HTRE Shader

HTRE Shader is one of the best shaders for slow devices, such as a Kindle Fire HD8 7th gen, which can barely run any nice shaders. I tried the highest rated shaders on the Kindle and it lagged so much! That is why I created the HTRE Shader! I wanted a good shader with no lag at all! If you want that you should download this shader!

This is the greatest shader I have ever seen for slow devices, I’m not saying that because it’s mine, I’m saying it because it’s true! Look at these pictures and see what you think!

I hope these pictures explain enough for you all! Remember this has no lag at all! The reason I made this shader is for my Minecraft to look nice, but without the hassle of lagging and having low FPS. This adds very nice shadows, and dynamic lighting, as you can see in some of these photos.

For photo purposes I used a Samsung Galaxy S7 for higher render distance so the pictures would look nicer!

I hope you all enjoy this shader! If you share this make sure to link it directly to mcpedl, not media fire! And please give me credit if you do!


I have not tested this shader on Windows 10, Xbox 1, iOS or any other versions besides 1.14.30. You can text this shader on different platforms and versions, please tell me it works or not!I

I have no plans on updating this for render dragon, I am sorry! But if you help me try to update it whenever it releases, I will re upload it to work with render dragon! 


—Bugs and How to Fix—

-How to fix the invisible shader bug-


1. Rename the original file (the shader) from .mcpack to .zip you can do this with a app like “ES File Explorer” 

(Or – You can rename it with your file explorer app or convert it on


2. Extract the file (.zip)

3. Delete the .zip

4. Put the folder that you extracted in your texture folder (resource_packs)

5. Maybe delete the app (If you downloaded it)

6. Have Fun

—Bugs and How to Fix—

This shader was  based off of the EBIN Shader, but I wanted it for PE. I made it look like how I wanted it though. Here is the Shader  | The sun and the moon textures were found on planet minecraft, here is the link

Changelog View more

I need some help on updating this shader! Please contact me on discord at awsome229#9878 

Or if you have some cube maps you like, send them on me on discord!  Remember, you have to send me a friend request first! 

I have no plan for updating this for render dragon

Added a solution on how to fix the invisible bug that some of you are getting

Added description about me not testing other versions of platforms

Changed the description to tell what I based this shader off of.

Changed description for more detail and added more pictures! 


Changed descriotion to try to be more desrciptive, and it never is! Lol

Added links to the shader it was based off of and link to where I got the sun and moon


Supported Minecraft versions


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92 Responses

4.31 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Guest-5240004222 says:

    please add mooving shadow


    why you read this

    stop read me

    stop it

  2. Guest-5499882494 says:

    Its cool but fix this
    -Fix Bright sands snows
    -Fix Shadows
    -And add shadow for mobs

  3. Guest-4828963439 says:

    I love this shaders probably the best shaders since it’s not too obnoxious with the lighting but it’s broken when can you fix it

  4. Guest-7379773482 says:

    the best shader ever but i found a bug with slab and stair
    (can add detailled shadow for mob)

  5. Guest-2516985451 says:

    it’s a beautiful shaders…but can you lessen the brightness of the such as torches and lanterns and there’s a bug with the slab…I combined it with mizunos16 texture…when I put the oak slab..the slab has shadow above it even though it is sunny outside.. please can you fix it…for me it’s the best shaders I’ve ever tried

  6. awsome229 says:

    Be prepared for an update soon!!!!

  7. Guest-1116926149 says:


  8. Guest-8910918169 says:

    Best shader ever!!! Please change the water to something more realistic and change the clouds a bit and your one step closer to Silder’s Shaders! I just can’t use Silder’s Shaders because Inuse an IPad. Keep updating!!!

  9. Guest-9747197236 says:


  10. Guest-4158355949 says:

    Hey! it’s me again! Also change the sun and moon textures too! and don’t change the brightness but change when in sand and white blocks bc it’s very bright and can hurt my eyes -.- but don’t change the brightness in other blocks! just sand and white blocks that’s all <3

  11. Guest-9428797732 says:

    MAN UR SHADER IS SO ULTRA VERY GOOD SHADER!! throughout my years or playing mcpe this is my most favorite simple and NO LAG shader for now!!!
    PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THE VIBRANT OF THE COLORS OF BLOCKS AND THE TORCH COLOR in future updates <3 bc that is very beautiful in your entire shader! All of ur shader features is the BEST!
    But I recommend to change the water texture? just like on esbe and make the clouds moving! (or change the cloud texture too) without losing any fps on updates! that's all man
    I really love ur simplest shader! Keep it up! <3

  12. Guest-7043559806 says:

    Really good shader! I actually like these kind of shaders. Just fix stair and slab shadows, and lower the brightness a bit, and then it would be perfect.

