, and all the textures are awesome! Thank you so much for making this and making it so well! -OwenMcCraft

  63. NicksAReviewer says:

    Genuinely one of my favorite mods on here. I hope whatever you make next is compatible with this mod! To be honest, I haven’t done much with the mod. However, the overall feel of the mod is enough to bring back the wonder Minecraft once gave everyone. Oh, and, if your next mod has mobs, or ores, or actually, anything, it’d be nice if it spawned naturally. One thing that turns me off of most mods is that they replace entities, or ores. At that point it feels more like a texture pack than an addon. Of course this one somewhat does the same thing, but, still. Nothing is more agitating than a new ores mod that replaces other ores.

  64. LusciousKneez says:

    Do you have discord?

  65. Yes says:

    You should just turn this into a whole new dimension

  66. Anonymous says:

    How do I get the phybot out of standby?

  67. This is just fantastic! Imagine using that crafting workbench thing to also make saddles for tameable and rideable midwoods creatures! Also, what if we make the ores something different? Midwoods changes alot of things, so why not the ores as well?

    • tomaxed44 says:

      Hey, I think only changing the design of the vanilla ores isn’t a great idea, imagine the disappointment when you think you have found a new ore but it’s actually just iron with a different texture.
      I want to add more ores that have a real utility for the gameplay (not just a new sword or armor)

  68. SpringyMC says:

    Wow, I love this addon, but not to be rude, the old logo was better.

  69. HirwrC says:

    Yees, update! Thank you very much for considering my suggestions and adding some of them to the addon. Can’t wait to try the new features out 🙂

  70. MUDA 7 PAGES says:

    Can u plz do this mod to bedrock beta ??? This mod is actual perfect dude

  71. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    One question, does the mod biome load on new chunks that have been loaded or do you need a completely new world?

  72. Samael Arteaga says:

    This addon is awesome! But it could be better if this were a dimension instead the overworld <3

  73. Miyah Lee says:

    Can u make it for 1.13.2??

  74. George pithyou says:

    While this may possibly be the best bedrock mod, I don’t like how it disables the spawning of vanilla mobs. Could you instead make hildawoods a separate dimension like the nether with it’s own portal?

  75. HanprogYt says:

    Best addon so far! Made a video about this:

  76. MillepedeDude says:

    Hey dude, this addon is really awesome, but all the aquatic animals are like they’re supposed to be land animals, they drowns, so it would be awesome if you would fix that
    And the original mobs, cows and sheep, doesn’t spawn anymore, I can’t make a bed if I play it on survival, so could you add them back?

  77. Someone says:

    Reminds me of the aether/betweenlands. I hope you work on this more. I might show this to the more advanced java people to show that we are making progress. Oh and can you make a alternate version of this where the vanilla stuff still spawns along with the addons stuff? I would like that.

  78. moth_dxddy says:

    Hey I need help :((( sorry but I can’t download it, I’m on IPAD Pro, IOS. I downloaded a zip file and it says the importation failed and yea. Please help me out

  79. Dragon says:

    Can I plz use this for my minecraft series I’m planing to make with this addon

  80. ToastMaster911 says:

    You should add a boss mob like a Midolin boss that has a soul mini-boss fly out of it upon defeating and/or a giant Acrilon boss that drops special items

  81. Blake says:

    Normal Mobs like sheep or cows do not spawn, could you add a mob similar to them in the game or just add them back? Everything else is great, I hope you consider overhauling the end or adding mini bosses. Truly does have the most potential.

  82. Creepakilla24O1 says:

    I noticed midolins spawning in the nether. Is this intended? I just thought I would mention it.

  83. Swagmaster24o1 says:

    The diamond shards say they are used to craft a drill. The drill is not in the crafting table. I have 13 shards. How do I make the drill?

