Host UHC on Any World with A UHC Brain!

So I created an add-on that makes hosting UHCs VERY easy! WITH 2 BUTTON PRESSES! Im calling it a “UHC Brain”. It doesn’t use Function commands so it will work on Realms/Servers/Multiplayer/LAN and it has Spectator, Deathmatch, 3 World Border sizes and much more!

This Addon contains a structure file that contains loads of command blocks with everything you need to host an automatic UHC with 2 button presses! all of the commands to set it up, run automatically and so does the timing logic! 

I have also included a .mcworld download with the UHC pre-installed on a good UHC seed! Installing it this way is good for a one time use or to test it out! and it is also much easier to set up! But it can only be used with the seed/world provided!

If you install the .mcworld, you can start at step 6! 

UHC Brain Features: 


Fully automated – host plays too

Spawn Box Creator

Natural Regen Off

Spread players (with no fall damage for 10s)

Alive Players Are Displayed On HUD

First heal @ 15m

Final heal and PVP on @ 30m

Meetup at 0, 80, 0 @ 60mr and (locator) maps allowed now!

Optional Deathmatch @ 75m

Optional WORLD BORDER with multiple sizes (512×512, 1024×1024, 2048×2048, Borderless)

Spectator Mode for the dead

Optional Banned Items

Jazzy Title commands to Keep everyone in the loop!


Golden Heads!..ish (players drop golden apple when killed by players)

I created a YouTube Video to guide everyone through installation –

But the steps are as follows:

1: Install “WaspBrain420’s UHCbrain V2.mcaddon

2: Create a world. –

Must – Cheats on, experimental gameplay on, Turn on the UHCbrain behavior pack and the resources should go on automatically!

EDUCATION EDITION is needed for spectators to fly, I have done everything i can to mitigate lag, commands run every 10 ticks at most, but this can create lag with loads of players so BEWARE! (should be fine) 

Optional – choose seed, set simulation distance low

3. When world loads up, run these 3 commands : (only ones you type!!!)

/gamemode c 

(double tap jump to fly, so you don’t fall with the next command)

/tp 0 180 0

/setblock 0 180 0 structure_block

4. Go Into The structure block and LOAD the “UHCbrain” – Change to load, mode type “UHCbrain”, hit enter, then hit load! 

5. (Structure blocks don’t save the condition (Minecraft bug))

Change all of the Chain command blocks (green ones) on the top floor (visible floor) back to conditional, and also delete the Redstone block! – chat will stop getting spammed after this. be careful not to accidentally type in the command blocks 

6. There is a signed book on a lectern, maybe read it, its the “operations manual”. Basically everything here. For convenience.

7. Hit the button labeled “pre-game setup” 

8. Choose preferences from the options levers! 

9. Get everyone to join the world! (they will spawn in the spawn box!) 

10. Once everyone has joined Hit the “start Game button” and this will start the game and TP everyone into the world! 


The host gets tagged when the first button is pressed! they cant leave during the game as they are crucial to the timing circuit!

*This* is the DeathMatch Box!

I plan to release a second video on my UHC Brain V2, with an explanation of all the commands and a customization tutorial! Make sure you catch that if you’re interested!


Changelog View more

I fixed the grammar errors, typos and put a good youtube link to a video describing installation I made - like the previous edit, but with this one, I also added a .mcworld download, which isn't as versitile, but is easier for people to install, I also added a paragraph describing these changes!



Supported Minecraft versions


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15 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It working but redstone block isnt working.

  2. Guest-8905892778 says:

    Am in the only one who can download it lmao

  3. Guest-3159731768 says:

    It is not working

  4. Guest-9450044783 says:

    When I installed it didnt show up in devoplement pack

  5. DrAv0011 says:

    One tip, stop using command blocks and start using more functions and animation controllers behavior side, using command blocks is too much 2019 😉

  6. WaspBrain420 says:

    In the description, it says that players drop golden apples when killed! it’s not “really” golden heads!

  7. Guest-3357496432 says:

    Hey. How did you do this with the heads. I mean when someone dies it can place a head on it Plz help

  8. WaspBrain420 says:

    lmfao, sorry man 🙁 I’m a noob, I’ve fixed it! haha

  9. Enderwear says:

    Can’t install because mediafire file says it’s set to private

  10. WaspBrain420 says:

    There’s an Installation Guide on YouTube

  11. WaspBrain420 says:

    Theres an Installation Guide on YouTube!

  12. Guest-8460722730 says:

    I cant install it!

  13. Enderwear says:

    What a good seed to use this on?

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