How To Train Your Dragon Add-on

HTTYD is an addon that introduces rideable dragons from the famous franchise “How to train your dragon” to Minecraft, The addon is also combined with a script that allow a realistic flying behaviors. Unfortunately scripts are still exclusive to Windows 10, So I’ve provided a second behavior pack for other platforms that grants the old way of flying (by jumping and slowly falling).

This is the third beta of the addon, so it’s still missing a lot of features like natural spawning and actual dragons 


The new beta no longer require scripts, which means realistic flying is supported on all platforms


  • Night Fury

Night Fury is one of the rarest dragons in the franchise, It has 3 Variants 

  • Light Fury

Light Fury, One of the newest Dragons from the 3rd movie, It has 2 Variants

  • Deadly Nadder

Probably the most popular dragon of all time, Has 3 variants.

  • Monstrous Nightmare:

A new and a fan favorite Dragon, comes with 4 variants


The behaviors and Scripts have been through a major rewrite, let’s begin 😀

  • New Features:

– EGGS!! Bred Dragons will now lay eggs instead of the usual birth.

– Dragon Eggs will start shaking 20 to 40 mins after being laid down

– Dragon Eggs will hatch 40 mins after being laid down

– A new taming mechanics, Use a fish to tame the dragon. Once tamed they will not follow you or defend you they’ll just be friendly.

– To fly them, Right click a tamed dragon to ride then open the inventory and saddle him. When Saddled they will follow you, They will not fly on their own, You can make them sit, You can leash them.

– You can also put a chest on a tamed dragon and also remove it, (Right click with a chest to chest him, Right click with another chest to unchest him)

– The Night Fury now cycles between 2 Melee and 1 Fire Charge attacks randomly.

– The Light Fury will cycle between 3 Melee and 1 Fire Charge attacks randomly.

– The Deadly Nadder will cycle between 1 Melee, 1 Fire Charge and 1 Spikes(shooting spikes from it’s tail) attacks randomly.

– Baby dragons will not cycle between the Fire Charge / Spikes ability until they become adults.

  • New Dragons:

– The Monstrous Nightmare

– Will cycle between 1 Melee and 1 Fire Charge attacks.

– Behaviors same to the other dragons

– It will not lay eggs yet.

– The Monstrous Nightmare will breath FIRE :fire: :fire:

  • List of animations that can be triggered for all dragons

– Walking + default posing (obviously)

– Flying Up

– Flying Down

– Flying_Open: When you keep flying forward but not up or down, just forward

– Flying_Resting: When you’re mid air and you stop moving forward.

– Sitting

– Tempting (Cod/Salmon)

– Attacks (Different Dragons have Different attacks as stated in “New Features”)

– Sleeping (Bugged, rarely works)

If you find any bugs, Please make sure to tweet them to me at @StarkTMA_YT

YouTube Video

Changelog View more
- Scripts are no longer needed
- Fixed collusion between the dragon and the player while riding
  • Brand new behaviors and scripts
  • Added new features to previous dragons
  • Added a new Dragon


  • Import the packs
  • Turn on Experimental Gameplay
  • Enjoy :)
  • Tweet me Pics of you riding Dragons


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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356 Responses

4.19 / 5 (205 votes)
  1. Guest-3383426981 says:

    Hi does anyone know how the lay eggs, Thanks.

    • Guest-5738690710 says:

      Yeah all you do is breed them, also if anyone knows the creator could you ask them to add more dragons.

  2. Guest-1271411020 says:

    it doesnt work for me

  3. Guest-2648653449 says:

    Can you change the model of the light fury and night fury

  4. Guest-1425527317 says:

    Por favor haz que funcione en realms de minecraft, de verdad me encanto este addon :(, lo instale en un realm y si puedes ver a los dragones pero no montarte en ellos, eso me decepciono mucho ;( por favor arreglalo

  5. Guest-3639481081 says:

    Can u make the dragons faster please

  6. Guest-3234507250 says:

    Can u make a bit of improvements??
    -the dragon dies after swimming in a little puddle can u make it fly away from water???
    -i realized that the baby dragon that hatched cant be tamed like wtf
    -i have noticed that after putting a lead on the dragon, its behaviour changes( it wont follow u) so yeah pls fix this
    -the dragon is half buried on the ground after pressing sit
    -can u make them fire while ur riding them?
    -and; when u look dow just a little bit, can u make the dragon keep its hight of flight? Coz it gets annoying when u cant see where ur going…
    -more dragons but no weapons or characters or anythingggg
    -when u look down, the dragon goes faster(like elytra)
    -the dragon will attack anything and not run away
    -more health(my dragon died during a raid 🙁 ]
    -make them hostile to villagers during the night like the movie
    -spawn during the night and rarity varies according to the dragon(night fury: rare, nadder: common, etc.
    -make them fly with u during flight with elytra
    -an injured night fury(kinda like toothless) and u can dye the new leather tail with any color)
    -allow them to go to the nether and the end(coz they cant in the current update)
    -when ur falling the dragon will catch u
    -faster flight with dragons
    -make their behavior kinda like the horse(if u want to) you give them fish to like u, then u have to mount the dragon until it likes u
    -less use of fish( a dragon ate two stacks of fish and cant even be tamed XD)
    -thats it…thank u for reading and i hope you may fix these bugs and add these improvements… <3 i love this addon

  7. Guest-8229776654 says:

    Pzl make it 1.16

  8. Guest-3591037381 says:

    How to find the dragon in survival?

  9. Guest-2893385647 says:

    ps it would be cool to see a plane/tank/helicopter mod/addon soon. that is realistic like this one. not just you jump a million miles in the air.

    • Guest-9903474015 says:

      By any chance could you add skrills, bonenappers, thunderdrums, and Bewilderbeasts. I would be very thankful if you add it.

  10. Guest-4212267722 says:

    ok so i guess i did say i did’t have many problems with it but sadly i found more thing. it is still good and they are not bugs per say. but idk i just would like to see them and i think it would make it so much better. like ether having the border were they go up/down lowed bye a little. or make it key binded like e to go up and q to go down idk i think that would be cool. then like i sayed to be able to shoot fire balls on command that would be cool. so yea uther then that it is cool. i am so glad it is now available on all play forms now. my bro has wanted to play with it for so long. now for now other then that it is amazing.

