-161898697: Huge Ravine & Village (1.2 Beta Only)

Ravines are a new type of randomly generated terrain which can occur mostly everywhere. This time it has been generated very close to a village and you will be able to spawn right next to it. It’s a great seed if you want a quick and easy way to explore this new terrain in version 1.2 for Minecraft.

Found by: Netstarv2

The spawn is right next to the ravine. Turn to your left and walk in that direction for a little while and you’ll soon reach it.

Just a bit further away from the ravine, in the swamp biome, there’s a village.

It’s by no means the largest ravine I’ve seen but it’s still quite impressive.

Seed: -161898697

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8 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. EllysMesa says:

    Alors la BRAVO j’ai enfin le seed de mes reves une super faille tres profonde et tres large avec la lave au fond et un village a coté… je kiff

  2. Anonymous says:

    Insane seeds!!!

  3. Joey says:

    Cool Dam I tried it worked👍🏻

  4. Phamducanh says:


  5. RafiGamer1 says:

    I Like This Seed World

  6. Dam says:

    Hey, i found a seed, “empire” is a seed where there is a conjoined temple and a ravine next to spawn

  7. JGAMINGMCPE says:

    Actually me and my friend, found a ravine that is really long and deep.. I was looking down in the ravine my friend pushed me and I scream so loud, because… I’m scared in caves or ravine..

  8. Netstarv2 says:

    Thanks uploading my seed Editor.

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