How To Parkour [Parkour]

How To Parkour consists of 15 different parkour levels and each of them offer a different type of challenge based on how the course has been built and also depending on which blocks was used. If you want to train your parkour skills then this map offers a great variety of challenges which can be challenging for most players no matter your skill level.

Creator: Gamerington, Twitter Account

how-to-parkour-5 how-to-parkour-2 how-to-parkour-1 how-to-parkour-4


  • Play on survival
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Don’t break/place blocks


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6 Responses

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  1. JohnRey Playing says:

    THANKS FOR THE MAP , Im Thanking Cause I Learn How To Parkour And This Map Is Really Amazing

  2. Abdulkarim says:

    I finished it with no fails no falls I was playing it with my friends they failed and I trolled them in the end in the last level by /kill it was funny but I /tp them and we won
    Exept me I didn’t fail

  3. Stuff says:

    On the ladder level I just used the jump boost potions 😛

  4. Dksks says:

    Omg i love this map :). Took me an hour and i am an expert…i skipped the glass pane level, the invisible block, and trapdoor levels but all the rest i did legit #PGN

  5. GoldenRipperKing says:

    Please add .McWorld to this it looks like an amazing map.Please

  6. Clyde Angeles says:

    nc map

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