Hogwarts & Surrounding Areas Version 3

Hello, and welcome to the download page for our Harry Potter map. Whether you seen version 1 and 2, or are just trying this map for the first time now, you will see we are fully committed to bringing the best Harry Potter experience we can on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. 


This map, as before, includes tons of Harry Potter locations. (Coordinates down below) From Hogwarts, to The Burrow, to London, to Diagon Alley, The Ministry of Magic all the way to the Quidditch world cup. There’s tons of secret passages, hidden areas, and objects to find. Be on the lookout for them

 Videos are more than welcome, please tag me in them on Twitter @VagueNightmares, and please give credit. 🙂

Ancient runes -121 92 -289

Ancient studies -147 101 -289

Aragog’s lair 94 4 -879

Arithmancy -147 82 -290

Art class -134 77 -278

Astronomy classroom -106 142 -467

Astronomy library -114 125 -459

Azkaban -1373 153 937

Bathilda Bagshot House -55 4 855

Boat house 29 6 -229

Boys bathroom (leads to Gryffindor common room) -134 117 -302

Boys lavatory -188 51 -289

Charms classroom -176 78 -514

Dartmoor Campsite (World Cup) 2500 16 2986

Death party -75 18 -381

Defense against the dark arts -131 75 -307

Detention chamber -184 63 -352

Divination classroom -115 95 -458

Dumbledore’s grave -285 6 -166 

Dumbledore office -148 165 -289

Earth magic -122 102 -289

Enlarged TP Hub and added new locations 31 7 1980

Filch’s Office -124 39 -196 

First task (dragons) -312 60 -581

Fishing town / fishermen town 194 4 561

Fluffy -143 63 -352 / Entrance to philosopher’s / sorcerer’s stone

Gaunt’s shack -925 4 343

Girls bathroom -140 117 -278

Grand Staircase -133 52 -288

Graveyard Little Hangleton -747 5 186

Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Vaults and cart ride) 410 4 1472