  11. Guest-4782277798 says:

    ok this is probe one of the best mod/addons i have ever Sean it is so cool and fun i love to play with it. but there is only one down side that i am sure a lot of people would like to see to witch is to be able to have the dragons shoot fire balls on command. i hope to see this soon and other then that i love it 10/5. it is so cool and again probe one of the best mods i have Sean. ps don’t be mad at me if you don’t like the mod. i do. proble because i love things that fly and dragons and the movies. again don’t be mad at me for my a pinyon. oh and keep up the grate work stark 😉

  12. Guest-6514063386 says:

    stormcutter and bewioderbeast

  13. Guest-2413333403 says:

    Add this to normal minecraft pos mojang

    • Guest-3414320455 says:

      Can you change the model of the light fury and night fury

    • Guest-3673796002 says:

      Pls ad more dragons like storm cuters and bone naper gronckle or like maybe red death and be wilder beast and acreamind death and death griper or thunder drown and pls make the flying can be ste

      ady or lock and pls make it faster pls im looking for ward for it

  14. Guest-3017353320 says:

    id love if there was a way to make them sit i would love if there was a gronclele it would be asome and maybe if there was dragon scale

  15. Guest-9775803745 says:

    Hey Mr. Creator,

    I have implemented my own fly.json. I know i only gave you a couple hours to respond but here it is.

    What I changed:
    Added 3 new transitions
    1) launch — Looking straight up will give you a stronger levitation effect
    2)dead_zone — Looking between fly_up and glide gives you a stronger slow falling effect
    3)fall — looking straight down removes slow falling so that you decend faster

    That’s it!

    File Location: com.mojang\behavior_packs\HowToTrain\animation_controllers
    File: fly.json

    open with Visual Studio Code

    **Note** if you’d prefer the dragon to look higher up before starting to fly go to line 11 where you see:
    “fly_up”: “query.has_rider == 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) >= -5 && query.head_x_rotation(0) = -5 && query.head_x_rotation(0) = 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) = 0 && query.head_x_rotation(0) <= 10"

    copy and paste the following:

    "format_version": "1.8.0",
    "animation_controllers": {
    "": {
    "states": {
    "default": {
    "transitions": [{
    "launch": "query.has_rider == 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) = -5 && query.head_x_rotation(0) = 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) <= 10"
    "glide": "query.has_rider == 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) 10”
    “fall”: “query.has_rider == 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) > 20”
    “glide”: {
    “on_entry”: [
    “/effect @s slow_falling 1 1 true”
    “transitions”: [{
    “default”: “1”
    “fly_up”: {
    “on_entry”: [
    “/effect @s levitation 1 5 true”
    “transitions”: [{
    “default”: “1”
    “dead_zone”: {
    “on_entry”: [
    “/effect @s slow_falling 1 255 true”
    “transitions”: [{
    “default”: “1”
    “launch”: {
    “on_entry”: [
    “/effect @s levitation 1 25 true”
    “transitions”: [{
    “default”: “1”
    “fall”: {
    “on_entry”: [
    “/effect @s clear”
    “transitions”: [{
    “default”: “1”

    Thanks for the great mod,

    P.S. 5 star rating now with my custom fly.json (completely my opinion)

  16. Guest-7743290801 says:

    Hey Mr. Creator,

    i am currently working on improving the flight controls and adding eggs to wandering villager trades for my personal reason. If i get a working jsons would you like me to post it for you? Also i am making a whole villager mod so the wandering trader would not be vanilla.

    Thanks for the great mod,

    P.S. I never even saw HTTYD and i love this mod.

    4 Star rating for:

    1) having to look at sky to go up and canty see where youre going and if you try to look around you fall like a rock

    2) they dont spawn naturally. At least i havent seen it.

  17. Guest-6899819881 says:

    Plz add red death and bewilder beast plz

  18. Guest-8311165169 says:

    Add these dragons gronkle hideous zippleback storm cutter death gripper also Vikings and weapons also realistic textures plz

  19. Guest-8475448757 says:

    very good the mod I would like you to correct the following errors
    -night fury and luminous fury that when they sit they sink into the blocks
    – monstrous nightmare shoots fireballs from the chest
    -to improve the match system
    -that when dragons fall into the water they look to fly away or something because they die in a puddle and it is very ridiculous.
    And I would like you to add
    -Viking weapons like axes or swords
    -the hiccup fire sword
    -armatures of outlines of the characters of the movie
    -that two people can ride on a single dragon
    -new dragons such as the groncle, cremallerus espantosus (that can be mounted by two players one on each neck), storm surge, ghostly sand, steals bones, etc.
    -and realistic textures on dragons

    • Guest-6997436188 says:


      The only good feedback i see in your comment is the water thing. Ill work on it.


      P.S. im sure if you made models for the creator he would implement them, hell i will. You know the swords, axes, and the REALISTIC DRAGONS

  20. Guest-4565636970 says:

    A cool trick is you can hold fish in your hand and it will fly up without looking up

  21. Guest-3020778907 says:

    Do they naturally spawn without Experimental Gameplay? (For realms)

  22. Guest-6665243918 says:

    Can you add the other main dragons, I feel like it would be very to see a dragon with 2 heads and 2 people able to ride it at once. I think it would be very cool if you can find a way to add hiccups sword that’s catches on fire. One more thing I would like to see is all the armors for each main character with their dragon scales.

  23. Guest-2240762871 says:

    I saw a bug, when the egg is hatched and you feed the dragon to become adult, it doesn’t let you ride, Leash, and feed it. Please fix this. 🙂

    • Guest-9605656953 says:

      hi well can you explain to me how to hatch the dragon’s egg is that when i use the addon i wait forty minutes and it doesn’t hatch ._.

  24. Guest-6822910052 says:

    When’s next update

  25. Guest-3352412418 says:

    Why i feel like the egg is not hatching?

    • Guest-4055825525 says:

      Okay im not good at english but i hope you understand and thank you for trying to understand..