    Maybe even add waving leaves and water for the extra…

  13. Guest-2197326658 says:

    dude the sand,snow and other bright blocks kinda hurt my eyes is there a way to lower the brightness for those blocks? tyyy

  14. Guest-8730540094 says:

    What do I do if Minecraft says “failed to load pack. Unknown pack-ID”

  15. Guest-9169842136 says:

    Since windows 10 have renderdragon now will you update them to work on xbox again

  16. Guest-8019960699 says:

    This is a very nice shader! The only one! My suggestion is that you should update the way the clouds look because they are a bit weird. Thanks!

  17. Guest-3995372377 says:

    plz … zip download for win10 🙂

  18. ENGIPLOT says:

    This shader looks very well comparing to other shaders for bedrock edition.
    But sadly it doesn’t work well for my iOS device, not sure whether other iOS users have the same problem though, the floor is gone when this shader is in use.
    I would be grateful if this has a fix, thank you!

  19. I wanted to Give 5 because this shader runs super smooth on my 2015 phone. But I gave 4 because
    • Sand is too Bright
    • Lighting is bright which make whiteblocks completely white
    • Block based lighting is bright too.
    How to fix:
    In 1.0.7 Update Lower brightness -15%

    • Shockwave_S08 says:

      I agree with him on the brightness; the current version is just too bright for my liking; I’ve got a bunch of torches adorning my house, and this shader pack makes its appearance not very subtle.

  20. Guest-8263627201 says:

    That is great.I think it will be better soon.

  21. Guest-4561816172 says:

    Let me know if this works with PS4 please!!

  22. Guest-7314453210 says:

    Get really nice shader but I have 1 small problem. In the Savannah biome there is no animations for the foilage. I do like the animation and when I get a Savannah biome it ‘s just plain to me. So I really hope you can fix that!

  23. Guest-8581969142 says:

    it dont work onpc

  24. Guest-4474506748 says:

    Está muy bien pero si le bajarias un poco al brillo de las antorchas etc y le añades sombras a los bloques estaría mejor y para mí sería el mejor shaders

    • Guest-8064905797 says:

      Kalau komentar pakai bahasa inggris goblok, kamu pikir semua orang di dunia ini paham bahasamu?!

      • Guest-6205828021 says:

        weh bang,santay dong,google translate kan ada,ditambah mcpedl itu gk semua org bisa inggris sama indonesia,pasti ada bahasa lain yg gk kita ngerti

  25. Guest-8155483727 says:

    i know why the invisible bug exists, bc when there is dynamic lighting in a shader, the world goes invisible

  26. Guest-9314679021 says:

    im not gonna rate yet. but the “Perfect Shader” would have: a different sun and moon. waving leaves and water. maybe white rain bc its the closest you can get to transparent.
    and finally good lighting. thanks.

  27. Guest-9120773414 says:

    very very very good shader but my minecraft crash when i see lava

  28. Guest-5968160703 says:

    how you create a shader ?
    your shader is good great work

  29. Guest-4868948068 says:

    crash when i see lava (please make the lava texture better ) ios 9.3.5 ipad minecraft 1.14.30 no other shader or texture pack.
    and please make the shadows animated with the sun position
    and the shadows dont work on the stair and slab please fix this

  30. Guest-4553556640 says:

    Hi there!! I’m a content creator and I have some feedback for your beautiful shader, so there’re some bug for the slaps so can you please fix the bug. Thank you!!! (I’m on IOS)

  31. Guest-8286529150 says:

    It’s perry good but the thing is light is so much in desert biome
    And in caves when I place a touch my eyes just melt down right away
    Plz lower the amount of light

  32. Guest-3558734838 says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this texture packs to the Chinese Minecraft.What I need is business authorization.

  33. Guest-3484398581 says:

    Im getting tired of low end shaders, its just the same thing
    -Hideous orange lights
    -sin water waves
    this is just an average low end shader

  34. Guest-6602244033 says:

    Doesnt work with Moto 4G Plus. No land, only they SKY it’s visible.

  35. Guest-7707169996 says:

    Hey Man Im on IOS. Cool Addon but can you fix the slabs? They are not shaded. Only the original.. Thanks!

  36. awsome229 says:

    Thank you for all the feedback! I’ll try to fix everything you suggested!

    I am also working on another shader, but it will be for better running devices!!