Gryffindor Crommon Room -132 127 -303

Hagrid’s Hut -382 7 -246

History of Magic -120 62 -289 / Cuthbert Binns office -118 73 -304

Hogsmeade -331 4 101

Hogwarts entrance -120 41 -242

Homework club -153 64 -494

Horcrux cave 170 6 -2040

Hospital wing -194 91 -321

House on rock 201 6 498

Hufflepuff common room -127 19 -238 

King’s Cross station 133 4 1640

Knight’s bus 146 4 1118

Ladies and boys toilets astronomy tower -114 83 -452

Laundry room -114 38 -432

Library -111 59 -458

London Zoo 355 4 736

Luchino caffe 247 4 1583 

Luna Lovegood residence -468 4 1679

Poppy Pomfrey’s office (hospital wing / matron) -185 81 -321

Magical offices (ministry of magic) 94 81 2253

Magical theory -147 112 -290

Malfoy Manor 4950 11 5051

Maze entrance -246 10 -702

Ministry of Magic -134 81 2260

Mirror on fourth floor -134 107 -297

Muggle studies -120 72 -290

Mystification department / room with doors 216 4 2058

Olivanders wand shop 375 4 1483

Owlery -336 79 -441

Place where Harry casts Patronus against Dementors -389 7 -149

Place where Voldemort casts Avada Kedavra to Harry -417 4 -135

Portkey to Quidditch World Championship -256 20 1270

Potions class -64 18 -406

Potter Cottage (Godric’s Hollow) -90 4 885

Privet drive -4 4 1129

Prof Flitwick office -42 40 -391

Prof. Trelawney’s office -123 101 -431

Quidditch World Cup 3059 41 3002

Quidditch pitch -500 31 -308

Ravenclaw Common Room -67 63 -461

Restricted section -114 71 -458

Riddle manor -843 31 223

Room of Requirement -157 47 -520 

Room of Rewards -155 65 -513

Shell Cottage 436 4 429

Slughorn’s house 95 6 805

Slughorn’s office -179 64 -514

Slytherin common room -70 5 -462

Snape’s storage room/cabinet -74 49 -439

Sphinx -274 25 -1683

Spinner’s End / Snape’s house 246 4 870

St. Mungo’s hospital 9 4 1392

Stone circle -391 38 -321

Storage below top astronomy tower -102 167 -470

Storage room (Mirror of Erised) -156 51 -356

Tapestry corridor -74 49 -447

Task two / second task 49 25 -2092

Task two / second task towers -8 28 -96

Teachers’ lounge -59 49 -447

Telephone booth to ministry of magic 102 4 1486

The Burrow -406 4 1502

The Hog’s Head -369 4 225

The Leaky Cauldron 268 4 1482

The Shrieking Shack -265 23 152

Top of Astronomy tower -101 173 -465

Original TP room -150 6 -556

Training grounds -184 37 -577

Transfiguration classroom -145 37 -494

Transfiguration courtyard -116 37 -485

Trophy room (Main) -163 21 -187

Trophy room -149 38 -455

Trophy Room A -172 75 -353

Unknown study room -43 40 -419

That’s likely not everything, but definitely most! 

Changelog View more

Updated coordinate list to include the new Ravenclaw Common Room, Quidditch World Cup and more.

Fixed typos.

Fixed the spawn book, cause I forgot


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278 Responses

4.85 / 5 (99 votes)
  1. twiggy101 says:

    i can’t get into the room of requirement when i walk with my wand it gives me this wall and whej i click DA 1 it tells me to find a coin and idk where that is

  2. twiggy101 says:

    where is the prefect bathroom?

  3. JK Joshua says:

    Just wondering where’s the resurrection stone located I found the other two deathly hallows but can’t find it

    • NotHarryPotter says:

      Go to where Harry dies, then die, and then you will find a chest under a bench, inside is the golden snitch and the resurrection stone. PS: can you tell me how to complete the second task?

  4. Wheatensquid589 says:

    Try the map with a shader!

  5. AP2005 says:

    @belkov and your team you guys are really the best! I cant wait to see we’re this project will go! Y’all are tremendously creative and hardworking! Make sure you guys don’t forget about all the ideas that been tossed around, and all the bugs that need fixing! Also any spoilers of what’s to come in Version 4?

  6. Chicken1994 says:

    The room of requirements won’t open up the Come and Go room even when I have the half blood prince potions book and throw it at the Indicated Spot… am I doing something wrong or?

  7. steeeep chicken says:

    hi i have a request for another school can you make yandere high school but can you make the classrooms big please i would love it if you made it.

  8. steeeep chicken says:

    Hello there can you please update this to 1.16 please i really wanna play this map

  9. Guest-9396672026 says:

    I can’t figure out how to make this work, I try to download but all I get is a Mcworld file that I can’t open, trying to make it into a zip file does not seem to really work either. what do I do with the file? (windows 10)

    • Guest-2254390798 says:

      This works only in the bedrock / pocket edition… So you have to get that . The .mcworld file opens directly in the bedrock / pocket edition version as a world.

  10. Guest-1647995098 says:

    Wonder where the command blocks are

  11. Guest-6326075235 says:

    This is the best map ever!!!

  12. Guest-3699624962 says:

    Hi! I was wondering where the diadem is cause every time I go to the ROR, it’s a bathroom and not the one full of stuff. Also if I get all of the OBJECT horcruxes and the three deathly hallows will the master of death area open?

    • belkov says:

      The diadem is in the “Come and Go Room”. You need to get the Halfblood Prince’s Potion Book from the Potions Class in the dungeons and drop it at the chiseled stone near the RoR and it will load. And you only need the 3 Deathly Hallows to become master of death.

  13. MasterBuilder 2.0 says:

    In the next version can you create a mod not just an add-on plz.

  14. Guest-4267899368 says:

    Can you create a area in the pensieve(end) that looks like a vision please.

  15. Guest-3828634182 says:

    Hey! Just a quick question, is there going to be a purpose for the room that is “closed due to flooding”? Or is that room always going to be closed due to flooding?

  16. Guest-3529705047 says:

    For some reason I am just floating in the air and I can’t move I just keep going up and up does anyone know what’s happening ?

  17. Guest-5957501294 says:

    Hey I have a suggestion. If at all possible could you make the knight buss only appear if holding a wand on the side of the street? It looks clunky and obtrusive just sitting there constantly, but if this isn’t possible it’s fine. Thanks!

    • Guest-7067735641 says:

      I can’t find the resurrection stone. Please can someone help?

    • belkov says:

      Unfortunately, this is an issue at the moment. Although at the time of writing this, I just realize it “would” be possible. It would also mean another long and difficult animation and not everybody would realize they would need to hold a wand at a specific location to make it work. So for now, I think we will keep it the way it is.