      Its a little bit depressing that you need to look up too high just to fly your dragon. Can you adjust it? And i also want that if you looking straight the dragon will not go down or go up. Thats all Thanks! 🙂

      • Guest-7023801259 says:


        File Location: com.mojang\behavior_packs\HowToTrain\animation_controllers
        File: fly.json

        open with Visual Studio Code

        copy and paste the following:

        “format_version”: “1.8.0”,
        “animation_controllers”: {
        “”: {
        “states”: {
        “default”: {
        “transitions”: [{
        “launch”: “query.has_rider == 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) = -5 && query.head_x_rotation(0) = 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) <= 10"
        "glide": "query.has_rider == 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) 10”
        “fall”: “query.has_rider == 1 && query.head_x_rotation(0) > 20”
        “glide”: {
        “on_entry”: [
        “/effect @s slow_falling 1 1 true”
        “transitions”: [{
        “default”: “1”
        “fly_up”: {
        “on_entry”: [
        “/effect @s levitation 1 5 true”
        “transitions”: [{
        “default”: “1”
        “dead_zone”: {
        “on_entry”: [
        “/effect @s slow_falling 1 255 true”
        “transitions”: [{
        “default”: “1”
        “launch”: {
        “on_entry”: [
        “/effect @s levitation 1 25 true”
        “transitions”: [{
        “default”: “1”
        “fall”: {
        “on_entry”: [
        “/effect @s clear”
        “transitions”: [{
        “default”: “1”

  26. DiegoN says:

    Yo say hi to logdotzip

  27. Shiriax says:

    Hi. I apologize for my English, it is not my native language, so there may be misunderstandings since I used a translator.

    Your mod is excellent. This is one of my favorite modifications on Android! Thank you for the new update, I hope that you will continue to promote your project and add even more interesting features.)

    Here is a list of errors that I noticed:

    “the nightmare monster shoots fire from its chest, not from its mouth.
    – night fury and light fury are half-submerged in blocks if they are planted.

    Suggestions for improving mod:

    “the dragons are sinking. according to the cartoon, they didn’t know how to swim (the night fury, for example), but I think it would be possible to make them try to get out of the water, because their death in a small puddle is pretty stupid.
    – please add an animation of the sleep.
    – add the texture of the claws on The dragons ‘ paws to make them look more realistic.
    – add a couple more dragons, such as terrible terror, stormwing, and others (if you do decide to add them, I advise you to change existing dragons first).
    – please add spawn dragons to the world!
    – add the ability of one dragon to transport two players.

    Thank you for trying for us! OwO

  28. Guest-1207101874 says:

    Can we add mor dragon?

  29. DiegoN says:

    How do we get the older versions

  30. Guest-6513843055 says:

    First there is a problem with flying on IOS it just not work. And second some suggestion you could had a hiddeious zippleback, a gronckle, a beildweildest, and a red death.

  31. Guest-7737915722 says:

    Cool, can you add a zippleback and a gronkle please?

  32. Dragolosse says:

    If i add it with wolf+ addon in my realm+ dos i and my friends will have problems?

  33. ociNNico says:

    This man updated an addon that haven’t got an update in almost a year, epic

  34. A R A C H A I says:

    Such an Amazing Addon i Really Had Fun Playing it Thank you

    And ofcourse i use The Link that Supports You

  35. Guest-1887918204 says:

    Legal,mas precisa melhorar o sistema de voo,por exemplo,adicionar enable e disable fly, caso queira ou não voar e o look around,para voar na mesma altura ai darei 5 estrelas

    • SteveMaple228 says:

      YES! MY FAVORITE ADDON IS BACK! thank you thank you. But, the sitting position of the night fury is a bit glitched out. Can you fix this on the next update? Please?

  36. Guest-1803696216 says:


  37. Guest-2355478620 says:

    Hi, maybe you could make it that they turn faster. already tried in the code but didn’t work. maybe you can fix this?

  38. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    This is an awesome addon stark but my deadly nadder killed like 30 sheep’s and it still didnt use the spike attack. Is it broken?

    • Guest-4353885026 says:

      Hey Tony can you make the dragons bigger and add groncle
      Screaming death and be wilder beast and add a new variant for toothless the plasma toothless that’s what I called it OK but this is still one of the best add on that I have ever had

  39. Guest-6918903484 says:

    When I make them sit half of night_fury is inside the ground fix this plsss

  40. Jetman7102 says:

    Use the same mechanics the Zwingli does on the Star Wars mod I’m sure the creator would be kind enough to share his techniques

  41. Guest-3316527043 says:

    In the movie, night fury flying very fast

  42. Guest-2699628890 says:

    It really work but pls add swords. I like this addon

  43. Guest-2720819842 says:

    Flying doesn’t work at all on mobile IOS

  44. Guest-7939351848 says:

    Flying is a tad awkward – it would be nice to be able to go upward with another button rather than looking up.

  45. Guest-2622691539 says:

    Mr.starkMTA can you pls make villager warriors lika a villager knight,vikings,spartan and other…plss

  46. Guest-8477631551 says:

    Please Update Withous Scripts Add New Fly Function Please!!!! No Jump and Slowly Falling

  47. Guest-7413599604 says:

    Please Update Withous Scripts Add New Fly Function Please!!!! No Jump and Slowly Falling

  48. Madison says:

    I love how to train your Dragon

  49. Fiadh O' Donovan says:

    How do I download this addon?

    • Erick says:

      In order for the addon to work, you have to install BlockLauncher. You open it and wait for a few seconds and it is not necessary to enter the wrench. Create a world. You put the addon and it is ready. Enter the world and then a message appears. You simply enter the world and you are ready. Everything is ready

      • Guest-5863865000 says:

        When I log into BlockLauncer it says that I need to update to 1.14.1 but I have 1.14.30! Help Erick!

        • Guest-3943747511 says:

          Sorry but the studio has to be underway follow their effort soon they will do it you don’t have to worry also the update is available without scripts it is not necessary to use BlockLauncher yes. Thanks for your comment 😉

  50. Anonymous says:

    Plz make a function pack for mobile

  51. Dragon fire says:

    Add the death gripper but make the mod for bedrock

  52. Anonymous says:

    Pleaseeee could you update this mod!!! I’m so frustrated that I can’t have dragons in my world, bc httyd is like one of my favourite franchises and I would rlly appreciate if you would hurry up and update it 😞

  53. Chris Gandy says:

    Can you please get rid of scripting no one wants to go through the process of trying to even get there device supported by scripts I don’t even know how to do that I’m already sad enough because I can’t even ride a dragon from my favorite movie in Minecraft there’s do many people that probably can’t even use this add-on so please we ask you make the next update where scripts are gone.

