Hot Rod Add-on

Hot rods are old-fashioned, classic American cars which are easy to recognize because of the big engine in the front. This particular vehicle has a very cool flame paintjob design and the vehicle model looks a lot like a real life hot rod. It’s fairly small though and got space for just one player, but it does have a big trunk compartment.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 16 July, 2017 (read changelog)

How to drive the hot rod?

Hot rods can be found spawning naturally in the world or by using a spawn egg. Hold a key while seated inside the vehicle to drive it.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the vehicle and press Drive to enter the vehicle
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the hot rod to enter the vehicle

It is not the fastest car in the world but it definitely looks pretty awesome!

The hot rod is driven similar to riding a horse. Mount it and then start driving! The large engine in the front makes it difficult to see the road ahead, so you probably want to switch to third-person mode in the game settings.

You can access the trunk either by exiting the car and then sneak, long press on the hot rod and press Open or you can simply open the normal inventory while seated. It functions similar to a single chest and has 27 available storage slots.

The design is quite astonishing. Another cool thing is that the wheels will actually be spinning while you’re driving it.


  • New UUIDs
  • Custom names and sounds
  • No longer need a key to drive
  • Rideable like horses
  • Compatible with the latest Minecraft version


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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60 Responses

4.25 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. The Ty Ty Camera says:

    I cant get past adfly

  2. Glenn Gabriel V. Panahon says:

    This addon is super cool!!!

  3. Glenn Gabriel V. Panahon says:

    Wow this addon is super cool!!

  4. EthanHelliwell says:

    It replaces the zombie pigman

  5. Mark Keeble says:

    thanks you

  6. SansDacula says:

    Yo addon dev, can you change the controls of the other car addons to be the same as this addon’s controls?

  7. Nitro_740 says:

    Man WHERE ARE THE GTR i want a blue gtr with black interior with a key

    and another thing
    can u make the controls like the player controls when u hold a key cuz on most of the car addon she u hold the key and go flying

    but yeah i want that GTR

    also a youtuber named unspeakable gaming he plays minecraft and he has a blog channel he has a gtr and u can see its pics on internet it is beautiful can we get that ingame? i know we can cuz gona is amazing at cars

  8. Nitro_740 says:

    Man WHERE ARE THE GTR i want a blue gtr with black interior with a key

    and another thing
    can u make the controls like the player controls when u hold a key cuz on most of the car addon she u hold the key and go flying

    but yeah i want that GTR

  9. AgheeraAkela says:

    Why I can’t download the Behavior pack?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is it fun I never tried yet

  11. Anonymous says:

    Clash Royale addon Gona!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I must make another world but a city with this mod

  13. mr says:

    please make bmw m4 gts addon 😊

  14. Stella says:

    The only thing that was bad is that I couldn’t find the key what is the key?

  15. JaydenZ says:

    How do i download it keeps going going back to

  16. ImagineCraft says:

    What is the key

  17. Berry Bones says:

    Hey gona can you make it so that the hot rod replaces a different mob because I have another addon that replaces the same mob and I want to use both of them at the same time

  18. • / lol \ • says:

    G00D addon but is replace horses .
    Whatever is really cool i can boost this car very easy #ThumbsUp

  19. • / lol \ • says:

    Good addon but is replace horses .
    Whatever is really cool i can boost this car very easy #ThumbsUp

  20. DankMemes says:

    Hey Editor, could you possibly implement a feature on MCPEDL to be able to download past versions of updated addons?

  21. DankMemes says:

    So, update is great with making controls easier, but now i look up or down, half the car moves with my head…Gona, if you read this, could you PLEASE make it so this doesn’t happen. I had the same problem with the War Tank update

  22. MikeMCMG says:

    Hey Gona i had a few addon idea
    1) update the plane addon
    2) make a mafia addon (my fav)
    3) like more flying vehicle

  23. ThatGuyFromTheCornerStore says:

    I love this add-on. I’m making a race course and this car it perfect for it 10/10. Can you make a Bugatti veyron next or a Bentley continental? Thanks!

  24. SansDacula says:

    What does it replace? Also, can you make car add ons that replace horses?

  25. Kosal says:

    What does gona use to make his/her addons?? I wanna know so I can make my own, beacuse I have a work in progress driving simulator addon, and Im not good with code

  26. Ethan says:

    Um are you peacefull it’s a mob so pls go to either easy,normal or hard

  27. Brickmeister says:

    Hot rod replaces the creeper, you can craft a carrot on a stick of you can’t find the key. You also need to check world settings before opening the world and make sure you have both the resource pack and behavior pack in use for that world.

  28. Zac says:

    How about stampys lovely world

  29. Anonymous says:

    I HAVE AN IIDEA!!! what about a porsche or ferrari OR buggati addon

  30. Anonymous says:

    make motorcycle addon (with behavior pack and rescources)

  31. LumbarGaming says:

    i tried all of the spawn eggs and it did not work i used a carrot on a stick but nothing happened. How does it work??

  32. Awesomesauce says:

    Hey Gona, can you make another sports car addon,I really like those

  33. SomeGuyFromNorway says:

    MAke Clash royale addon!!!!

  34. Andrew says:

    Why can’t I use the spawn egg to spawn the hot rod

  35. BuggyPig says:

    It replaces creepers

  36. Plopl says:

    Oh I like it so much

  37. the one says:

    Can you make a race car addon replacing horses because the key can replace the sattle isthe key and have a red and blue and yellow green (the horse versions and textures) idk

  38. Rick says:

    Make a Clash Royale addon please

  39. DankMemes says:

    Gona, try to make a Ford Raptor!!!!

  40. Swagbro10 says:

    Next time though make it .mcaddon

  41. Swagbro10 says:

    Thank you I have always wanted one of these mods.

  42. XCreepdudeX says:

    Make subnautica add on

  43. Voicemail says:

    I bet you will be able to make like 420 and


  44. David RBLX says:

    What does it replace?

  45. Anonymous says:

    What does it replace you didn’t say it

  46. Jamarr says:

    I love the mod

  47. Huskymaster12345 says:

    Gonza, I love your all your work!!!
    But what I really wanted was a Harry Potter Add-on
    It will really make my day

  48. Kawaiichic says:

    Its not Paintjob its pait job for the first paragraph and what does the car replace?
    Also the Web page is taking loneger to load.

  49. Huskymaster12345 says:


  50. RedDeathElixir says:

    I want to install the addon but it depends what it replaces.

  51. Rustelk2930 says:

    What is the spawn egg?

  52. Nisinoodle says:

    Can you make command Addons what I mean is commands that can make furniture custom pets and much more!

  53. N1SSANGuy says:

    I really love your car Add ons, but can you please please do a Nissan Silvia Spec R or a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 pls, they’re my dream cars

  54. TheREALProductYT says:

    This is amazing Gona your my most favorite addon person and I have another idea for your car addon it would be a Ferrari or a buggy thanks for everything se-yah! 😀

  55. BuggyPig says:

    Gona do u know what it replaces

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