Hotel Rooms Riddle [Puzzle] (Beta Only)

Hotel Rooms Riddle is a logic game and brain teaser that uses critical thinking and was inspired by Einstein’s Five-Houses Riddle. It is a game that uses the same technique as Sudoku and also uses the process of elimination. The goal of this riddle is to find the rooms of each 13 customers of a hotel using the clues that are given to you. Good luck!

Creator: TheGoldenSpade


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13 Responses

4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Hi says:

    🙁 it say I got wrong answer when it write
    Pls fix it

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got the right answer but it said it was wrong so I clicked the give up button and it was exactly the same as I had as answer and I tried 4 times and it did not work with the same answer that was.

  3. Cameron says:

    It doesn’t work

  4. Cole kilponen says:

    I wanted to play but I did not let when I bought it for 2:99 and it the new version of the game

  5. Cole says:

    It said sorry we can’t let you play cause the new version won’t be saved

  6. ELLIE says:

    I downloaded it, but when I got into the game, it said it was a different version, or something like that.

  7. UserPlayz says:

    Nice And Great Map!

  8. Prettyrobloxy says:

    What is the Beta for? The aquatic update already came out…

    • EnderCake says:

      It says beta because if you pay 20$ dollars to buy beta then for instance before the first part of the aquatic update came out people with beta had the first part of the update, so when the first part was released people with beta got the full update. It’s a way for Mojang to make money.

  9. Nick_2009 says:

    Its goood

  10. EggyIsQueen says:

    It won’t work how do I get it to work??

  11. SuperGirlyGamer says:

    It won’t let me download bc it’s saved on a different level?

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