  18. David666 says:

    Can plots be added in future versions?

  19. Guest-1641672611 says:

    Quick question: is there the Gryffindor Sword anywhere?

  20. XcodexScopezzX says:

    It won’t let me enable always day. Do you know why or how I can enable it?

  21. Guest-3558556463 says:

    How did you do the trees?

  22. Guest-2291690753 says:

    Can you move the Horcrux cave to an ocean and put water inside the cave too so its like the movie and the book.

  23. Guest-6238812402 says:

    Hey is there a way to teleport to specific places? I cant find anything in the map it’s really big.

  24. Guest-4350407617 says:

    i’m having an issue… went to the place where harry is “killed” and goes to kings cross to talk to Dumbledore but when i stepped on the stone nothing happened? maybe the TP is off.. how do i fix?

  25. Guest-6462038284 says:


  26. PC1364 says:

    I am the biggest Harry Potter fan.
    Can you add people and can you make the wands do magic?

    • belkov says:

      Adding people (NPC’s) is possible but requires an add-on, which might not always work well with some (mobile) users. Also we have to keep performance in the back of our head. At the time of writing, we have working wands on our “live” version which we are preparing at the moment. With these wands you can open secrets for example.

  27. Guest-8477835877 says:

    Does anyone else have a problem if someone travels to the ministry through the Floo network, then the Floo powder fireplaces all over the map and in the ministry will not teleport you back to the Floo network if you use the powder
    Plz help thx.

  28. Guest-9415148603 says:

    How do I convert the resource pack to java. I already did the map and it is working, however i can t figure out the RP. Plz help

    • Guest-3930187507 says:

      for some reason the map wont show up for me as one of my worlds. i play on java too so i was wondering if you could tell me what you did to download the map

  29. Guest-2063163255 says:

    How do you change the map settings on a linux server so that a player can build / destroy? I’m trying to set this up for a virtual birth party for a bunch of kids. by default you can only move, not destroy build

  30. Guest-4651802645 says:

    Can you please make broom sticks that you can fly in version 4 (also quaffles bludgers and snitches)

    • Sahara Employee #shopatsahara says:

      That will take a fully fledged Addon to do currently everything works on commands and Rps adding Behaviour Packs will increase lag

  31. 360Minerstone says:

    Great map. Got confused seeing the old Ravenclaw common room, but I liked the new one. When is Platform 9 3/4 coming?

    • Guest-2084197754 says:

      there is a plataform 9 3/4 on king’s cross station look for a cart and step on the preasure plate that is over there

    • Guest-3292624383 says:

      There is a platform 9/34 in King’s cross, look for the pressure plate, go aboard the Hogwarts Express, find the empty cabin with the yellow pressure plate, and you will find yourself in Hogsmeade Station.

  32. Guest-2046679647 says:

    Where is the room with the book of admittance I have the key but I just can’t find it

  33. Guest-6967912547 says:

    where is the diadem of Ravenclaw located/

  34. Guest-9648723146 says:

    How do i enable the resource pack?

    • Guest-8230599221 says:

      Did you figure this out? My version in Windows 10 looks nothing like the screenshots? But I can’t see any new resource packs after installing it.

  35. Guest-1646772094 says:

    Hi! Does it work on Minecraft Edu? Or just Minecraft PE? I really want to play!!

  36. Guest-3123851464 says:

    Love this world. PoeticWhisper, I would love to use this map for a YouTube roleplay series. I would credit you before each video. Please could I use it?

  37. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    How did you change the biomes?

  38. Guest-7983347100 says:

    hey um my download isn’t working all my worlds on my pc are in folders or zip files and this a mcworld file when I downloaded v2 it had another link that let me get a non mcworld download file what should I do I really like the look of this update

  39. Guest-4310679492 says:

    Hi, I’m a huge HP fan and I would love to explore and play on this map but I have no idea how to down load it I am using Minecraft 1.14.60 if anyone’s knows how it would be very appreciated 😀

    • Guest-1698662516 says:

      If you are on a mobile device I would suggest using google chrome to download it instead of safari. If that’s not the case then I don’t know what to tell you

  40. Guest-9321278160 says:

    Very cool but there is one problem
    The place were shape watches towards the viaduct in deathly hallows part 2 should be the same at the back so u can watch into the quad please fix in v3 other than that this is amazing keep up the good work 😀

  41. Guest-9348793824 says:

    What is the exact minecraft version did you use in v3?