  54. Anonymous says:

    UPDATE THE MOD!!! >:(

  55. PedroOver says:

    Please update the addon to version And remove the scripts. I hate using block launcher. PLEASE!!!!

  56. Logdotzip says:

    Starktma for the next update can you remove the scripts and use code for flying function like from the black dragon addon creator name zahf22 maybe u could join his discord and combine addon it could help each other

  57. Anonymous says:

    starktma can it change to function flying feature?

  58. The Rider says:

    pls could you make it that dye could color the dragons and half of their tails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Aziz says:

    How to use this add ons in mcpe 1.13 ?
    Nothing Block launcher for MCPE 1.13.

  60. JP Dela Cruz says:

    Can you update httyd addon update all the dragon in httyd 3 2 1 please!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Dragon life says:

    Can you add death grippers.

  62. lamar brown says:

    Doen’t work at all for iOS it says unknown name and unknown pack version

  63. Drew says:

    It isn’t valid for iOS Minecraft so can u fix that.

  64. Drew says:

    I doesn’t work

  65. Me pig says:

    I hope it will be available for iOS

  66. tedj says:

    For all the people having trouble…
    Here are some common issues i know how to fix
    1. You can only play this on Android and Windows 10. To use it on android, download an app called “block launcher”
    2. Cant fly. All you have to do is go into your world settings and turn on experimental gameplay
    3. Cant tame. I know this might sound stupid to those of you who already tamed it. All you have to do is keep feeding it fish. Sometimes it might take 20 or 30 fish but it will eventually work.

    And stop asking the creator for like 300 different dragons. These things take a long time to make

    • Guido says:

      I have done everything correctly I believe. Made a new world in blocklauncher, put in the resource en behavior packs, uploaded the client.js and server.js mod files to blocklauncher, and had experimental gameplay on. When I tried to open the world (in Blocklauncher as wel) it said
      org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: ReferenceError: “client” is not defined. (client.js#54823)
      at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.constructError(Unknown Source:8)
      at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.constructError(Unknown Source:13)
      at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.notFoundError(Unknown Source:8)
      at Source:14)
      at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpretLoop(Unknown Source:2070)
      at script(client.js:54823)
      at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpret(Unknown Source:64)
      at Source:20)
      at org.mozilla.javascript.ContextFactory.doTopCall(Unknown Source:0)
      at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.doTopCall(Unknown Source:45)
      at org.mozilla.javascript.InterpretedFunction.exec(Unknown Source:28)
      at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.initJustLoadedScript(
      at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$

      Yeah, a lot of text. When I played in the world, I could spawn, feed, tame, sit, stand and put a saddle and chest on all dragons. The problem was I couldn’t mount them. (Sneak) tapping (which counts as right-clicking just hits the dragon.
      Maybe any of you can help?
      Im in minecraft 1.12.1,from official play store. Android.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont need to import the pack to the import mod from block launcher its an addon not mod just create a world put bp and rp from mc bp n rp then on exp but u still need use blocklauncher to run the scripts🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with him

  67. Hmm says:

    Here are some starters.
    Smothering Smokebreath
    Hideous Zippleback
    Terrible Terror
    And Thunderdrum
    (I would like to see Smothering Smokebreath :p)

  68. UwU says:

    How do you breed them?
    Also can you breed a night fury to a light fury?

  69. Firecharger says:

    If you can please make a Function Pack for Bedrock Edition, Stark

  70. Red death song says:

    Can you please add a death song, blue night fury, more dragon eggs, Grockle, ice and fire dragons, black and red nightfury, Hiccup 31 year’s old, fishlegs, titanwing night fury, titanwing deathsong, titanwing Nadder, Titanwing monsterus nightmare,
    Red and black deathsong, blue and purple Nadder, red and blue night fury

  71. SonFuchs says:

    Just got this and am playing on Window’s 10 edition. They dragon’s can be spawned in, I can tame them, I can put a saddle on them, and I can ride on them, but that’s about it. I’ve been trying for the last few hours to get to flying, but anytime I press to fly, I just jump off. I’m using an xbox controller if this helps. So if anyone else has had this problem and figured it out, please share! Thanks!

  72. Perhaps it may be me!? says:

    I would like to install on the Java edition, but i dont know how.
    Also, i would like this on IOS

  73. Blackpokemon69 says:

    Please add version for mobile with out the flying feature, so that I can still have the dragons in the world

  74. HomieCreeper08 says:

    Make Minecon Live concept addon please

  75. Ahmed says:

    I’m apple iPad I can’t do anything!

  76. Kieran says:

    When the next update out?Sorry for bothering and I know u get this a lot but plz add the skrill.Love the script and flying mexhanics.Block launcher is fine.

  77. Bree says:

    Really fun before but once it was updated other plat forms can’t use it. Make it available to all platforms. Plz Plz Plz Plz

  78. Gimbo899 says:

    El add-on está increíble, pero en donde se generan naturalmente los dragones?

  79. Ruan says:

    O add-ons e ótimo e eu adoraria ter um pula nuvem no jogo e conserteza aumentaria a audiência do add-ons. Tá simplesmente incrível e até posso falar que tá melhor do que o de PC parabéns pelo seu trabalho incrível, aguardo ansiosamente pela próxima atualização.

  80. Ruan says:

    O add-ons e ótima e eu adoraria tem um pula nuvem no jogo e conserteza ia aumentar a audiência do add-ons. Tá simplesmente incrível e até posso falar que tá melhor do que o de PC parabéns pelo seu trabalho incrível, aguardo ansiosamente pela próxima atualização.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Plz plz plz add the bewilderbeast

  82. Anonymous says:

    Plz add gronckle and skrill

  83. Anonymous says:

    Plz add the screaming death

  84. Richard says:

    Hi, i beg the creator of This to respond to my comment or any other comment that is the same aa mine, This addon doesnt work on iOS because it needs “scripting” please help me and all the others out and either tell uss what to do or make another version that doesnt need scripting!

    Thanks, Richard.

