Hologram Addon

Hello everyone! How’s the quarantine? Here I am again to introduce you my new addon. This addon makes cool hologram effect into your world. Great for designing and quite useful also on Multiplayer. 

Here’s the video for quick understanding :


– Select your desired hologram from the creative menu

– Place it

– Click Turn Off (Interact) to shut down, and click Turn On (Interact) to power on

– To remove, simply crouch fhen click the Remove button (Interact) 

You can also use your own hologram. Just replace these files inside textures/hologram folder and named them accordingly (custom1, custom2…) 

[NEW] v1.1 Custom Animated Holograms


– Go to this This Link

– Choose file or paste the url of chosen gif

– Click Upload 

– Take note of these values (width, height and frames) 

– Check Stack Vertically 

– Click Convert to Sprite Sheet! 

– Wait for it to finish. After that, take note of this value (height) 

>>> If the height exceeds 16000 pixels, you must shrink it down or else it will only show black. Use any software that can shrink pictures. 

– Click Save

– After downloading, move it to hologram resource folder > textures > hologram

– Rename it accordingly (custom1a, custom2a, custom3a, custom4a and custom5a) 

– Go back and navigate particles folder

– Open the required particle file 

> hologram_custom1a

> hologram_custom2a

> hologram_custom3a

> hologram_custom4a

> hologram_custom5a

– On my case I’m using Json Genie to edit json files

– Navigate particle_effect > components > minecraft:particle_appearance_billboard > uv

– Edit the texture_width and texture_height according to your picture

> As I stated earlier, the height must not exceed 16000 pixels

– After that, go to flipbook then modify these values

> size_UV (width, height of each frame) 

> step_UV (0, height of each frame) 

> frames_per_second (must not exceed the max_frames) 

> max_frames (number of frames) 

– Click Save

(If the file is saved somewhere else, cut the file then paste to the particle folder, replacing the older particle file) 

That’s all. I hope you understand clearly. 😅

Remember, if the particle appears black, it only means that you need to shrink it down

Recommend Resolution :



Don’t forget to adjust the values of size_UV and step_UV if you resized the image to its new resolution. 


Possible uses of this addon are for designing, making rally point, spawnpoint, captured point etc., trolling and more. 

Please feel free to report bugs. Enjoy! 

PS: Please ignore the ugly spawn eggs. Lol

Changelog View more
  • Edited the tutorial
  • Added more details
  • That's all. Please don't complain about linkvertise. It won't cost you anything. 
  • Added New Animated Custom Holograms
  • Changed Hologram 10 (Gangnam style) 
  • Added tutorial


Install both behavior and resource packs


Supported Minecraft versions


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77 Responses

4.67 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Guest-7480344942 says:

    What app do you use to move the file and edit them?

  2. 6Argonaut9 says:

    Only the short holograms work

  3. Guest-2812811250 says:

    I want to put the whole shrek movie as a hologram,how I do it?

  4. Guest-7829210510 says:

    The link takes me to linkverse and the page remains blank forever

    How do I solve it?

    Sorry if you don’t understand, I’m using the translator😅😅

  5. Guest-6361397380 says:

    Mr. Coptaine why all hologram was black why?

  6. Guest-9065532184 says:

    I can’t use this mod! The link takes you to Linkvertise! To everyone out there, do NOT download this mod!

  7. Guest-1916079366 says:

    While Customizing When i pressed The Upload It Doesn’t Work All It Says Is The Site Cant Be Reach

  8. Guest-2542726867 says:

    Can you make a SCP Logo Hologram?pls I like your addon keep up the good work

  9. Guest-3809822623 says:

    hologram 8 is the only one that works plz fix all of the others

  10. Coptaine says:

    There are missing in the post.
    The recommended resolution are: width = <500, height < 16000. And when you resized the picture, you should also edit the width and height of each frame. (total height ÷ number frames), take note that all values must be whole numbers (no decimal)

  11. Guest-3919230347 says:

    Is the zombie riding a pig is that’s supposed to be censored uhh ok I’ll stop

  12. Grim Zombie says:

    The new tutorial was very informal and easy to understand. This is a great addon.

  13. Guest-9696847743 says:

    some of the textures are broken, so I can’t use some of them.
    3 star

  14. Anonymous says:

    Forgot to put a rating on my last comment. And is there a way to remove the looping animation thing for the holograms. I think that I found its location but I don’t know what to remove. I went into the “particles” folder and turned “hologram1.json” to “hologram1.txt” so I can edit it but due to my limited knowledge with this stuff, I don’t know how to stop the loop/animation play.