  42. Jasogne03 says:

    Can you add a link to the hogwarts resource pack. That’s the best one I’ve seen yet

  43. Guest-3548382262 says:

    I can’t find Snape’s house

  44. Guest-8975564448 says:

    I love this Harry Potter map it is like the deathly hallows 1 and 2

  45. Guest-4694259449 says:

    As a Ravenclaw, I am very disapointed with the common room. It would be awesome if it said RAVENCLAW like all the other common rooms.

    • Guest-1664389815 says:

      Where is it? I can’t find it.

    • Guest-1356137472 says:

      The New Ravenclaw Common room was also moved to another tower, thr new location is a bit different from the description in the books, but now in this new version of the map, it looks like Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin are completely hidden away, the dungeons have also moved to a new location or it could just be my memory. Only Gryffindor tower is the easiest to find cause it doesn’t move locations from time to time…

  46. Guest-3440136751 says:

    The Dartmoor campsite is on fire how does it stop

  47. Guest-8982533141 says:

    Dose anyone know how to make the floo powder system?
    Or just tell me where the command_block which make it work locate?
    Please tell me, thank you a lot!!!

  48. Guest-9563228945 says:

    can u give a list of the objects plz

  49. Guest-3338385329 says:

    The pictures won’t show

  50. Guest-6692347007 says:

    Question. Do you use block launcher and world edit script to do this? What are your supporting apps?

  51. Guest-7853754076 says:

    In the next version, could you add places from the Fantastic Beasts Series?

  52. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    How did you change the biomes in places like The graveyard, godrics hollow, hogsmeade, quidditch world cup so on and so forth?

  53. Guest-7419945245 says:

    This map is honestly amazing

  54. Guest-5636446533 says:

    Overall, this is by far be most detailed Harry Potter map I’ve ever seen. I can tell you guys read the books, and it especially jumped out of me how you guys made a tunnel when using a portkey as in the books it’s described as feeling like your body were being forced through a small tube. If I have to give any criticism or complaints I would say that the Ravenclaw commonrooms felt a little bit too easy to find and access, while the others were properly hidden and quite enjoyable to try and hunt down using my knowledge of where they should be. There was also the case of the phone box call button being removed for no reason. I rather enjoyed using it and watching it go back up, and would often send it up and down just to watch. Other than that I can’t think of anything else. I can also see there is a lot more to come, with all of the [SPOILER WARNING][SPOILER WARNING] I can see that you are planning making locations for Fantastic Beasts, which I am very exited for. If I could make a suggestion though, I think it would be clever to have to use a Timeturner to access them, making it really feel like you’ve gone into the past.

  55. Guest-3143518959 says:

    I was just wondering if their is a way to download the resources pack for this map somewhere because I was planning to rebuilt this beautiful creation just to learn new built skills and to learn how to work with redstone. So is there a possibility that I could download the resource pack that is a part of this map?

  56. Guest-4864240309 says:

    hi! i accidentally broke the chest at spawn and wondering what exactly would i need to do to repair it 😅

  57. Guest-1863006177 says:

    Awesome you guys added back chess, Xylomancy. & prof. Sprout office!

  58. Guest-9661726735 says:

    Where is the Gryffindor Sword? What do I need to get again?

  59. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    Will you add the lake where the trio fly’s to by dragon on their way to Hogwarts in the deathly hallows

  60. Guest-3494846003 says:

    Is this safe to download?

    • Guest-1833120946 says:

      People say sometimes Mediafire gives you a virus, and I’ve never used it! So I was hoping someone tell me if this will give me a virus… I really want to play this map, and all the comments are positive!

  61. Guest-1094476516 says:

    GUYS! i love the map! this update was amazing!!

    but the question is

    the map is disponible for minecraft pc? ( java version)

    (my computer is windows 7)

  62. Guest-4102327758 says:


    I’m so sorry but there is no chest in filch’s office? X

    • Guest-4817223939 says:

      How do you get into the Slytherin common room? I get the wall to open, I am in the right spot, and I have a wand, so I need something else? Or am I just missing something obvious?

    • Guest-1974726432 says:

      How do you get into the chamber of secrets, Is it in myrtles bathroom like in the books? How do you get the basin to open?

      Also i have to comment as a reply, I can’t just comment it will not allow me.

      Great map.