  85. Slamdunk T says:

    Plz make it to where you can find the eggs in chests or in creative inventory and plz plz plz add the screaming death or the sand wraith

  86. This addon used to be incredible but now I can’t even use it

  87. Slamdunk T says:

    It’s an amazing add on can you make it without glitches or make the flying different plz

  88. Therere says:

    I heat this s addon because it needs java scripts

  89. awesomeEVAN555 says:

    So is this Add-On always only going to be for Windows 10? If so, damn. I have an IOS which sucks for me. Hope you could somehow make a lower version of this.

  90. Meeee/MinecraftPlayer says:

    Wasted my time because it doesn’t work for mobile. If that happens I might rate higher…

  91. Anonymous says:

    WHY did you take away the not scripted one!? Despite me having android, I can’t use blocklauncher, because they never update it! 😿

  92. Meow says:

    The babies from the eggs can’t be tamed and little glitches with the flight but it’s amazing! (Please add natural spawning soon so I can play it in Survival Mod)

  93. Add4 says:

    I downloaded and put the addon on Blocklauncher and the new saddle mechanics and Monstrous Nightmare are available, but I can’t figure out how to fly. If anyone knows how, could you please let me know?

  94. Firecharger says:

    When is he gonna update this add-on again for devices that can’t run scripts? Pllzzzzzz do

  95. Rafie says:

    Its No Work On Android Can You Make Behavior Pack Jumping And Slowing Fall (with this update).

  96. Thuỷ says:

    Hãy cho thêm những con rồng đẹp như trên pc vậy

  97. Amazing work again. I contacted mojang themselves about scripting, but they don’t seem to be interested in giving answers to quetsions.

    AND EGGS TOO!!!!

  99. K Rukus9 (How to Train your Dragon's biggest fan) says:

    Pls add every dragon and character (NPCs of course) in the whole series, and maybe make and attach a map too!

  100. HaydenLavarias says:

    I love the addon but my device is android and i cant join my world when i use this to my world it wasting my time grrr its not working and my device is asus i want to kill the one who created this ugly addon dont waste your time it disgust me

    • Razerwren says:

      This does not work taming the dragons does but I can’t do anything with them

    • I have this same problem sometimes but then in another world it does work for some reason.
      This person is more experienced than you on the field of making add-ons so don’t go swearing at them because you think they can’t code. Believe me, StarkTMA is doing everything to make this add-on work, but this type of stuff is hard to code. Realize that. Would YOU be able to make an add-on like this? I didn’t think so. You don’t even know how hard coding is, so don’t call StarkTMA out for having a bug in his add-on. You don’t want to kill mojang themselves for having a bug in minecraft, do you? This is almost the same thing.

    • Also, you need blocklauncher too, not only an android device.

  101. Mihon says:

    It is great. Update it more often please

  102. Quietshindude says:

    I Love it!!!! I wish if you can add custom npcs that talk and walk around like the player and they can give you missions as well and if you can add all the dragon bosses like the bewilderbeast and them super massive and huge and they start like babies also add more dragons like species we have never heard of Like shadow drogons,an alpha light fury,a night light and a shockjaw
    also can you make every dragon in a 3D form and can you add some new armor and swords and they have some special effects on you and on the enemy and can you add some enemies like enemy nations and make every dragon has a special skin and strength like the habitat it came from also make them have animations for every thing like eating,sleeping,walking and flying. I hope you can do it Stark.

  103. Pikaniper47 says:

    Hey where is the other behavior pack for the versions that don’t have scripting? Bc the beta doesn’t work on iOS bc of scripting. Thanks!

  104. Firecharger says:

    When is he gonna update this add-on for mobile Minecraft.:-(

  105. lmaoitzjay says:

    hello yeah so my dragons dont wanna fly so what should i do ? i tried how it said to but aint working so help me i begggggg u

  106. TitanTamer says:

    I breed the night they and light fury but no eggs do u get them.I really would want the eggs for my Dragon army.plz explain.other than that this is amazing with the flying.

  107. Jimmy'sPizzaria says:

    When I try to fly it kicks me off. How to fix? other than cool.

  108. Akbar says:

    How to use of with block launcher

  109. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    Can you make it so that it doesn’t use script

  110. Quietshindue says:

    I Love it!!!! I wish if you can add custom npcs that talk and walk around like the player and they can give you missions as well and if you can add all the dragon bosses like the bewilderbeast and them super massive and huge and they start like babies also add more dragons like species we have never heard of Like shadow drogons,an alpha light fury,a night light and a shockjaw
    also can you make every dragon in a 3D form and can you add some new armor and swords and they have some special effects on you and on the enemy and can you add some enemies like enemy nations and make every dragon has a special skin and strength like the habitat it came from also make them have animations for every thing like eating,sleeping,walking and flying. I hope you can do it Stark.

  111. Robert says:

    Can you try to make this possible for all platforms please because I only have an iOS and this looks really cool and I wish that scripting was available in iOS and Android

  112. Horrible 2 says:

    NVM it’s good I just didn’t enter through BlockLauncher

  113. GamingWithYassin says:

    Hi, please add a behavior pack and a script, because I can’t play on bedrock edition because it doesn’t run scripts, also I see many people complain about this so please.

  114. HirwrC says:

    How can I breed the dragons? I tried to breed same type of dragon and even same variant of dragon but they refused to breed.

  115. Quietshindue says:

    I love it! I hope if you can add custom npcs that talk and give you missions and I wonder If you can add all the massive and super gicantic dragon bosses that would be awesome also some new and special effective swords also the flight suit and some new armor and enemies as well also having all the dragons in 3D form and I want to be able to control the dragon attacks and make special whistles to command the dragon. I hope you can do it stark thanks!!

  116. namvn says:

    You can add the addon when the dragon is being played by the player to attack by spitting fire, it will be great

  117. MafloBLITZ says:

    Can’t somone just make a normal dragon not one one from movie like dragonscraft but that one is too outdated o be able to play

  118. SSB Beat says:

    this is awesome!! could you make wyvern addon? like in the old mod that minecraft pe had?

  119. Gamemode One says:

    Please fix lag addon

  120. Fogre says:

    You add Dragon lightning

  121. ReadyGheoff YT says:

    It Does Not Work With Ios Cause It Said It Needs A Device That Need Scripting…

  122. Roccet says:

    Finally its Out I Always Check Your Twitter want know when it released I Love This Addon so Much

  123. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so, dragons
    This addon looks awesome and I can’t wait to check it out soon, but I would like to make a suggestion: Thunderdrum! It’s an under appreciated and powerful dragon that would be awesome to soar the skies and swim the seas with!

