Hillside Redstone/CommandBlock Mansion

Imagine living in a hillside mansion with a fully working Redstone and command block contraptions that are installed around the house.


This world is inspired by Euclides

Big thanks to RobertGamer69 for letting me use his addon on this map!

This mansion features:

    – Working Security Cameras

    – Laser Gate and Indoor Laser for security

    – Walk-in Wardrobe

    – Automatic Storage System

    – Enchanting Room

    – Realistic Textures, Design, and  Models


Changelog View more



- Laser Update!

- Missing  Entities Fix



For Zip File:

After downloading the file extract the folder then copy the extracted folder to phone(name of the device)/games/com.mojang/Minecraft worlds Then hit paste and that's It! Launched the game and enjoy the Map.

For McWorld File:

After downloading the file click it and it will automatically install it on your Minecraft app have fun and enjoy the map.

How to download in tmearn? Follow this video



Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

3.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    is he road supposed to kill you when you switch to survival?

  2. Fowl Dragon says:

    Dude, I don’t know why it keeps crashing. I turned on Experimental Mode and turned off Flows HD just like the dude in the comments said. I can play in the world but only for a couple minutes. Maybe it’s my device? Does anybody know what is up with my world?

  3. SOLIDCarlio says:

    I use command blocks myself, but this is next level.
    So good I downloaded it twice

  4. Jay says:

    AWESOME i downloaded this map few days ago and i was enjoying it so much with sven lol (pewdiepies dog) i also got pewdiepies skin lol i added the lamborghini addon

  5. Jeff mcbobinson says:

    Not even an iPhone X can handle the lag

  6. ????????? says:

    Keeps on crashing please help

  7. dsfds says:


  8. Nomae Covah says:

    Really Good Map. It worked perfectly and my brother still doesn’t know how I got ‘mods’ on MCPE 🙂 Thanks!

  9. james says:

    he copied the map

  10. Kieran says:

    This is amazing.How u made this I do not know but it is really cool with the features and everything.just what me and my bro was looking for.

  11. Hawky says:

    What’s the texture pack used in images called??

  12. AtlasEntity says:

    It downloaded correctly, but my game crashes every time I try to load it. I even tried removing all the packs. Any help?

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