      • Guest-3986052799 says:

        yes the moaning myrtles bathroom is in the quad on the first floor there are some buttons on the wall press the one from the lowest one

  63. Guest-5510356105 says:

    Why are the other versions of this downloaded by google drive but this is mediafire. Can someone tell me how to download this please.

  64. Guest-1227153343 says:

    This is awesome! Just a question- in the new floo area, what’s the ‘master of death’ thing? Thanks.

  65. Guest-4879831517 says:

    Hi I played version 2 and I’m going to get Version 3 but is this the last version or are you going to make a version 4, just curious.🧙🏻‍♂️😄

  66. Guest-2482624686 says:

    How do you Get in the Ravenclaw Common Room?

  67. Guest-4089056109 says:

    why in the master of death area there are two whoping whillows?

  68. Guest-4424884993 says:

    Where’s the master of death area?

  69. belkov says:

    Whoops, for the people finding the dueling room in the astronomy tower: there is a big target and some command blocks there for a thing we were working on which uses bows as functioning wands……so it might look a bit wonky. Apologies for that; I had no idea mr Poe was going to upload this.

  70. Guest-1520105092 says:

    I cant Get to the «kings cross» in the 7th movie. I stand on the Stone an nothing is happening. I have stood here for like 5min

  71. Guest-3385746715 says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! My favorite map. BTW how do u USE the master of death?

  72. Guest-3114029403 says:

    How do you use the master of death stuff

  73. Guest-5111562503 says:

    I can’t download this map can any1 help me

  74. Lyraii says:

    Just collected the 3 deathly hallows and went to the ‘Master of Death area’ and I just wanted to say, thank you for all of the effort put into the whole building process. It was fascinating to look at.

  75. Guest-4688769223 says:

    I think this map is amazing and have found all 3 of the deathly hallows and am wondering if there is anything that you can do with all of them?

  76. Guest-7279939898 says:

    I have found the elder wand and ressurection stone, but for the life of me I cannot find the cloak of invisibility. The other two are easy to find as their locations are hinted at in the books. Like the Elder wand being in Dumbledore’s grave and the stone being at the clearing where Harry died a second time. So I checked all of the locations I think it could be, being Dumbledore’s office as he had it before giving it to Harry, I’ve checked Harry’s trunk in Gryffindor tower, and the lottery house in Godric’s Hollow thinking that it could be there as James had it before Harry. Everywhere I looked I could not find it. Does anyone know where it is? Thanks for reading my wall of text, and sorry if there are a lot of these type of questions, it’s just frustrating to have two of the three deathly hallows.

  77. Guest-4720790838 says:

    GUYS! i love the map! this update was amazing!!

    but the question is

    the map is disponible for minecraft pc? ( java version)

  78. Lyraii says:

    Thanks very much for uploading V3, I wasn’t actually expecting it for a while so it was a pleasant surprise to see it. Cannot wait to see the updates made.

  79. Guest-9339972252 says:

    Where did the prefects bathroom go?

  80. Guest-1204555531 says:

    I was just wondering why the other common rooms seemed to have be changed in one way or another except Slytherin, is there a reason for this because I am curious? Very curious

  81. Guest-2352093572 says:

    were is Slytherin common room. please help I found all other common rooms

    • Guest-4577196889 says:

      Go to the coordinates it says and then go out of the common room and then you will see that you are in the 2nd entrance hall and then retrace your steps

  82. Guest-6202018467 says:

    happy 22nd anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts

  83. Guest-1200758143 says:

    I cant found the horcurexes

  84. Guest-8264707331 says:

    Anyone know where the resurrection stone is located? I’ve gotten the cloak and the elder wand but just need to stone. Does it have anything to do with the snitch? Or is it it’s own item lol

  85. Guest-8153108627 says:

    Dose anyone know how to make the floo powder system?
    Or just tell me where the command_block which make it work locate?
    Please tell me, thank you a lot!!!

  86. Guest-2565193309 says:

    Wow this amazing! The most detailed Harry Potter map I have ever played, you have really built every single place it’s incredible.

  87. Guest-8337154706 says:

    I cannot enter the room of requirement, it just comes up with the name of the room. I’ve got the DA coin and the HBPs book. Otherwise epic map.

  88. Guest-2020336897 says:

    I suggest that you guys should make an Addons.
    You just need to make some spells,fantastic beasts,and some brooms.
    If you make the spells,you can follow “mo’arrows” on dl.(just advice)
    And I really hope you can reply as soon as possible .
    Thank you.