    And if you’re feeling crazy, add king Ghidorah(Kevin/king gonorrhea)!

  124. Namvn says:

    You should create mod Pocket creature addon animation, it very good

  125. CloudWolf says:

    Does anyone know if there’s away to play on iOS/pe cause now it say something I can’t join because of the scripts but I used to be able to play before they added the monsterous nightmare ect

  126. HORRIBLE says:

    It’s horrible basically just a teaser for people without a Android device I’m a kid so I don’t even have a phone yet I have the Amazon kindle/tablet just a teaser useless for people without a Android LITERALLY(Pease add a up item by putting a stick in a crafting table just something simple and remove the scripts PLEASE I’M LITERALLY BEGGING YOU)

  127. Adelino Mythsterio says:

    i love the add-on but its kinda buggy so many bugs when i fly and fix the perfect texture for the dragons its kinda looks weird to see them run and fly around

  128. Pj says:


  129. blurrydreamss says:

    why the HECK did you add scripts?! I’m crying right now because I can’t play on my iPhone.. Why would you do this????

  130. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Wow thanks I totally needed it to were you made the addon run scripts because my damn phone doesn’t work with scripts!!!!!!

  131. Thetigerking says:

    Plz plz make one for ios I was about to make a how to train your dragon world 😿😿😿😿

  132. Drak_ion563 says:

    This addon does not work on 1.12. Can you make it compatible please.

  133. Anonymous says:

    I know it’s probably really hard to design these, and I haven’t been able to play the new version because block launcher doesn’t work on my phone, but I think some more detail on the night and light fury like the head and wings, and maybe the head of the nadder. Especially in comparison to the monstrous nightmares (Which I can’t ride, darn) which is really detailed. Plus like other commenters more dragons would be nice, and that could take attention away from the other dragons so you wouldn’t really have to fix them. I still love the add on though! Thank you for making one for us fans!

  134. Emily says:

    link broken

  135. Allison R Copeland says:

    plz make media fire i cant download

  136. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but for some unknown reason I can’t use this mod 🙁 could you plz fix this

  137. Rex says:

    Pls make a iOS version pls I don’t care how the flying is just want a dragon mod

  138. Anonymous says:

    Hey stark, i have a good idea for phone users. Make an item called “up” and when holding it, the dragon gets a levitation effect(while riding it), and when you stop holding the item, the dragon starts flying down. Like so he can see this comment!!!(im not begging for likes, im begging that the up item gets added to the addon)

  139. fert says:

    1.12 please!

  140. Anonymous says:

    I love the add-on and think it’s amazing but the sand and set often disappear for long amounts of time, and there is no indication for if the dragon is in follow mode, made if you added a particle effect it would make it easier to tell but other than that it’s pretty perfect, Thank you for making this I love it

  141. Anonymous says:

    Ty for modelling the monstrous nightmare love da vids and mods keep up the good work

  142. kathy says:

    I wish there were more dragons like hidouses zippleback, mosturous nightmar, gronkle, skrill, sculdroun, sea shocker, changwing, storm cutter, beiwlder beast,

  143. Nichelinglover says:

    Best dragon addon for PE minecraft.
    Can you add: Monstrous Nightmare, Hideous Zippleback and Skrill, also Timberjack.

  144. Drak_ion563 says:

    Hi, when are you going to update this again? It’s been a while and I would just love to see some of your work again. Hope to see more dragons in the addon!!

  145. Minecraftprofan says:

    I love your addon httyd

  146. Jason says:

    Can you please add these dragons Alpha night fury’s, Alpha storm cutter’s, Alpha light fury’s, Bewilder Beast, Gronckle’s, titanwing nadder’s, blue titanwing deathsong’s, red death songs and blue night fury’s and the boss’es Drago’s Bewilder Beast and screaming death and the people Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlot, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Heather, Dagger, Vigo , Drago, Siock and Gobber

  147. Bad says:

    I can’t make them sit. I can’t fly either!! The lead doesn’t even work

  148. AnnoyedFather says:

    No dragons are showing on console/pe/Amazon Minecraft, packs install fine and experimental gameplay is set but nothing showing

  149. Sasha says:

    I can’t use the lead in it other than that it’s great

  150. Cal the dragon trainer says:

    The addons great but there’s not enough dragons so could you please add a bewilderbeast, deathgripper, triple stryke, thunderdrums and stormcutters pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaase put these dragons in your next update

  151. TPCGames says:

    When will the next update be out

    • Penelope P says:

      Hi there is no dragon’s on my map at all? Both behaviour and resource packs installed fine, set experimental gameplay and created a new world and their is NO DRAGONS!?????

  152. Reeeeee says:

    I can’t use a lead on the dragon

    • Anonymous says:

      You can but it’s not the same, long press and run away from the dragon and it will follow you. It took me a while to find this out tho because there’s no indication

  153. Cipher says:

    Please Update for 1.12 version

  154. Alexis and cheyenne says:

    Thanks for the mob me and my best friend Cheyenne Johnson and I’m Alexis down we love it and httyd in general we had no problem but can u add more like speed stingers death songs and more please

  155. Penelope says:

    For the mobile flying, check out the dragon world map on the Minecraft store. It works just like the computer flying file. So there is a way to make the flying that way for mobile.

  156. Hmm says:

    Can you make it different file types?

  157. Anonymous says:

    They are invisible on console both r and b packs are instaled

  158. Anıl says:

    What is lead

  159. Anıl says:

    Can someone tell me how I can ride the dragon?

  160. Anıl says:

    in which version do I need to install and how to install please reply

  161. James says:

    Add nightmare,gronckle,terrible terror and skrill

  162. James says:

    Are you going to add more like gronckle,nightmare,zippleback,terror and maybe a skrill

  163. Midnight says:

    Can’t get my dragons to fly, when I jump I just dismount. Help please?

  164. Midnight says:

    Can’t make it fly, when I jump I just get off. Help?

  165. Mia says:

    My dragons are invisible… HELP

  166. Anonymous says:


  167. Lillie says:

    Ok when I installed it and imported it all it said was import failed and said duplicate, I have never installed this so I do not get it

  168. Luck says:

    When upgrade to version 1.12 of minecraft pe?