  84. Jeff Yeeterson says:


  85. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Nice i add Mob for this An Illager that looks like has Been Cursed And Turn into A Hidwood Still Illager its Called The Forgetted its appearance looks like An Evoker with its A Normal Face with glowing White eyes With Vines Coverd Its Right Eye But its Can Shoot Purple Glowing Orbs At You That Can Debuff you with Weakness And Posion It Can Spawn on the Surface on Tagia Forest when its Night it Drops Emaralds And Totem of Undying

  86. Anonymous says:

    It’s awesome! I hope you study the Minecraft Bedrock graphics system in the future to remove some rendering details. For your start, this is a very good addon!

  87. Adtoxid says:

    The Best MOD in this platform But there’s some Bugs

  88. The United Kingdom says:

    I’m leaving the EU.

  89. Twist says:

    How to taming the mobs?

  90. SnapDragon21 says:

    This Should Support the latest version for Android to make it 101% Convenient.

  91. Guy with wifi says:

    This Addon is amazing and I haven’t even installed it. I know there won’t be really any updates but add tameable mobs whenever you want to. You deserve to take a break.

  92. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing! But I can’t see a way to make beds? Could you please add a mob that drops wool to make beds?

  93. Epointec says:

    10/10 would eat kobu again

    love the mod it’s #1 on this site by far, very well done indeed.

  94. Anonymous says:

    I like the addon but since you can’t find sheep unless you find a village it is hard to make a bed so you should be able to sheer the taurec to get taurec wool to make a bed

  95. Clique says:

    Is there a zip file for xbox

  96. Anonymous says:

    Is there a zip file for xbox

  97. Creepakilla2401 says:

    Great add on, has lots of potential! Best I have seen.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Wow… This addon left me speechless…

  99. Jamie says:

    How do we make beds in survival without sheep??

  100. Epilators says:

    Best Addon ever made 15/10

  101. Mikail2009 says:

    Ambossas and Seurods make great candidates for anglerfish and sharks!

  102. Ashlee says:

    Dang, this is good! No glitches or bugs to be found!
    I love the creatures, they’re so creative! Also the sky is sooo pretty 🙂

  103. Totoh says:

    Help me please I can’t install every mode and addon 😭😭😭😭

  104. SammyBoyo says:

    Hey I tried to add it on iOS and it dosnt let me plz help :3

  105. Haros says:

    This looks like awesome, but the addon on my device shows only black eggs and error blocks. Please i need this addon! Please fix it

  106. HirwrC says:

    Also, my English is really bad. Please ignore it 🙂

  107. UcopGamer says:

    I really loves this one! I like the texture, new mobs and the new biomes. Pretty hard to survive because of the Acrilon everywhere but still loves it!

  108. HirwrC says:

    This add-on is the best one I’ve ever played since add-ons came out. It has everything! New mobs, biomes, ores and blocks, simply everything what an adventurer like me needs for life. But there are some things that can be made better. For example we are missing crucial drop for game progress: the ender pearl. There momentally isn’t any way how to get it. My idea is, that midolins will drop an ender pearl shard rarely. From nine of these we can craft the ender pearl. Another items that are very hard to obtain are feathers and strings. Feather, as I know, is only dropped by chickens and there is no such a thing that would drop it. Strings are obtainable only in mineshafts and zombie villages, which are really rare, and sometimes in dungeons and temples, which are even rarer. We need some new mob to drop these or some way how to craft it. Speaking of crafting, some useless items, like the shell, can be used to craft something. The earlier mentioned shells can be crafted into bonemeal. They contain calcium, the same one which is inside of bones, so it makes perfect sense in my oppinion. The acrilon leg can be used for some boss item which is, in my oppinion, missing too. The boss can be a sort of giant bug or something in that sense. Maybe it can drop the important items that I mentioned earlier. Another thing that annoys me is high spawn rate of Plocytre hives. If I find something else that can be made better, I’ll write another review. Till then, good bye.
    PS: Keep it up man, you’re doing a great job here 🙂