  89. Guest-8065530856 says:

    it seem that some place which can use in v2 can’t work in v3,such as the hall.
    And there is a problem about floo powder.if I throw the powder into the fire,it will burn up and disappear,so if I want to use it,I have to throw it beside the fire,not into the fire,and that is quite difficult.please make it more easier to use.hope you can reply.

    • Guest-8252711888 says:

      I mean the floo powder net work

    • belkov says:

      Well, the Floo powder isnt supposed to be thrown in the fire, but on netherrack (which we put in all fireplaces connected to the network). The Floo powder will create its own special fire you have to step in.

      • Guest-5356031986 says:

        Thank you for your reply.
        By the way,can you tell me how to build the floo powder system or just tell me the location of the command blocks which make floo powder work.
        Thank you

  90. Guest-3486721202 says:

    OMG I am so happy this map is out! Thank you so much PoeticWhisper.

  91. Guest-7064268744 says:

    Hi! Is there a camping tent for the Weasley at the QWC? Like the one from the forest of dean?😊

  92. Guest-3333273135 says:

    Hey, I still can’t manage to get the map downloaded even after renaming the file to Hogwarts V3.mcworld. I’m on an IOS device any solutions?

  93. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    For anyone whom is having trouble downloading it, here is what to do.
    Open a file app and go to the downloads folder and you should see the file for Hogwarts, select it and rename it to Hogwarts V3.mcworld struggling

    Hope this helped you guys who are struggling. Have a nice day!

  94. Guest-4905793435 says:

    I can’t download it the level import don’t work

  95. Guest-3095069991 says:

    There was no quidditch world cup

  96. Guest-2023701188 says:

    where is the map at, i could not find it

  97. Guest-9675206574 says:

    You didn’t build the inside of the Ravenclaw common room right??
    I teleported to the common room and found nothing there just an empty building/tower

  98. Guest-4726012433 says:

    could someone help me get this to work?

  99. Guest-4346854097 says:

    could you make it available for version 1.12

  100. Guest-4605037807 says:

    OMGA your work is out of this world u surprise me with every update! Amazing job. Here are sum suggestions for V4 The dumstarng ship! Renovated training room for The ROR so it better resembles the Movie! And last but not least could u add back the archers lounge, chess club, & prof. Sprout room! There is probably no space to put these in the main stair well but there is somewhere else around the castle I’ve looked!

    • Nathan Gamerdog says:

      Very cool ideas. The lake is too small for the durmstrang ship, and I’m quite sure that those other rooms are in the map
      Great suggestions none the less and you’ll probably have even more great ones in the future
      🙂 Have a nice day Nathan Gamerdog

    • belkov says:

      We already started building these missing rooms (and the staff room) as we kind of were that happy with rebuilding the Ravenclaw- and Belltowers, we forgot putting them back.

  101. Guest-1530253221 says:

    Did you guys delete the floo powder?
    Because I found that it doesn’t work any more.
    If it’s just a bug,please fix it.thank you

    • Nathan Gamerdog says:

      The floo network should be working, what is the problem with it?

      • Guest-6203619943 says:

        it seem that some place which can use in v2 can’t work in v3,such as the hall.
        And there is a problem about floo powder.if I throw the powder into the fire,it will burn up and disappear,so if I want to use it,I have to throw it beside the fire,not into the fire,and that is quite difficult.please make it more easier to use.

        • belkov says:

          The previous floo powder (from v2) would teleport you the moment it got into contact with netherrack, so you could use it from every fireplace, which wasnt accurate. We updated it’s workings. Also, the Great Hall isnt supposed to be connected to the Floo Network.

    • Guest-4333688796 says:

      I believe it only works in certain areas now, when you press buttons that are above certain fireplaces.

  102. Guest-7468579440 says:

    Finally!after waiting mire than a year!
    I can get some thing to do in this situation now!

  103. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    I am making a map of the entire world showing every single place.

  104. Guest-8518359114 says:

    I downloaded the file on Android 10 and opened it in Minecraft, but the level import is just not starting. Is it because of the texture pack or is it something else. Please look into this. I would like to play version 3 as I loved the previous ones. Thanks.

  105. Guest-4459028696 says:

    What does the rustic Key do?

  106. Guest-9871300595 says:

    Question what are all the secrets in this map? Also what does the marders map do?

