High Rossferry – A Realistic Modern City

High Rossferry is a Minecraft Realistic City, its a perfect world for your roleplay and stuff. it have Subway systems, Highways, Bridges etc. download to check them out!         

Creator: Dydtor, Darkone

World Size: 43MB (MCPACK)
Every building is accessible and built in a realistic way. There are many quirks a funny hidden area’s. We are working on it since June 2011. We us WorldEdit to help us with planning an structuring. Our goal is not to create a city as fast as we can, our goal is to make it perfect in every little detail.

The city has a subway system, suburbs, highways, bridges, a stadium, a museum, libraries, of course many skyscrapers and much, much more.

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25 Responses

4.6 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-9792897799 says:

    what shader is it

  2. Guest-7030295867 says:

    You didn’t furnish the buildings, but I guess you make up for it as this place is HUGE and it would
    probably take ages for it to be furnished…

  3. CoolMcCoolCool says:

    This map is not very good imo
    Like, all the buildings aren’t furnished and none of the buildings actually look good. They were made with ugly materials, and honestly, the city looks quite dead. Sure, from far, everything looks great, but it could definitely be better.

  4. The train is fow putting says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    how can i play this with my friends multiplayer is disabled and greyed out

  6. MochaKitten11 says:

    This map looks great. It really does. From the outside it is enchanting and modern, but none of the buildings are furnished. For someone who wants to role play in a city, having empty buildings isn’t really effective. The streets could have more effort and the subway was a bit disappointing.. maybe add some directory signs and maps, furnish the buildings, and create a more ‘liveable’ map. Other then that, I love your building style!

    • Guest-9971072903 says:

      I actually think the map is better without the buildings furnished. I’m making a role play channel with a bunch of my friends and honestly it doesn’t need to be fully furnished. U don’t have to furnish full buildings, just floors. U can shoot scenes on one floor and no one would ever know it wasn’t finished. I think it’s great cuz of our ability to add our own special touch. Great map!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pls make media fire not adfly

  8. GamingWithYassin says:

    Please add a zoo ok?

    Cause I wanna use Expansion + Add-on in it, ok?

  9. GamingWithYassin says:

    Please add a zoo I wanna use Expansion + Add-on here, ok?

    Also cool map! I will check it out now.

  10. Kii says:

    Can’t download on console

  11. Wa says:

    make it go to media fire, not adfly.

  12. JM says:

    Is The Building’s furnitured?

  13. ImATotalTrashMamal says:

    Great City!, Good for RolePlaying. 10/10
    I would like you to add these:
    A Harbor Or A Dock
    Airport and some Countryside
    Military Bases and Sewers
    Junk Yard or some Abandoned Warehouse.
    Cool City definitely wanna download it!

  14. Dylan says:

    This map look fantastic!!!!!

  15. Isaac says:

    Can this server support 1.12.0?

  16. Code rezzy says:

    Very amazing and beautiful world so detailed nicely designed I had a huge idea of downloading zombie apocalypse like add-on go with this sadly zombies will probably barely spawn due to huge amount of light sources everywhere other than that amazing job

  17. Anonymous says:

    How do you install this?

  18. Dawidp2008 says:

    Nice city

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