    • tomaxed44 says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      I have other plans for the midolin but I’ll surely add a way to get enderpearls more easily. For the feathers and string, I have a mob idea in my mind who would be perfect for that kind of drops. For the shell, the bone meal idea is super cool, this is a craft I’ll definitely add to the addon.
      I already found a craft that uses the acrilon legs, and I know a boss could be an important feature, I need to think about the perfect way to add one. For the hive I disagree, the fact that many bugs spawns forces the player to find a way how-to exploit this entity, for example using minecarts to move the hive in a safe area, or else. It add a bit of gameplay to the addon.
      Thanks for the ideas anyways, I noted some of these!

  109. Boychuk says:

    Add to the new beta version of

  110. cAptive says:

    Awesome it’s awesome but just change the name of the tree, the texture of the door and the mesa biome

  111. Boychuk says:

    The app is super and you know how to make zamini texture of the burned on a black OSU Zy green eyes and the name of the ant Bojla che will be a Novi mob a hive of clay
    And the honey will be white gold and in the break of the ants, the Ashes will be green red

  112. Aj Benedict arigo says:

    This is awesome please add more mobs and

  113. Empty_Unknown says:

    woah this is awesome! The forest looks like an enchanted forest or something magical 5 stars 😀

  114. Borgy says:

    the atmosphere of the addon feels so gloomy, and the difficulty change has forced me to change the way i had to play, mostly due to the fact that there are barely any exp drops and no wool. overall, its a great addon that you can play when you’re bored with vanilla minecraft

  115. Thepigmaster says:

    This is amazing no problem downloading. This is a great mod well done.

  116. ANNNO X says:

    its genius dude!

  117. Dio says:

    Can u add mob ,kind mob when killed get some wool please, Its hard to find sheep in this add-on to make a bed , thanks you ^_^

  118. Modded Survival Lover says:

    THIS MOD IS SO GOOD! It’s magnificent, this mod is the most java like mod on bedrock there is! ASAP gonna download this!

  119. Maverick says:

    Just the addon alone is good, but with the direct link…Your too good to be alive man!

  120. This is just downright AMAZING!
    I have a few suggestions.
    Also, you can make the new trees generate with the new generation feature or by making the entity that spawns the tree spawn in certain biomes.
    I have a suggestion to make the seas a bit more dangerous: The Leviathan. It’s like a huge snake thing with four legs (see monster hunter’s lagiacrus for inspiration) that swims in the ocean, but is also capable of going on land. In the water it attacks with electrical currents and chomps at you and is very fast.
    It can destroy boats.
    On land, it can shoot balls of electricity and does tailswipes and stuff.
    Maybe the babies are tameable?

    Giant turtle:
    It’s basicly a giant majestic sea turtle that flies through the sky. And when I say giant, I mean GIANT.
    They are rare, so seeing one flying above the landscape, causing a huge shadow would be very impressive to see. They’re not that fast, but that makes their movements more majestic.

    Suggestion: A mascot for your mod. Or well, add-on.
    This add-on is starting to look like a huge Java dimension mod.
    Huge Java dimension mods most of the time have a mascot mob (Aether’s Moa, NetherEx’s salamander).
    I propose this:
    A raptor-like creature that you can tame and ride, that lives in packs, with head feathers.

    Overhaul the end and the nether: New biomes, generation, mobs, tames, rideable mobs, plants, structures, a harder ender dragon, and more!

    This all is a bit to ask but it would add alot to your work.

