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Hostile Humanoid Mobs Skins

Humanoid mobs are creatures which are in resemlance with humans (i.e., the Steve character). Here you will find all the best skins of such origin and only ones that are considered hostile (e.g., a Creeper which love to blow up and cause as much damage to you as possible).



[download label=”Download Creeper”]http://mcpedl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/creeper.png[/download]

The Creeper is one of the most dangerous common mobs in Minecraft. If it sees you it will try to get as close to you as possible and explode.



[download label=”Download Herobrine”]http://mcpedl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/herobrine.png[/download]

Herobrine isn’t exactly a mob as it doesn’t exist (as far we know!). He’s said to be a dead brother of Notch coming back to haunt Minecraft players. But to be honest, it’s probably not much truth in that saying. It’s still a little bit of fun Minecraft trivia.



[download label=”Download Zombie”]http://mcpedl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/zombie.png[/download]

The Zombie is mostly just a mob with scary sounds. If you stumble upon one zombie alone it will be easy to kill, but if you get many of them after you then you should consider hiding somewhere safe – quick!

Zombie Pigman


[download label=”Download Zombie Pigman”]http://mcpedl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/zombiepigman.png[/download]

Normally Zombie Pigmen spawn in the Nether which is Minecraft’s equalization to hell. They are basically a combination of pig, zombie and skeleton.

Iron Golem


[download label=”Download Iron Golem”]http://mcpedl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/irongolem.png[/download]

Golems are loyal to villagers and serve them with much respect. Any one causing harm to a villager can be sure to be attacked by an Iron Golem which witnesses it. They are strong creatures and a battle should be avoided if possible.

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25 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. ProDEADSTROKE says:

    Could you make it so you can get the skins in a pack instead of individually

  2. The Villager says:

    Now people can think I’m an animal.

  3. Stre says:

    Add netherbrine

  4. Traffic Cone Larry says:

    Could you make this into a skin pack u cant add individual skins on bedrock

  5. a person says:

    the links dont lead to download site pls add 1

  6. MCpillager12 says:

    How are iron golem’s considered an HOSTILE Mob?

    They protect villagers and players, so they should not be in this skin pack.

  7. Draven says:

    I tried to download the creeper the zombie pigman and the zombie, but it says errror page not found what should I do?

  8. WildCatTheGriefer says:

    Can you add Blaze?

  9. DUNKING says:

    can you add skeleton plz

  10. Robert says:

    Well, mr. Enderman, the mobs will still see u as a player whichever skin u wear, and the zombie not attacking u might be because it’s distracted by a villager or it is that u are playing in creative mode.

    • TheDarkTubby1234 says:

      Are you stupid? Did you think that the skins affect the gameplay or the entities’ behavior when seeing you? No, it doesn’t. Dumbass kid.


    Can a zombie skin will not attacked by zombie because i tried to my pc version the zombie did’not attack me?

  12. THE ENDERCRAFTER457 says:

    dont worry about downloading the skin wait v 0.11 with skin added (the mc wiki and mcpedl)

  13. Allison says:

    I want to know how to actually get a skin. But nothin’ works.

    • Editor says:

      Search Google Play or the App Store for Minecraft PE skins and you’ll find some app you can use.

      It’s rumored that Minecraft PE will have skins in one of the coming versions, that’s why we are adding skins to our website to have a nice collection of skins when that’s added.

  14. Lexus says:

    Can somebody PLEASE help me understand how to do this stuff?

    • Editor says:

      Skins are coming in one of the next updates of Minecraft. In the meanwhile we are adding awesome skins which you can use later when the new update with skins is here.

    • Akira Fenix says:

      umm, Lexus you need to do the following :
      -download the skin
      -put it on a folder you can find later (if you are using firefox in the desktop)
      if useing chrome (aka : Google Chrome, Chromiun) then make sure you do not have to search for the folder to appear (like appdata does)
      -open Minecraft.
      -go on the vest button (under your Steve or Alex in case you use the vanilla) if you use the PC Gui (like me) click on customize.
      -after THAT click on the blocky nothingless skin. (custom) click in Select new skin.
      -find your skin, tap it (OR double click it in desktop case) and select if the skin IS 3PX (Alex) or 4PX (Steve)

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