Hostile World Mod

If you feel that the ordinary world of Minecraft is way too easy for you then the Hostile World Mod most definitely will be a great challenge for you. Friendly mobs such as chickens and cows will now be a lot more dangerous as they can defend themselves. The power of food and other items has been drastically decreased to improve on the difficulty of your survival.

Creator: diamonderlikerer


  • All mobs will now defend themselves. For example, attacking a cow previously has never been of any danger. But now the attacked cow will chase after you and it will also call for help from any other nearby mobs.
  • The healing of food have been drastically decreased. All food items now only heals 1 heart.
  • Mining ores is now dangerous. Every time you mine one creeper chickens will spawn.
  • Having on you any TNT, flint & steel and cake will make you explode.

Charged by a mad cow.


Some creeper chickens which spawned after mining a gold ore.



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5 Responses

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  1. cool981 says:

    Good mod! I might create an addon version of this.


    Haven’t played it yet. It looks cool! Yet really hard…
    You can’t mine diamonds with the chickens killing you.

  3. Edward says:

    Can u add a media fire download… drop box isn’t working:) thanks

  4. Whoops my bad guys, when you mine ores it was supposed to spawn creepers, not chickens!

    Change var creeper = Level.spawnMob(x, y, z, 10, “mob/creeper.png”);
    To var creeper = Level.spawnMob(x, y, z, 33, “mob/creeper.png”);
    That should fix it! 😀

    • Editor says:

      Ah, okay! Thought that was a little bit weird. Hehe!

      If you wanna update the link just drop it here in the comments and I will fix the download link in the post.

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