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Published on May 09, 2015 (Updated on May 09, 2015)

Honey Mod

Beehives are the homes of bees. There are both natural occuring beehives out in the wild such as hollowed-out trees and beehives which are man-made. In the Honey Mod you will only find the man-made ones as you will be the one to craft them. The beehive is an automated structure where the bees will produce honey for you. The honey can then be used to craft edible cookies with honey.

Creator: McAwesomeGirl

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Bee (400) - break grass to find
  • Empty Jar (401) - 6 glass panes + 1 oak planks
  • Honeycomb (402) - 4 sponge + 4 dandelion yellow
  • Jar of Honey (403) - tap on a beehive with an empty jar
  • Cookie with honey (404) - 1 jar of honey + 1 cookie
  • Cookie dough (405) - 4 cocoa beans + 1 egg
  • Beehive (90) - 8 honeycombs + 1 bee

Building a Beehive

Before building a beehive you will first need to find some bees by breaking grass.

To craft the actual beehive you will need 8 Honeycombs and 1 Bee.

Place down the beehive somewhere suitable and you have now built your first beehive.

Collect Honey & Baking Cookies

From the beehive you can obtain honey. Tap with an Empty Jar on the beehive to collect some.

The honey itself can then be used to bake cookies with honey.

Begin by making some cookie dough with 4 cocoa beans and 1 egg. Place the cookie dough in a furnace and bake it there to get some cookies.

Then bake the cookies with honey in a crafting table with 1 cookie and 1 jar of honey. The cookies heal 1.5 hearts.

Download Mod (Dropbox)
Download Textures (Dropbox)

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I cant download it because its from dropbox could you tell us how or make it an mc.pack
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hi!! creator here. the mod is outdated and therefore is not an add-on. i dont plan on making more addons or mods at the moment so sorry if you cant add it to your game!!
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Could you please make the download a. mcPack? If so this would be the best Add-on ever considering I love bees. Key could you please send me a video link on how to download things from Drop Box.
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I can’t get it ????????
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LittleLizardgaming ?. ?? or is it
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