  37. Guest-6654878702 says:

    It’s only for Android.

  38. Guest-7206900962 says:

    Amazing, really beautiful and fluid. I play in Moto E4 with 2GB ram and it runs perfect.
    But it could be even better if you make the brightness a bit lower. If you have various torches close to each other you can’t see because light is too strong.

  39. Guest-3034130156 says:

    Nice Shader, the shadows and the lights are mixed goodly, but please can u add block waves when the player dive into the water??? It would be great 🙂

  40. Guest-9673901080 says:

    why would you not make it available on windows 10

  41. Guest-9829876237 says:

    Hey man. Im trying to becom a creater. Can you give a couple of links to websites that i can creat some shaders on. That would really help me get started.

  42. Guest-9112916537 says:

    Dont working on my ipad 🙁

  43. Guest-5817422794 says:

    Why does it not wrk on xbox i looked on youtube for answers nothing do you know?

  44. Guest-4431928360 says:

    Bro this is totally awesome this is the first Shader I’ve ever try and it works perfectly I tried other textures packs but they didn’t work but omg this is so cool nice job bro 🥰🌟

  45. Guest-7483185594 says:

    Please make this work for windows 10 bro, This is just the shader pack I need for my computer. It looks fantastic too.

  46. Guest-9302290455 says:

    Can you make a sildurs shaders plss

  47. Guest-2211900215 says:

    Very Good Shader Pack! I think it’s amazing cause of its low performance impact despite its very good graphics! I enjoyed this especially in the new Minecraft PE 1.16 Nether, where lights are lower than Overworld, and lights are enhanced with this Shader Pack, combined with Nether darkness, making a very suggestive and captivating effect.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I really like this shader its looking nice and not laggy at all on my potato phone but one thing a dont like about this shader is the brightness in the end the end should be more darker than this

  49. Guest-7379147614 says:

    I don’t like this sun. Please make it round. It’s better to add the shaking of leaves and the reverse of water. The water is better to be transparent. So your shader can be the top shader!

  50. Guest-4035411920 says:


  51. Guest-2734471498 says:

    Im sorry did not realize that it was not created for xbox buuuuuut pleas pleeaas make a shader for xbox. I’ve tried every shader but none work. I would be extremely happy I have been looking for shaders for looooong long time. And the pictures look really REALLY good. So please 🙂

    • Guest-3602916973 says:

      Yes pls make Xbox version plsssssssssss I need a good looking Xbox shader pls make it compatible with render dragon

    • Guest-6015342691 says:

      I haven’t tested this on xbox, but you can if you want!

      Btw this is awsome229 it won’t let me lot in for some reason

    • Guest-5762593937 says:

      Shaders dont work on xbox anymore. Xbox uses renderdragon as of 1.14. until pc get 1.14 we wont see any shaders that work on xbox.

    • Guest-9413356062 says:

      you can do it on xbox i downloaded it on xbox i download alot of mods its easy step

  52. Guest-2260832231 says:

    One star

  53. Guest-1034600173 says:

    Every thing was normal the shaders just dont work

  54. Guest-7860815578 says:

    Dosent fu*king work

  55. Guest-5333082859 says:

    Puedes hacer que el agua sea parecido al de KMPE shaders? En verdad esos shaders son demasiado buenos.

  56. Guest-6258463477 says:

    Hello! I tried using this pack on my LG Stylo 4+ (which is a slow phone) and I couldn’t see anything. I could only see entities and the sky. None of the chunks loaded and I was waiting there for a few minutes for it to load.

  57. Guest-3581196327 says:

    That’s running as good or even better than vanilla, can you please add realistic water, shadows under mobs and player and nether portals?

  58. Guest-4136648073 says:

    I have the same problem, the sky and the sun is different but there are no shadows.

    • Guest-6078915077 says:

      Yknow it’s not supposed to be the best, it is made for low-end devices!!
      So he made it as best as he could!
      Oh and BTW this shader is awesome….
      10/5 Stars friend
      I like it alot

  59. Guest-5138999271 says:

    Does work on Windows 10

  60. awsome229 says:

    I’m not sure, but you can try!

  61. FlaviusFire says:

    If I still played on my Kindle Fire I would use this. Looks good, I’ll test it sometime.

  62. Guest-9667941660 says:

    The sky seems different as-well as the sun but the land and shadows of objects are the same no change at all hopefully you can fix this. Thank you.

  63. Guest-6583896881 says:

    Does it work on Xbox one?

  64. Guest-2230841514 says:

    I’ll take it!!

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