  15. Coptaine says:

    Can you ban this guy, mcpedl team? This guy spams direct links on other addons as well. I won’t continue uploading nor updating my addons if this doesn’t stop. 😑

    • Guest-1410362866 says:

      Coptaine deal with it. He just does not like inappropriate ads. Besides, you force others to see it for your money, he is doing the right thing by giving the direct link. Don’t like it? Deal with it!

      • Coptaine says:

        Addons are all free. So why don’t you just give support to the addon creators just by simply clicking their own links? Will it hurt? Will it cost you money? No. You’re one of those who don’t appreciate hardwork. Besides, there’s no ads in linkvertise.

  16. Coptaine says:

    Ok. I’ll make a tutorial. 👍

  17. Coptaine says:

    For those who are having black screen, be sure to disable any client (astral, lunar, etc.) as they will cause issue.

  18. Grim Zombie says:

    Overall, this is a very great addon but not to offend anyone or the creator (if it somehow would) but I think we should be told or taught of how to make the holograms animated. So if someone could, they could make a full episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure if it isn’t animation like frame by frame that is.

    • Coptaine says:

      I would like to make a tutorial but it will be too complicated specially for those who don’t know basic modding. 😔

      • paxtravis_playz says:

        Can you atleast try to make tutorial and make it understandable….

      • Guest-8572759258 says:

        Well if it isn’t as simple as it were to sound by saying “how do you add animated ones” most would definitely get the idea that it sounds simple as just more of so replace some things and rename it to .png or whatever and boom. But of however difficult it would be, it would at least be nice to know that you’d at least attempt to teach people how to do it. And the majority of people who even visit know at least some knowledge of tampering within files.
        – This is Grim Zombie, the website logged me out.

  19. Guest-3305103268 says:

    Only Holo 8
    and Custom holo will Work…and the list black ..screen..
    my minecraft is Latest version not beta.
    plzzz fix it I love it😭

  20. Guest-3306906287 says:

    Uhh the hologram tv is not working
    Its only black. My ver is 1.16 and oppo A5s😆

  21. Guest-3306906287 says:

    Uhh the hologram tv is not working
    Its only black. My ver is 1.16 and oppo A5s

  22. IceBear306 says:

    in the video I thought it was herobrine, it turns out it was just a hologram 😑, This is better than painting in Minecraft.

  23. Guest-4945949582 says:

    How do I acces the folder for the custom holograms?

  24. Guest-1877073215 says:

    Can you do some anime episodes

  25. Guest-1069320518 says:

    hola, me puede pasar el link directo? si no puede mandeme un link directo con un block de notas que contenga el link directo del addon/mod, porque muchas veces intente pasar la publicidad y no me deja 🙁

  26. Guest-1600672733 says:

    Why is it a link verse it just keeps blocking me and saying (Buy premium to continue) And I don’t know what to do please help

    • Coptaine says:

      You need to make sure that you your browser’s ad blocker disabled. Then you only need to click “Discover interesting articles”, open that for a few seconds then close it. Download button should appear after that.

  27. DXTG Josh says:

    This is great for map makers 😀
    Good job!
    Can I use this for my Treasure hunt map? Don’t worry, credits will be given UwU
    + I’m only 13 so it might not be as good as other custom mini-game maps lol. Thanks! UwU

  28. Guest-4685540904 says:

    Wondering if gifs and such work?

  29. Guest-9706661124 says:

    What app can I use to edit the custom holograms

  30. Guest-8962604223 says:

    Hola tu complemento esta muy bien hecho.. se ve que tienes talento para hacer estas cosas… te tengo una sugerencia para que puedas realizar otros complementos con los vídeos de los hologramas, podrías hacer un complemento de decoraciones que contengan televisores o computadoras funcionales que tengan las animaciones de tus hologramas en sus pantallas y así parezcan que son TVs de verdad (solo es una sugerencia. Pero si lo haces seria un exelente complemento).

  31. Guest-9470632799 says:

    Add more entities for the custom holograms! Love this addon

  32. Guest-3493169195 says:

    This addon is very well done 🙂

  33. Guest-9791193276 says:

    This could be good I just have one question where is the link to the video I tried to ask you on discord but it said you blocked me

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