Hotel Escape [Adventure] [Puzzle]

Hotel Escape is an adventure and puzzle map which tests your skills at solving puzzles and abilities to escape. It takes inspiration from popular escape rooms and brings similar challenges to Minecraft. There are 10 different rooms which you’ll need to escape from and you can expect between 20 minutes to 2+ hours worth of gameplay. It’s all dependent on your own skills.

The map took just over one week to build and it uses a complex system of redstone and command blocks to give the player a very fun and unique gameplay.

Creator: CaptianCamera


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30 Responses

3.95 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Jacob Smith says:

    Needs updating. Keeps teleporting me randomly to the maze area earlier than i am supposed to be there and sends me back over and over

  2. Beast517 says:

    I haven’t played it yet but just by the comments I can tell it’s good😂😂😂

  3. Carter says:

    I beat it in ten mins

  4. TBNRAlmin says:


  5. Hungrygal187 says:

    Is this game horror or normal.

  6. Sloan says:

    Is there any parkour in it? Just curious

  7. Ems says:

    I got stuck on the 1st level XD nice map bro

  8. TheGamerPlayzYT says:

    Is this game soo hard or am I just dumb I got stuck in the first room duno what to do so I guess I’ll just talk with that hotel host BTW great map

  9. Anonymous says:

    Do u know where the gravel is in the first room I looked for a while and couldn’t find it

  10. haha says:

    horrible treating to guests btw next time make a pool to say sorry to them XD great map also!

  11. Billy Whizz says:

    On the first bit at the start of the hotel I got stuck in a hole in the floor

  12. CaptianCamera says:

    Thanks for the tip. I have used it a bunch, in an upcoming build. Thanks!

  13. Rio says:

    I don’t know how to do this map can someone tell me there
    IP and port

  14. Jaden says:

    I know it already he contacted me and said I made a map called pixel battle

  15. Mr. Meeno says:

    How do you even get passed the beginning?? I saw the secret room in the first room and there were broken signs. Were they meant to say something? And was the gravel meant to be the key? Because there was nowhere to put it…

    • CaptianCamera says:

      Hi, the gravel can be placed in the ground, near the chair with the hint on the back. It will open up a gravel wall, to enter stage two. Hope this helps.

  16. xXBACHIKINXx says:

    I completed it in 3 minutes 27 seconds. First time round. Up your game bruh.

  17. K1NGH4CK3R says:

    I rated for 6 stars

  18. K1NGH4CK3R says:

    wow nice idea

  19. CaptianCamera says:


  20. EksoticBlue says:

    Cool 😀 Very Awesome 😀

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nice map

  22. 2019 says:

    Fizzman797 will upload a map called pixel battle.

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