HUD in Inv

With this pack you can see your status like heart and armor and hunger and player look if you opened chest or inventory in Minecraft Bedrock Edition will help so much pvp players ^_^

you can change to 2 modes

1. at bottom

2. at top

to change

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add a video to know you how to skip ads from me links


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11 Responses

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  1. Superbashington says:

    The link doesn’t take you to the media fire page

  2. ShadowBolt says:

    Can you add the hotbar to the bottom toggle?

  3. RichtigJoJo says:

    How can you see the FPS above like you do?

  4. ItsEliPlayzYT says:

    Hey can i get a mediafire link pls i can’t seem to download this file

  5. ItsEliPlayzYT says:

    Thank You So Much I’ve Been Searching For This

  6. Its_Skyy_ says:

    This would be useful for PvP thank god I just found this and cool pack btw😁

  7. 2Bad2BTrue says:

    Can you put a media fire link for both this and the easy hotbar controller? Thanks!

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