  107. Guest-5577301766 says:

    This was absolutely gorgous and made me fall in love with the wizarding world all over again. Actually made me tear up a bit and inspired me and a friend (another big potter head) to have a harry potter week(after lockdown) to get back into this amazing fandom. Loved spotting areas of where scenes happened. Due to the shere expanse of what was said I was cynical about if it was legit but was absolutely astounded at finding out it wasnt fake. Thank you so much for putting your jaw droppingly beautiful work out there for free for all the fandom to enjoy. Keep building !

  108. Guest-9128188209 says:

    Love this map but 1 question can you upload another version without the texture pack because I can’t seem to download it.

  109. Guest-2473243278 says:

    This map is perfect! I played in all versions and was surprised by each one. I’m Potterhead, and I came in here every day to see if version 3 was already available. Congratulations on the map, excellent work.

  110. Guest-5120950486 says:

    Where ist the book of the half-blood prince?
    Couldn’t find it in the room of reqiurement…

  111. Guest-5325202165 says:

    Nice map!But how to find marauders map?

  112. Guest-4020367091 says:

    Really good map but could you release the texture pack separately

  113. Guest-3825524987 says:

    This is AMAZING! I am a huge Harry Potter fan! I love this map so much!!!!

  114. Guest-7156530971 says:

    Hey, did you happen to disable the Floo Network? It seems like it isn’t working.

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  117. Guest-1885722656 says:

    I don’t want to be negative but your coördinates are wrong, and i miss some rooms from the old map, like the teachers lounge, the chess club, prof. sprout’s room, but that are little details

  118. Guest-5738143783 says:

    This world is so cool, did you make it alone? The important thing is that it’s really cool. Hey, can I use it on YouTube?just for fun

  119. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    I am really happy that this came out; such an epic update with epic additions such as: new texture pack, Wools Orphanage, Gringots Update, Shell cottage, East wing redone, very impressive track going from kings cross to hogsmeade station, and many more updates. Very cool update. P.S. are you doing anything from The Cursed Child? (worst book)

    • belkov says:

      I havent read the book myself (i thought it was only a theater play) but considering there is time travel, its an interesting idea nontheless

  120. Nathan Gamerdog says:

    You have the coordinates for the old Ravenclaw tower in the list

  121. Guest-3741973426 says:

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  122. this is really goooood 😛

  123. Guest-6759039439 says:

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  124. Guest-1744909080 says:

    Não estou conseguindo jogar o mapa porque a importação não aparece

    • Nathan Gamerdog says:

      Tente renomear o arquivo para [Hogwarts V3.mcworld]. Depois, basta clicar no arquivo em seus documentos e ele deve funcionar! (A propósito, eu falo inglês, não português)

  125. Guest-3743481183 says:

    Absolutely amazing map, you should be seriously proud of yourselves!

  126. Guest-1814493373 says:

    Hey I love this map a whole lot but it would be better on my Xbox. Does anyone know how to get this on Xbox?

  127. Guest-7362501821 says:

    Great work! I have been playing your Hogwarts maps since version one, and was ecstatic when version two came out. I played for about twenty minutes and already found lots of new improvements from V2 to V3 that are phenomenal. As an avid Harry Potter fan this map and its predecessors are astonishing . I can tell that you truly care about this project as the attention to details from not only the movies but to the books is incredible. The resource pack adds a lot from the sticks becoming wands to adding portraits from Hogwarts to recreate the fat lady. I do have a few suggestions though to make this map even better than it is. Note: this is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I don’t know the difficulty of this, but I think it would be cool to change the textures of shovels to different brooms since they resemble the vague shape of a broom. Also, this is kind of a crazy suggestion, but Flourish and Blotts seems a little bit on the narrow side so if it is possible to do with minimal difficulty widening it I feel could help. Another thing I think that could be cool and immersive would be Changing the texture of parrots to owls and villagers to Hogwarts students to make Hogwarts seem more alive. Again I’m not trying to bash this map because it’s incredible and I could never even come close to replicating something like this, I just love seeing this map improve with each update. Keep up the great work I can’t wait for V4. P.S. if you could add the Durmstrang ship and the Beauxbatons carriage that would be a nice addition.

  128. Guest-9513403426 says:

    Playing this on my Xbox, nice work!!

  129. Guest-4105303179 says:

    the download link does not work on pocket edition because when I try to open the file it just takes me to minecraft but doesnt make a levvel import

  130. I am 1st downloaded Henry potter fan

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