  169. Dave says:

    Get a lead and press and hold for 10 seconds and it will follow you and dont use a lead to fly it press and hold your dragon without holding a lead.

  170. Bravegamer1000 says:

    How do you add the addon 🙁

  171. HelperBot :) says:

    I mean glide

  172. HelperBot :) says:

    To click or hold on him many times and jump when your riding him

  173. Artimis says:


  174. Bob says:

    I can only make him sit not fly

  175. a person says:

    i cant get the pc b for the mod

  176. Kaen says:

    Cant fly.

  177. wadhdw says:

    i can get on the dragon but I can only walk can some one plz help me

  178. Hiya says:

    This is awesome it would be cool with more dragons like cloud jumper terrible terrors alpha nightfurys etc

  179. Artimis says:

    Can you add an alpha nightfury
    It would be cool
    Also terrible terror that can sit on you shoulders like the parrot

  180. Marquiew prince says:

    Please I’m begging you to update this add on for version please

    And keep up the great work stark. Your the best add on maker that I know. If you could add a bewilderbeast in the next update i would be very grateful. Thanks in advance

  181. If you added more dragons this would be a thousand times better than any mod for pc.

  182. Janxhgh says:

    I don’t get it… I mean I don’t understand how does he do that….

  183. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t true detective it but guessing it’s good yo add a bewilder beast dragon And gronkle

  184. Boxiercandle371 says:

    Can you add the whispering death, screaming death, Skrill, night terrors (flame, white, and dark), typhoomerang, timberjack, flytmare, qaken, and the shadow wing. Take your time and I love the mod.

    • Aaman says:


      to ride dragons tame with raw cod or salmon
      Then long press with saddle
      Long press with lead
      Long press with saddle again
      NOW U CAN RIDE /SIT/STAND your dragon

    • Aaman says:


      to ride dragon:
      First tame
      Long press with saddle
      Long press with lead
      Long press saddle again
      U CAN NOW SIT AND STAND DRAGON. To ride long press empty handed

      NOTE. If u long press with lead again dragon will not sit and stand or follow u it will fly randomly by itself though u can still ride it


  185. Swallowbird says:

    By the way in thr Dragons mal on the minecoin store they were able to code the dragons to fly acording to where you looked. They found a way and maybe you could look at the cosing behins that to see id you can code it for your addon.

  186. Amber says:

    Can anybody tell me how to combat the lag caused by the script contained in this mod?

  187. M2757 says:

    I love the HTTYD movies and this addon but me and my friends ran into this problem in my multiplayer world: whenever you hit something, your dragon will see it as a threat to you and attack it. This is good for survival mode or if you just like fighting mobs but the only thing is that unlike wolves, who stop attacking the hit mob once you leave the game and come back in, the dragons will fight the mob until it dies no matter how many times you leave and re-enter. This was a huge problem in my world if we accidentally hit a mob or another dragon, which kind of ruined an otherwise great addon. Please reply to this comment or fix this problem, I am not demanding you to fix it, but it would be nice if you/you guys would, thanks 🙂

  188. Someone? says:

    Please Stark, can you make a Pokèmon Addon! I know your the only one who can make it for all devices!!

  189. Azaiah says:

    This is great I would like it if first you added death gripper death song or triple strike I am a big fan of your YouTube career and I love your Dragon videos so please add decent also I would like it is the dragons when they were team did not fly away from you and they did not go in their own direction when you were flying PS you’re awesome

  190. Cris says:

    Add Snow Wraith.

  191. Cloud Wolf says:

    How rare are all the dragons and do they spawn everywhere? And I have a suggestion maybe the dragons could have a level of trust toward some the player like when you first tame it, it may fly a way sometimes for a minute or so and it won’t listen very we’ll when flying and then when’s you level it up it become easier to fly and will fly faster (also could you fix the fluing on mobile instead of it go flying high in the air? If not that’s cool and maybe make them fly a bit faster?) thanks anyway

  192. Master says:

    Add bewilderbeast

  193. Kong says:

    Add a bewilderbeast it will be cool make it so you can tame it
    And add skrill the dragon add a death song pls thank you

  194. DragonRider says:

    Can you add in the Skrill p.s could it be red and fold

  195. Dragonrider says:

    Can you add in the Skrill P.S could it be red with gold patterns plz

  196. Zachary says:

    Plz ad sculldrens,razorwipes,and the SKRILL

  197. 666 says:

    Plz make it Towards we can put saddles and armor
    On the dragons.

  198. Plague Steve says:

    can u plz fix this mod/addon it wont let me make the dragons sit let me ride on them

  199. Justin says:

    I would’ve loved this mod but it won’t let me use the mod because it says my device doesn’t support scripts (I have an iPhone X) how do I fix this??

    • Cloud Wolf says:

      Download the mobile/consol version of the behaviour pack

    • Devin says:

      It says to use the behavior pack for mobile and scripts aren’t for the iOS yet so until then use the behavior pack and I should know because any script I used from other Addons they would not work

  200. Agent MC says:

    Is there a .zip or .rar file? Because mcpe keeps saying “failed to install” something about a duplicate thing

  201. Pug says:

    Please help me resource pack does’nt work

  202. PsyberGamer304 says:

    Someone pls help i acitvated the resource pack and behaviour pack in a supported mcpe version but when i spawn a dragon they dont show up someone pls help

  203. Zachary says:

    Can you plz add monsteres nightmares,gronkles,and zipple backs

  204. Anonymous says:

    Could you add in some more dragons. I would really like a triple strike also I can not ride the dragons on pe and when I tame them I cannot make them sit and will fly away

  205. MinecraftMaster says:

    Can you add storm cutter

  206. The King Boy says:

    i give it 3 stars because for some reason the seat on a dragon doesnt work i fed it fish and it showed hearts and then i cant sit it it only protects me it doesnt sit when i say i cant fly on it and it doesnt sit next to me when i sleep on a bed

  207. DiamondStar57 says:

    My anddon its not working plz show me how to fix it 😪

  208. Unknown says:

    My first dragon died because it immediately sank to the bottom of a river can you make it so that the dragons can swim

  209. Johnathan says:

    I love this addon I figured out everything easily but the only problem I have is the variety of dragons can you add more pls but I know it takes a long time to create models so take your time

  210. Minecraftmine90 says:

    10/10 I love this addon I was looking for a HTTYD Addon for a long time and it finally has been mad, few suggestions maybe if you could somehow add sounds to the dragons, really that’s the only suggestion I have. Can’t wait for you to add more stuff to this addon wish you luck!

