$24M Hillside Mansion [Creation] [Redstone]

This map features an amazingly luxurious mansion built on the hillside of a big mountain. The mansion interior has an amazing level of detail which makes it very fun and interesting to explore. $24 million will seem like a bargain after you’ve started to realize the awesomeness of the estate. You also don’t have to feel confined to just the mansion. At any time you can step outside the estate and enter the wild and beautiful custom terrain forest.

Creator: M7MoGameRTwitter Account


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100 Responses

4.16 / 5 (51 vote)
  1. Guys calm down show the creator some respect the reason why some redstone doesnt work its because this was created in a old version…..

  2. Guest-6028316230 says:

    this map sucks theres barely any redstone delete this map

  3. Guest-6832489076 says:

    This world is bad! barely any of the redstone works. I HATE THIS.

  4. Guest-3190226821 says:

    Help i hold the key and then i press the button, but the gate not open. Can some body help!

  5. KitKat3554 says:

    Looks like it shouldn’t cost that much!

  6. ItzDuckieYt says:

    Can you please add more rooms with real beds and make the security cameras work I’m not trying to pressure you, you don’t have to do them all I would just really appreciate it.

  7. ... says:

    I can’t download the file. It won’t open the file page. Please fix this

  8. Confused says:

    This is an amazing map. Everything works except I cannot closet the garage door! Can anyone help?

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s cool?

  10. FlamerGamer says:


  11. ELLIE says:

    HOW DO I GT TO THE MANSION?!? I have tried pressing play, opening the book, and tying to get into creative mode to break out, then turn back to adventure, plz help me.

    If I was able to get in, I would give it a five.

  12. LD Ninja Cat says:

    It won’t work for me. When I get to the spawn room which I can’t get out of there is no lever or button which would probably be the thing missing. And yes I tried to place a button down by commands but I can’t place anything because I can’t change my game mode from adventure. Please help.

  13. EmilyPanda293 says:

    Can you send me the texture pack for this map plz, I really wanna download it!

  14. UsingMCForStuff says:

    BEST MAP EVER , gets glitched sometimes but besides that the building and the red stone is the best I’ve ever seen on a map like this

  15. Beachkitty says:

    I wish the security cameras were real and that there was more security for the house ?

  16. Eugene says:

    Where is the key to the house

  17. Myke says:

    How can I download in iOS

  18. Aarone says:

    Excellent map bravo!

  19. DoomextroyeR says:


  20. Notch says:

    five star for this map!
    It was AWESOME!

  21. Someone says:

    Where is the bat cave?

  22. Wolfyia says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! But I suggest some more bedrooms and maybe a neighbourhood BUT MY GOD DIS IS BOOTIFUL ??

  23. John Einem says:

    This is an amazing map by the way !!!
    Thanks for showing me this.

  24. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    How did you get the key while holding it and press the button and open the gate? Anyone can show me because I want to do it on my world

  25. Bogdan M says:

    Its so cool

  26. JeffTheBag says:

    Whats the texture pack???

  27. ??? says:


  28. Unknown says:

    Amazing! I have all of your maps and all of them are absolutely amazing. I know some people, including you, think that your maps are getting lower in quality. But I think that you are doing the best that you can. Great Job!

  29. Jake says:

    hahaha! this is the best redstone mansion! its so detailed and that resources pack is phanomineal

  30. LeviathanXL says:

    Amazing map!

  31. GG BRO says:

    U can say on chat /spawnpoint to have a spawn poit anywhere you want

  32. LeviathanXL says:

    I can’t shut the garage door. Please help.?

  33. LeviathanXL says:

    I love your maps! I have all of them.??

  34. RaviGamerette says:

    Trash. Nothing but crashes.

  35. theashortnose says:

    What’s the texturepack/shader used in screenshots?

  36. Denos Vaslos says:

    i cant do anything im only stuck in a room in survival with a book and NO creative even if i change the settings of the game pls help me

  37. bubbafet360 says:

    I cant spawn into the world from the start spawn

  38. Anonymous says:

    Nice house. Can i upload a video on this on youtube

  39. Anonymous says:

    Waste is space don’t download

  40. Sapphire says:

    Uhhh, no, not first download. I was that, I tested the map for M7MoGameR.

  41. KILLERd7r says:

    Second comment. Great Map

  42. Rem12356 says:

    This is amazing!

  43. Cxmilla says:

    I downloaded it but it wont load 🙁

  44. Liau Beng Fai says:

    2nd download person.

  45. NothingToSeeHere says:

    Oh Yeah This Mansion Is Awesome i will use this

  46. AnimalFriend1 says:

    You’re the best, M7MoGameR.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Second man?

  48. Zyrocraft says:

    Second comment
    This is the first time I am sending a second comment :))

  49. K Gaming says:

    Why cant i press start?

  50. Anonymous says:

    I want it

  51. Andy says:

    The start does not work

  52. Jalil Ur Rahman says:

    Hello someone reading this I have a joke
    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    To get to other side

  53. yaaaassss says:

    Wow it’s so good! It’s so detailed and realistic, and the texture pack makes it even more enjoyable.

  54. LolCraft says:


  55. Akise says:

    Why doesn’t the garage close.

  56. DerpShroom says:

    Howdy pardner! Second comment here 🙂

  57. Haveala says:

    Yay first reply!

  58. Dev says:

    Problem: I can’t click the sign at the start!

  59. Jlan123 says:

    This seems to be lower quality than the other maps by this builder. I say this, because the quantity of command block builds is much lower than before.

  60. alderson_cooper says:

    Whats the texture pack you are using for the clouds? I want that for better PvP.

  61. Ràżżbęrÿ says:

    What’s the next map? (Please reply!)

  62. Dd says:

    Is this mansion better than the 10,000,000$ Mansion ( inclusive with this redstone stuff )?

  63. d says:

    Can u tell mr. creator has this mansion better redstone stuff than the 10,000,000$ mansion? :3

  64. Dev says:

    First Comment And First Download Person!!!

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