Human Addon

Have you ever wanted a new civilization then the villagers will now you do this. This addon adds two new humans to the game: Female Human and Male Human and soon a Baby Human.

 this is just me showing the textures of the Humans.

this is the female

Human she spawns in the overworld very frequently she can carry axes Pickaxes swords and shovels and this picture doesn’t look like the one in game but this only picture I can find that is similar to it.

this is the male Human he spawns in the overworld they cannot be breed yet but soon and they carry axes pickaxes shovels and swords also they kill monsters if there stuck in the dark same thing for the female Human and soon I will add a archer to this Addon of both versions for the female and the Male.

And here are some in Game pictures that took a picture of.

This just me just showing of the spawn eggs of the two humans.

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-Added Ice Pillager 

-Added Ice Pillager Leader 

-They spawn in Ice Biomes that's were you find Them

-added a taming mechanic so you can recruit them so they can fight for you and there tamed with bread 

-added Desert Wandering Trader 

-added forest Wandering trader

-added pillager scout 

-added pillager scout Leader 

-added a new mob called male archer 

-added a new mob called female archer

-added a new mob called knight

-added new mob called male miner

-added new mob called female miner

Added away to breed female and male Humans with bread.

-Added a trading system with the knight 

-added a trading system for the female miner

-Added a trading system for the male miner 

-added a trading system for the female archer 

-added a trading system for the male archer

-added a trading system for the female Human 

-added trading system for the male Human 


When you press the Addon link it will Download below on your screen and when it finished its going to say save as or save. Actually it going to say save as or save first then it will Download 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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  1. I will try to do everything you requested it just going to take me more time to do it

  2. RedTron3007 says:

    make them build!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mashed potato says:

    could you make this a neutral mob?

  4. Not a gamer says:

    I like it but are you able to change the skins like could the player use some sort of command that lets you change the skin to the skin that you are useing or did I miss something in the mod showcase?

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