  211. Glazed says:

    Hey Can you make another variant of Toothless but in Alpha Mode?

  212. itsbenzer says:

    Can you make realistic dragon pet can ride,control like horse and fly please ok

  213. Boxiercandle371 says:

    I’d like to see some more types of dragons such as storm cutter, groncle, bewilder beast, change wings, whatever barf and belch are, monstrous nightmare, whatever type Hiccups dad has, thunder drum, and others. However I do know how much time this would take so to get good animations take your time.

  214. This is awesome123 says:

    This is beautiful, but can you fuse the pc and mobile/console packs?

  215. Aaman says:

    Hi. Love the addon but there is a major BUG on mobile/iPad users
    You tame the dragons but can’t ride them or make them sit/stand. Plllllz fix this I reeaalyyyy want to fly!

    • Blue The Deathsong says:

      I have an iPad and I can do everything just fine.
      Have you “clicked” the dragon with the lead yet?


  216. Mr nerd says:

    Can you make all the dragons follow you when Its tamed and defend you also add these bewilderbeast,the death gripper, and scorpion dragon thing I forgot it’s name

  217. masOKIs says:

    waiting for flying mob addon like this, tq so much bro :”)

  218. Madara says:


  219. Såndre says:

    Cool addon but how do I ride them

    • Diana says:

      Tame and always feed if you don’t see stand or sit always feed again if you not see again go to inventory choose item leash and leash how to use on dragon holding the dragon and feed again and if you see sit and stand holding the dragon of you want ride

  220. MouthGod says:

    Can’t wait for my bois flying nightmare and the Speed stinger

    Also finally some good food

  221. imHappiEs says:

    why i cant use nmy leads and ride tge dragons

  222. Allie says:

    It’s a really cool mod, I have been looking for something like this for ages! But I found one problem…I’m using PE and I can’t get the lead to work….

  223. RafatAr32 says:

    The addon is so so so so so so so so so so cooooooooooooooooooooool I can’t stop playing the addon I love this addon but can you add the bewilderbeast in addon for more fun please thank you 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😎😎😎😎😎😉

  224. Blue The Deathsong says:

    HEWO!! XD I just wanted to get ur attention, so.. I love dinosaurs and dragons SO freaking much and the Jurassic Park Franchise and the HTTYD Franchise mean so much to me.. anyways, to the point- I LOVE THIS SOOOO MUCH!!!! I kept trying to get a good dragon addon and never succeeding.. ‘till now! This is SO good and I love the custom animations! But if and when you update this… can you PLEASE add Deathsongs? I know it would be hard.. but it’s my favorite dragon! Thanks so much for this addon! Have a great day! <3

  225. Aaw says:

    When i Spawn the Dragon There Just Only Shadow

  226. Your Name says:

    Finally My Favourite Mod was come to PE

  227. DRAGON BLACK says:

    Please update support version 1.11

  228. Anonymous says:

    Help! I cannot able to ride or make them sit on mobile I will appreciate if someone can help.

    • Blue The Deathsong says:

      If you crouch and get close to the dragon you can make it sit or stand,
      and for you to be able to ride it you have to keep “clicking” the dragon with a lead until it’s rideable.

  229. Oswald Kirk says:

    Please add more dragons species to the current list

  230. Gojira606 says:

    StarTMA I can’t sit and ride the Dragon
    Pls fix it

  231. This is actually really cool! 10/10

  232. Cody says:

    I have two suggestions 1. The dragons could be a little bit bigger. 2. Toothless wings could be a little bit better textured but overall a really nice addon 😀

    • Blue The Deathsong says:

      I agree, I especially think they should’ve made the 2 other Nightfury’s tails not look like the Lightfury’s. 🙄

      My OCD with it tho…

  233. Mr nerd says:

    Now this is an upgrade from the other dragon addons

  234. Dani says:

    Hey!I love this so much!!!!Can you make a Zippleback and a monsterous nightmare too?!

  235. Rexer says:

    For everyone who says they can’t fly or make them sit this is how you do it you can’t actually lead them you have to hold a lead in your hand then long press on the dragon then crouch to make the sit button pop up if you want to fly you need to uncrouch then long press the dragon there shouldn’t be any thing in your hand then bam you can ride itm

  236. Anonymous says:

    I cried tears of joy when I saw this and it worked so well! Thank your

  237. Juden says:

    How do ride and make them sit (I’m on mobile)

  238. Hi says:

    Wow,I am speech less. I never saw an add on like this before, and I hope you to grow.
    Ps. Could you make an Alien vs Predator addon? Consider it a challenge 😉

  239. ShadooTheMemer says:

    How do you lead them and how do you ride them on PE?

  240. Cas says:

    Can’t wait to see this grow!

  241. Shadow says:

    Could you please name the Httyd behavior pack for Pc a different name?
    I cant download it because i accidentally download the mobile version of it 🙁

  242. Anonymous says:

    i’ts very cool mod

  243. Ryan Bernhart says:

    Awesome! Make meat lug and barf and belch!

  244. Swallowbird says:

    DUDE THIS IS MAKING ME CRY ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! You’ve really outdone yourself this time! One thing, when I have the lead it doesn’t give me an option to give it to it and I can’t ride it. But still an absolute dream!!!!

  245. Xvervial says:

    Its invisible

  246. Неработает says:

    У меня не работает я попробовал в двух версиях 1.9 и 1.10 и не работает ?

  247. Anonymous says:


  248. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t expecting it this soon

  249. deborah cuffee says:

    How do you ride the dragon please tell me!!

  250. Thayn Crighton says:

    Make a new dragons to update is gronckle, monstrous nightmare, hideous zibbleback and others dragons and make boss dragons is Red death, bewilderbeast, screaming death and Drago’s Bewilderbeast (Black Bewilderbeast).

  251. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing addon

  252. Anonymous says:

    The lead won’t work for me on my iPad, fix this please, I LOVE this addon but I would like it to work

  253. Gacha10101 says:

    I cant ride or make the dragon sit on mobile

  254. Anonymous says:


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