Horror Apocalypze

You are a soldier and your mission is to prevent the apocalypse, fight, escape and pass parkours. Your ability is the most important. A terror map which will be very complicated and tedious.

Map made by Funky467 and built by Zacro.


Map made by funky467 and build by zacro and funky467 

You can survive?

survive as you can, escape from the bad, your mission is to prevent the apocalypse, will you achieve it?

Fight and pass the map

explore the huge city, pass the puzzles and fight for, your life


explore the city, look for easter eggs, and don’t be scared to death, it is a map with a very high difficulty and talk with the survivers 

Do not die of fear and play my map

Changelog View more

I put the file 

I named mcworld, to identificate the file 

I put the mc world file 

I change the chánelog 


I put the Mcworld file 

i put the dowland link 

I put the name of the builder 

I put the text in English  


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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  1. ResidentRex says:

    The map was really good but why was there no english version?

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