    • Creator13Gaming says:

      This addon looks sick and I really like your ideas. The leviathan and giant turtle sound awesome but I don’t recall seeing mobs nearly that complex in any other addons before. Then again, this addon already seems to be breaking previously thought boundaries so we can hope 🙂

  121. And even a direct download link?!
    You’re going places, kid!

    • Orlando019 hj says:

      This made me cringe a lot not only for the “You’re going places, kid” which you didn’t need to put the coma but for being a person who can’t use their brain to pass adfly or those kinds of stuff. Sure this is a good Addon but please don’t be that person who rates 1 star to people who don’t give direct download link

  122. Lump says:

    Best Mod Uploaded to this platform 10/10

  123. The chosen one says:

    THIS LOOKS AMAZING PLZ MAKE MORE MODS LIKE THIS .i thought this was going to be one of those trash addons but this looks amazing. I congratulate u on making such an beautiful work of art. Thank you

  124. Anonymous says:

    Add something tameable!

  125. Anonymous says:

    Great addon, but please whenever you get the chance, add custom sounds to the mobs and make them drop xp for a better survival experience

  126. Anonymous says:

    none off the mobs would spawn beside normal in game mobs but texture pack worked, help please?

  127. Brooks says:

    I’m so glad to see a mod like this and congrats on your success, I know you are getting alot of messages and I have a very low chance of getting a response to this but, i play on xbox and I can’t download this mod and use it successfully without downloading it from a mediafire link. Is there any way that you could make one for me?

    • TheElectreKid says:

      You can just try downloading it from the PC or a phone and reupload it on Mediafire then redownload it from your Xbox.

    • Jamie says:

      I did it on xbox. Instead of clicking A on the link press ‘start’ on “hidwoods add-on.mcpack” and copy that link instead 🙂

  128. MineShaftGamesYT says:

    Wow I downloaded this and went in creative and I put the custom Tree eggs and made a crazy world it’s looks so clean and cool

  129. Su dud says:

    This addon is good

  130. Suppppp says:

    Best addon

  131. Why r u reading this lel says:

    OK. So first things first, the five stars I gave you is equivalent to 100 stars. This mod is fabulous. This very well might be my new favorite add on. I love the mobs, blocks, and trees. Just everything about this is fantastic.

  132. Realms says:

    Pro gamer move big brain

  133. Foxface says:


  134. A happy person says:

    This is amazing! Can you make a ZIP file version so I can download it on Xbox doe?

  135. Wait. How’d youu make custom mobs have the ability to have glowing textures? (besides the .tga) Is it render_controllers or some other thing?

  136. Brexit says:

    I love this addon, it’s honestly amazing even if it is simple, but could you possibly say why you can’t use the trees, is it because they’re entities and if they spawned naturally they would spawn in places like houses?

  137. Noah sessoms says:

    Can you make a way for ios 13 users to download?

  138. 102582947 says:

    You should add a boss

  139. Shrek123Gaming says:

    Pls add custom treed generation if possible

  140. Poopero says:

    This is the best thing ive ever seen

  141. Semih Aktas says:

    Textures,models,designs theyre both amazing
    its the most perfect addon ive ever seen 🔥

  142. LinkSans2000 says:

    Wow! This is so cool! I’ll download it later

  143. Gemen says:

    Ok, wow… just wow. I was expecting this to be just some overcooked, infest of bugs, broken mod. But you totally exceeded my expectations by 10 fold. By far one of the best, most unique and ambitious mods I have seen to date. It’s fun and it just invokes that same energy of playing Minecraft for the first time. And especially it being on a platform that is not java whilst being this playable, is just one big mind-blower.

    No major bugs to fix, everything is unique and creative, and I can play this for multiple hours like I did when I first launched the game so many years ago. Splendid job and I hope to see more from you soon.

  144. Yeye says:

    This is like betweenlands BE

  145. Crocogator says:

    WOW ITS AMAZING but I have a new mob idea
    It’s called crocogator it’s like an alligator but red and with green eyes it’s neutral on land but hostile when it’s swimming and it’s much faster in the water then on land please make it

  146. erick triana says:

    literraly im the first person who watch the addon

    • swagmaster24o1 says:

      The diamond shards say:craft a mining drill to easily get diamonds. How do I craft the drill? I can’t find it in the crafting table.

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