Honey Block Parkour

Honey Parkour by Bananabob999 and CreepyGunner01. This map uses the new honey and other blocks added in 1.14 for bedrock. This map contains 6 levels with honey block slides, honey block jumps, a dropper, a maze, a reverse dropper, and more.

Honey Parkour

By Bananabob999 aka Jminecraft710 and CreepyGunner01

Upon entering the world, you are greeted with the following screen:


Honey parkour consists of six levels with many of the new block’s different functionality.

Level 1: Honey basics

Simple honey themed parkour with a honey block slide.

Level 2: I can’t Jump

Jumping off honey blocks is hard… Until you learn the secret.

Level 3: You’ll hate me for this

No one likes mazes in Minecraft, but this is a new level of evil.

Level 4: Do it yourself

Some of these blocks are not placed yet. Correct the level and then play it.

Level 5: Honey is not bouncy

To make up for the maze, I made a dropper. Even if you rage, everyone still loves them.

Level 6: Almost there

A “reverse dropper”. With barely enough levitation to get to the top, if you bump into anything, you’ll fall back to the bottom.

Game completed

After finishing the game. you are teleported into a room with a few bees and the option to play again or spectate in creative mode.

UPDATE: I had an incident with my this map in which someone tried to pass it off as his/her own. If you see anything like that again map, please comment and tell me (with a link).

Thanks to Potatouy for pointing this out to me!

To those of you who may want to pass this off as your own: This is actually copyright infringement and illegal. Don’t


Changelog View more

Added a notice about people wishing to pass this off as their own.

  • Added new featured/thumbnail image to represent the map
  • Added CreepyGunner01 to credits



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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17 Responses

5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Guest-6872365506 says:

    hey so it said newer version made or something looks like a great minigame so please fix

  2. Guest-9128951658 says:

    This map says that a newer version of the game saved the level pls fix it ๐Ÿ™‚ (:

  3. Guest-6483470349 says:

    It says a newer version of the game has saved the level/map. Can you fix it? REALLY COOL LOOKING 5 STARS IS MUST, CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY.

  4. Minecraft player1 says:

    I like the looks of this map. I must like it then. 5 stars.

  5. Potatouy says:

    This guy on reddit took a picture of the map and said that the map was made by him

  6. kool kid says:

    i do not understand how to download an play this map on my ipad.

    • yUh says:

      Download the .mcworld, look up convertio, covert the .mcworld to a .zip, download the .zip, unzip it in the files app, and move it to On My iPhone (or My iPad) > Minecraft > games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds. Hope this helps

    • Bananabob999 says:

      Once you download it, go to the downloads page in your browser, and choose to open the file in another app (or just tap it, depending on the browser), and choose Minecraft.

  7. Hi says:

    Can I get help I donโ€™t know how to play the map on ipad

  8. ARSle says:

    I love how you just have two random command blocks where you could repeatedly spawn and kill pigs. Anyway, fun map! Hope you do more.

  9. That was a fun map. I liked [and occasionally disliked] the creative use of the honey block.

  10. Springtrap says:

    FREE ME!!!

  11. lilacchapstick says:

    This was so fun! One of the best maps, I have played in a while ๐Ÿ™‚

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