Hobbit-hole [Creation]

Hobbit-hole is the common word for the homes in the Shire where the hobbits live in The Lord of the Rings. They are holes which are dug into the hill side and are easily recognizable because of their rounded entrance doors.

In this map you will experience as close as you can get to a Minecraft version of a hobbit-hole. It looks very cozy and can serve as the perfect place to start out in your next adventures in Minecraft.

Creator: DwarvenWarrior or JackFrostMiner




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9 Responses

  1. Courtney says:


  2. Abby says:

    It’s amazing

  3. CuteCandyGaming says:

    Lol Jack Frost miner created this in 0.11.1

  4. Abyan says:

    guys tell me how to download the creation from ifile

  5. Sky says:

    JFM created this in hes survival series :/

  6. DwarvenWarrior says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It helps!

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